Delaney Residence Hall

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Interior Description:
Extensively remodeled during the last decade, Delaney is the largest of the three residence halls on campus and the closest one to the student center. Delaney houses several different sizes of rooms including singles, doubles, and suites. There are also common rooms and lounges on every floor, as well as study rooms throughout the building. The atmosphere is lively at all hours, with the third floor commonly known as the "party floor," despite Delaney's official "substance free" policy.

Not just a residence hall, Delaney also houses the largest dining hall on campus, offering the greatest variety of food, from burgers and pasta to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. In addition, there is a small 24-hour coffee house in the basement, typically crammed full of students 'round-the-clock. The residence hall is entirely co-ed and houses close to half of the college's students-in-residence.

Residence Hall Details


  • Established: Unknown
  • Location: B03
  • Owner: St. John University

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