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Threshold silent.pngDeckard "Blackout" GrimmGeist the sin-eaters.png
Even in those with little hope, a light flickers in the darkness.
A strong will can forge that tiny flame into a roaring conflagration.
 xxxxxUnspiced Meat

A long time ago there was a young boy whose parents were heroin addicts. He never left his home, he never even saw the outside world. Locked away in the lightless basement, he starved slowly, never a morsel to eat. Sometimes rats and bugs would scurry along, and they would have to suffice. Never known by the world, and forgotten by those who were sworn to care for him, the boy died alone, skin and bones. When he came to his end, he felt nothing but anger, and unbridled fury that he swore he would set loose upon the world. He would have his vengeance...

In the distance, a light shimmered. Gnaw could feel another's hunger, and it was drawn to the light. It burned brighter to the death god than any streetlamp. It came through the boards in the window, seeping through the curtains. The boy was weak, fragile, and pitiful. Gnaw would have left had the fire in his heart not burned so brightly. The fact the boy was even still alive was a miracle, a testament to his will. Gnaw approached the boy, and knew his hunger was not unlike it's own. It would offer the bargain to the boy, like it had thousands of others.

"We would offer you a feast." The boy heard bones crack and wet flesh tearing, blood speckles spraying the surrounding concrete as the creature spoke. It came into the room through a crack near the ceiling, its teeth glowing like green fire. "You hunger. We would see you fed. Let loose the leash around your hate and let it flow into us, and we will grant you a never ending table of delights!" The beast roared, it writhed, and it shimmered. The boy was not afraid, he was too angry to be afraid. He spoke no language, as he was never taught, but he understood the creature nonetheless. And he smiled.

The boy wheezed his last breath, but Gnaw understood what he said. It was not a whimper in the night, but a glorious bellow, a proud declaration that shook the building's foundation! Gnaw would know the boy's hunger as his own, and together, they would feast.

 xxxxxSince the Bargain

Deckard has been through thick and thin with Gnaw, the one who gave him a second chance at life. Ever since the weak little boy that Deckard used to be escaped his parents crack den, he's been fighting. He saw the world for the first time, and it was with the Deathsight. Together, ghosts and people walked alongside each other. This has coloured his perceptions differently than even most sin-eaters, as he grew up with that being the norm. It wasn't long after that he found a Krewe of sin-eaters who took him in and essentially raised him, showing him the ropes. It was as tough on him as it was for them, having to deal with a sickly child, but they managed. Deckard was slow to learn many things such as reading, writing, and math. Others, he seemed to excel at; fighting, running, cooking. He had a preternatural gift for kinesthetic learning, and began training his body since he was young. It was mostly informal, but he picked things up here and there easily enough. While his Krewe was there for him, Gnaw never left his side...not that it could. While Deckard was being taught the basics of living by his new family, Gnaw was slowly moulding the boy into a lethal killing machine. Where his Krewe would encourage reading, Gnaw would sew disdain for the written word, directing him towards starting brawls with the local kids. After a while, Deckard's Krewe caught on to Gnaw, and showed him there was more to the world than fighting. After Gnaw was shown to be a manipulator, it knew it had to do something to separate Deckard and his new family. On their latest foray into the Underworld, Gnaw had set up a situation that guided Deckard's Krewe to violate one of the Old Laws. They ran, but only Deckard and Gnaw managed to escape intact.

Wanting to get away from the memories of his family, Deckard decided the best course of action was to move to another place. After the dart landed on Fallcoast, he began packing his things. He has yet to forgive Gnaw for what it did, and is constantly at odds with the Geist. Perhaps once they settle in Fallcoast, they could learn to live together?

 xxxxxHooks on the Chains
  • Dead man walking - Deckard is one of the Bound. He's young in age, but has been with his Geist for longer than the majority of Sin-Eaters.
  • Amnesia - He cannot remember who he was before he left Fallcoast on his honeymoon. Did you know him? He'd like to know in what light.
  • The Champion - It's what the Underworld knows him as, his second home. Ghosts worldwide know of his heroism in the darkest reaches (Supernatural Esteem 3, Ghosts).
  • Televised - A professional fighter who was on the card at Alpha Combat Forces debut breakout. He's got a fairly long record, even though he hasn't had any matches in a long time. Are you an MMA fan? Maybe you'd recognize him (Fame 1: MMA).
  • Twilight Network - No longer the Lingualis Mortis, Keeper of Fallcoast, he's still got a knack for the task, and while Bound of his age tend towards the modern modes of communication, Deckard has an old-school bend, and knows where to look outside of the age of information (Occult.Charonite).
  • Navigator - The Underworld is as much his home as the world above, and he has an innate knack for being one of the best Delver's around.
  • Professional Adventurer - World traveller, reality jumper, he's travelled to places full of wonder and terror, and can be found at the brink, the edge, the cliff that others don't have the will, or the courage, to reach...let alone dive off of.
 xxxxxDeckard's Gallery

