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"Evil begins when we begin to treat people as things." - Terry Pratchett


Promethean - Frankenstein - Cuprum


Apparent Age: Late Teens
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Occupation: Aspiring Writer

Lineage: Frankenstein
Refinement: Cuprum
Heroes: Henry David Thoreau, Vladimir Nabokov, Alfred Hitchcock, Oedipus

Double-Jointed: ••
Strength: •••
Expression: •• (Writer)
Stealth: ••• (Hiding)


Dick's creator/mother kept him in the house with her for decades and remained there for some time after her death. He has little experience in the outside world

Neatness and order have always been of paramount importance to Dickie. He is very particular about details and will begin to panic in times of disorder

Murderous Rage
Dick repressed his feelings of shame and inadequacy for a very long time. The resultant rage and hate that burn within him still linger. He tries to pretend it doesn't exist, but it explodes sometimes in outbursts of raw - and deadly - violence.

Dick dreams of his mother nightly and doesn't sleep much as a result of it. He's haunted by her - the things she made him do and the things, in the end, he did to her.

Works of literature comforted him in his times of trouble. Dick hopes to someday write a novel or a great work of poetry, although largely he just writes journals.

Dick's Friends

I Have No Friends


People Ain't No Good - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Mama - My Chemical Romance


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My Truth Must Be Documented

  • (2016.09.24)
First Ramble