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Diona Lockhardt


The Seen

Birth Name - Diona Lockhardt
Date of Birthday - 29th of March 1992
From - San Francisco, CA
Profession - Executive Assistant
Personality - Professional
Employer - Marcas Glas

The Unseen

Sphere - Geist
Threshold - The Stricken
Archetype - Necromancer
Twilight Network -
Virtue - Loyal
Vice - Greedy


Diona Lockhardt is the eldest daughter of middle-class parents that expected much from their daughter and are quite proud of her despite never hearing or seeing from her. She writes emails on occassion and maybe even shoots them a few videos or Face Time, perhaps even sends the odd Christmas or birthday card. She just never goes home. Either way her professional life eats up all of her time, leaving the woman with little room on her plate for personal relationships. Which is exactly how she likes it since it means she can focus on keeping her boss out of trouble, his work moving forward, and her research continuing.

Diona is efficient, professional, strong of will and mind, and goes above and beyond for her boss, Marcas Glas. She is loyal and puts very few things above ensuring that he and his sister, Isobel, are taken care of. Part-time babysitter, but full-time Executive Assistant, there is very little that Diona does not have a hand in when it comes to them.


Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire
Eyes on fire
Your spine is ablaze
Felling any foe with my gaze
And just in time
In the right place
Steadily emerging with grace

Tool - Forty Six & 2
I... choose to live and to
Grow... take and give and to
Move... learn and love and to
Cry... kill and die and to
Be... paranoid and to
Lie... hate and fear and to
Do... what it takes to move through
I... choose to live and to
Lie... kill and give and to
Die... learn and love and to
Do... what it takes to step through

Chevelle - Jars
We can't both become the same
Pawn that's made to fall
Oil that tastes like blood
Stole the summer scent
From me to you
You're stabbing me through you
You're stabbing you through him
And betting most of
This world
We'll add enough of the world


Second Go Around - Diona is one of the Bound and it doesn't seem to bother her one bit. Not that she goes around advertising her abilities.

Executive Assistant - Diona might be tossed into the category of 'the help' by many, but she understands what it means to serve someone else. She prides herself on her professionalism and ability to get things done for her employer. Are you on someone's payroll, too?

A Need to Know - Diona has a lust for the more mental pursuits in life. She adores big books and she cannot lie. Are you a bibliophile? Know a place to get that rare first edition?

Occult - On top of her lust for books, she gets really worked up about all pursuits in regard to occult lore, knowledge--the works! Fastest way to get on her good side.

Clean Living, Sorta - Despite her attempts to live clean, it didn't stop her untimely death. Such habits are hard to break, so she still does not partake of booze or drugs. She'll barely eat anything that isn't locally sourced and organic. She has been seen slipping as of late...

OCD - Tidy, compulsively so. It takes a minor miracle every day for Diona to not clean, fix, straighten things. Lucky for her her boss gives her plenty of reason to tidy up all sort of things. Do you suffer from OCD? Delight in tormenting those who do?

The Devourer of Infinite Knowledge

It appears almost like a hooded monk, a darkness radiating from within the hood with only one little prin prick of pale ghostly white that could possibly be an eye. Its form is covered head to toe in heavy flowing robes with thick iron chains criss-crossing across the chest that run over the arms and down where its hips would be, sagging and heavy but never impeding the flow of the robes that appear more like tattered darkness than actual cloth.

Beneath the cover of the robe is a wasted, emaciated body that is twisted and gnarled almost the point it appears like it may have been at some point mummified. There are loose bits of tattered material that clings to the body in places.


Mr. Glas - Boss. Source of Eternal Frustration. [Ring Tone: Imperial March]
Miss Glas - Boss's Little Sister. Second Source of Eternal Frustration, but at least she's a good kid. [Ring Tone: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria]

The Bound
Miss Kilo - Owner of a fine establishment. Seems to have a good head on her shoulders.
Miss Molly - Pirate. A smart businesswoman. Definitely interested in seeing that ship of hers.
Miss Kiger - A friend of Miss Glas.
Mr. Unknown - Park ranger who likes to find quiet in old graveyards.

Business Contacts
Mr. Cross - Potential business partner for Mr. Glas.
Mr. Kobayashi - Is familiar with the work Mr. Glas has done, has even donated some funds to some charity work. A very kind and intriguing man.

Miss Trudy - A second meeting gave me your name. I am curious to see if you really want to paint that for me.
Doctor Smith - A psychologist who is at least keen on sharing opinions. Could be useful to pick away at.
Mr. Halldis - A big man with a big dog. Humble, so he claims. The offer of elk jerky was kind.


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