Donal Quinn

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Roleplay Hooks

Blind - to the supernatural shit that exists. He has seen some odd shit when he was overseas, but never had a direct encounter with anything supernatural. He's a see it to believe it kind of person and it probably wouldn't affect him mentally. He's rather indifferent when it comes to this kind of thing. Never been that religious either despite being born Catholic.

Fresh meat - Recent arrival in Fallcoast as of April 25, 2016. Interested in making local connections and seeing if Maine is the right place for him.

Irish - one hundred percent and proud of it. Always interested in meeting new people that share the same nationality.

Unemployed - ever since his discharge from the military. Yes, being a Walmart greeter is not the kind of job for him. He's looking for new opportunities whether it be lawful or criminal. Unaligned at this time.

Veteran - as of March 2016. Served in the Marine Corps. Most of his time spent as a Sergeant, and a Critical Skills Operator with MARSOC. Honorably discharged after eighteen years.

"Two can keep a secret if one is dead."

2016 May 19 - Foundation Meeting: B&E, Also Weed

2016 Oct 26 - Beltane BBQ

2017 Jun 16 - Wacky waving inflatable glitter bombpalooza