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Declan Cavanaugh

When you smoke the herb
it reveals you to yourself.


Date of Birth: 7-1-97
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: Millionare Playboy/Party Boy
School: Pre Med (Biology)
Virtue: Dreamer
Vice: Impetuousness

Flavor: Psychic
Family: The Cavanaughs
Residence: Cavanaugh Conservatory O02

All About Declan


  • Entitled:A Cavanaugh by birth. A Cavanaugh by name. A Cavanaugh by looks.
  • High Society: One of those High Society types, you might even recognise Declan as a somewhat famous socialite (Fame 1) or from hanging around his "baby" sister Kelsey.
  • Green Thumb: Declan is an award winning Botanist. His ability to grow plants is becoming legendary.
  • Med Student: Graduting from Harvard with a degree in Biology with a minor in Botany, Declan is suppose to go to med school...maybe.
  • Psychic: He has some talent in this like his sister.

Family & Friends

Furry Friends Family
Kelsey: My Toots! I adore her. You don't want to harm her.

The Past
Trip: Big bruh taught me some shit...and Pop hates it. Come back soon.

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