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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


xxxxxHe's a fresh face in the city, a recent arrival; still clutching his diploma from the International Butler Academy. Trying to escape his rage, trying to understand himself. A fresh start was what he craved, and that's the reason he's over 'here' from the UK.

RP Hooks
  • Butler: He is one, do you need one?
  • Changeling: Recently returned from Arcadia and brimming over with questions and nightmares.
  • Ex-Forces: He was in Her Majesty's Light Infantry and served two terms in Afghanistan, were you there?
  • Cooking: He dabbles...


xxxxxStanding at precisely six foot, Denton is slim without being skinny; there is definition to his physique without being overly muscled. His eyes are a deep piercing blue; a nose that looks like it /might/ have once been broken sits above generous lips that quirk in a half smile almost as if he knows something you don't! Mostly he is clean shaven, but he can sometimes be seen sporting stubble along his jaw line; he generally keeps his hair short though not so short that you can't see the natural wave to his hair threatening to break out into actual curls!
Today he is dressed in a charcoal grey three piece suit, white shirt and dove grey silk tie. A black belt is secured around his waist, and on his feet he sports a pair of highly polished Oxford shoes.


Denton3.jpg Denton4.jpg Denton5.jpg

 Denton Stafford
Date of Birth: September 10th 1983
Apparent Age: 30
Occupation: Butler
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

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