Deckard25.jpg Deckard18.jpg Deckard19.jpg Deckard22.jpg Deckard20.jpg Deckard4.jpg Battle-of-the-athenaeum-ribbon.jpg

 xxxxxGnaw's Gallery

Gnaw2.jpg Gnaw3.jpg

 xxxxxPeople, Places, Things
  • Blanche – Your memory is the fight in my veins. Precious, forever lost...but not forgotten.
  • Ting – Making new memories. You were the first, and you saved me. I would drown in your shadow like salt in the rain, my Spring Hero.
  • Molly – Making new memories. You were there, and now you're here. You run, always run, and I have so many things to say. Don't sail away, captain, and leave behind one more gust of wind in your sails.
  • Dove – Making new memories. Not all who wander are lost, and not all who leech life to live are insects to be stepped on. You've shown me another side to the coin I thought only had one...and I hope that you'll never prove me right.
  • Frankie – Making new memories. Whatever I was to you before, is lost...but not entirely. I hope that we can regain a semblance of what was, and build something new and better from the ashes of the past.
  • Darius – A memory shard regained. We were brothers, once, and despite the time...You have never considered me anything less. You have more connections than others...and despite our tense first meeting, I'd like to revisit this bond.
  • Enki – A precious memory, forever lost. The man with the heart of adventure, a trickster in the wind...a trickster that would have jumped into the abyss beside me.
  • Isrieal – A memory shard regained. We helped each other before, and your influence on my life prior to my amnesia helped bring me to where I am today. I must make amends, no matter how slow.
  • Kaiden – A memory shard regained. You're an odd one, but I see a kindred spirit. Whatever we were before seems to have had an impact on who you are today, and whether or not it was good or bad at the time seems to matter little. You have found honour, inquisition, and purpose.
  • Melody – A memory shard regained. Help others who cannot help themselves. A creed that we shared, a bond we had. A friendship I hope to renew, for two sticks bound together make for a stronger support.
  • Kilo – A memory shard regained. When I look to you, my mind and heart cannot recall anything but a familial feeling. You have more connections than must have been important to me, but now? That remains to be seen.
  • Cross – A cautionary tale, half-remembered, and forever lost. The woman with a matching heart, who fed the wolf of shadow and hate too much...we were the same person, but I chose to feed the wolf of companionship and community.
  • Hoax – A precious memory, forever lost. The man with the heart of darkness, a devil in the night...a devil that would die for me.
  • Roy – A memory lost to time. Scratching, smoke, crow, veil.
  • Freddy – A memory lost to time. Cocaine, lipstick, sorrow, loss.
  • Damian – A memory lost to time. Computers, restraint, security, quiet.
  • Dr. Sinclaire – A memory lost to time. Brilliance, callousness, wealth, underground.
  • Ritter – A memory lost to time. Bold, refined, reserved, classy.
  • Myles – A memory lost to time. Gold, wisdom, dreams and advice.
  • Ashira – A memory lost to time. Feather, dance, runner, shadow.
  • Amadeus – A memory lost to time. Disturbing, alien, monstrous, honour.
  • Tock – A memory lost to time. Words, math, science, sparks.
  • Free – A memory lost to time. Steadfast, fury, blood, fearlessness.
  • Rasender – A memory forever lost. Selfish of me, but I hope your memory dies in the heart of another. Forever.

