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Clan daeva.pngDiya BatraBloodline daeva amara havana.png
Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust.


Born in a far less enlightened day and age, Diya Batra was an ill fit from the start. Rebelling against her family's wishes with regards to the path of her life led to her catching the eye of something much older and far more willful than she. Embraced because of her proud and stubborn nature, she found herself simply trading one set of expectations for another. Recently her sheer bullheadedness got her told in no uncertain terms that she should leave as an envoy to the Fallcoast contingent of the Kindred, a court in which the Amara have previously had precious little influence.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
She's one of the Succubi, the Daeva. In particular, she's a member of the Amara Havana bloodline. She believes she is a shard of divinity, descended from the mingling of the blood of a warrior goddess and a demon in ancient times.
New to town
She's brand new to the United States, and Fallcoast in particular. She's still trying to get established.
With regards to Kindred society, she has yet to espouse any particular political leanings.


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 xxxxxAllies, Cohorts, & Friends

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Clan Daeva
Bloodline Amara Havana
Covenant Unaligned
Date of Birth: November February 1st, 1600
Virtue/Vice: Justice/Lust
Occupation: New-arrived ambassador.
Played By: Pia Bajpai
Altessa - Blood
If you come any closer,
I think I will lose control
Chills running down your spine,
I'll make your blood run cold
3 Doors Down - Citizen Soldier
I walk beside you,
But you may not see me
The strongest among you
May not wear a crown!
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