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Plots, Pledges, and Pleas
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The Road to El Dorado
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Killing James Ellison
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People Piling Into The Pool Hall
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Concerns Expressed Amongst The Dead
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In The Clinic, Before The Bar
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Fresh And Established
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Cobalt Rasender's Summons
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Foundation Meeting: B&E, Also Weed
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Prp: Behind Room 19
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Ancients Meet
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Empty Handed The Keeper Comes
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Prologue To The United Front
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A Toast To Weird Stuff!
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Culture Clash
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The Island Of Tranquility
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Delia's Lesson On The Nanabozho
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Down To The River To Pray
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Lessons In The Underworld
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The Curator's Dirge I: Culture Clash
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Alexi Binds Deckard
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The Departure of Elizabeth
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Mysteries of Creation: Pride of Wisdom
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Mysteries of Creation: Miraculous Genesis
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Boston Revisited
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Waffles and Boobs
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Blanche Meets The Kids And Their Plushie Protector
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Barbed Wire: Sin-Eaters Vs. Wirehead
  • (2016.06.26)
Barbed Wire: Cell Phone Detectives
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On Julia's Behalf
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A Hero Left In Bobby's Passing
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The Lemurian Book of the Dead
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Independence Day 2016
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Hexed Heist IV: The Resolution
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Franklin's Housewarming
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Metal Flash Mob: Cake Party
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The Killing Fields - Deckard's Descent
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Allen Calling
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Working With Jedi
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Charonite Candidate Steps Up
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Swimsuit Edition
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The Beachside Luau
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Cemetery Conference
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The Warmth Of Fire
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Ting Vs. Toys
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Helping Hassan Escape
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Blanche Meets Tarantalus
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Columbian White: Miracles
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Disturbing Revelations
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Resolving Tommy Lee Johnson
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A night at the fights
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Mysteries of Creation: An Accumulation of Anguish
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Am I Dog, or am I Cop
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Deckard's Ghost Guides: Wits
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Taste of Revenge
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A Good Samaritan's Gamble Gone Bad
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Deckard's Ghost Guides: Dexterity
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Visitation - Lowgate Prison
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Postcards from Lowgate
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Santa Muerte Feast Day Party
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Eerie Visitor
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Sleep if you Dare: Campout Slumberparty
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The Egyptian Reed
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Vandal's Krewe Binding
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Defense of the Athenaeum
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Shake it we saved the library
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Chop Shop Chaos
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October Movie Night
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Alpha Combat Forces 1
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Shadow of Greatness: Runes, Sigils, and Mysteries
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Spirited To Sea Costume Party
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Loners Halloween Party
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Cleaning House
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Deathblinger the Ghost Fairy
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Fists of Anger
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Shadow of Greatness: Autopsy Lockdown
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Shadow of Greatness: Revelations on the Well of Urd
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Stolen Wallet Escapades
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Basement Brawls: Fight Night Returns!
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The Things You Do for "Family"
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Hassan's Rescue, And The Fall Of The White Horseman
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What You Reap: My Little Eye
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Deckard's Ghost Guides: Empathy
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New Year's Bonfire
  • (2017.01.01)
Tara's Becoming
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Punching Seminar
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Till' Death Do We Never Part
  • (2018.01.28)
First Steps: Return of Deckard
  • (2018.01.30)
Blessings of Bathory - Frost Bitten
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First Steps: Reconnecting With Melody
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Gathering After Diving
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Blessings of Bathory - Life Aquatic
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First Steps: Reconnecting With Isrieal
  • (2018.02.10)
Bonfire Conversation at the Reception
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B.o.B: Water Under the Bridge
  • (2018.02.11)
First Steps: Reconnecting With Darius
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Affirmation of Certainty
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First Steps: Reconnecting With Molly
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Post Ritual Ritual
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Shopping With Frankie
  • (2018.02.17)
Death Batteries and Portals
  • (2018.02.18)
B.o.B: Absconded Gateway
  • (2018.02.19)
Kill Em All
  • (2018.02.23)
Fury of the Blizzard

The Bare Bonesxxxxx 
Template: Geist
Threshold: The Silent
Archetype: Celebrant
Position: Lingualis Mortis and Delver
Date of Birth/App Age: October 13th, 1996/Mid-20s
Geist: Gnaw
Virtue/Vice: Mettle/Egotistical
Occupation: Working on it.
Brawl: ●●●●●●(●)(●)(●●●)(Specialty x3)
Occult: ●●●●●(●)(Specialty x3)
Strength: ●●●●●●
Stamina: ●●●●●●
Indomitable: ●●●●●
Caul: ●●●●●
Boneyard: ●●●●●
Krewe: None...that he can remember.
Innocent, Lost Finished Him! Stabbed through the back of the head.
Geryon Illusion Finished Him! Exploded from the inside out.
The Brickman Finished Him! Stabbed in the chest and corkscrewed him through the air.
The Flayed One Finished Him! Teleported him into the jetstream and stabbed the back of his throat through his mouth.
Crimson Bloods Finished Them! Turned them into pincushions with rock spikes.
July 4th Terrorists Finished Them! Turned them to ash via lightning.
Dmitri and Cale Finished Them! Stabbed out their eyes, tongues, ears, hands, and genitalia, and then vaporized them with fire.
The Sage's River Fleet Finished Them! Flash froze the entire main naval force that was meant to take the Athenaeum.

Juelz Santana - Second Coming

We ready for whatever you put in front of us. Whatever.
Blood, sweat, tears, yeah.
We dripped all three just to get here.
No longer will I wake up and my dreams just vanished.
It’s staring right at me, I must take advantage.
Hard work pays off, you get what you put in.
So why stop now?

¡MAYDAY! - Last One Standing

Who'll be the last one standing? When it all goes up in flames
Who'll be the last one standing? When the cold ice melts away
Who'll be the last one standing? When the smoke drowns out the day
Who'll be the last one standing? When it all goes up in flames
I'll be the last one standing!

Bullet For My Valentine - Waking The Demon

My eyes are bleeding from the fear that's inside!
You sealed your demise when you
Took what was mine

Escape The Fate - Ungrateful

With bleeding hands I fight for a life that's beat me down
Stand up and scream while the rest of the world won't make a sound
With bleeding hands I fight with the pride left in me now
Stand up and scream while the rest of the world won't make a sound

Deuce - I Came To Party

Let's have a party girl,
you can bring your friends tonight,
after the club
we can play all the games you like.

Downstait - Say It To My Face

Say it to my face!
Soon enough I'll find you
In the dark behind you
I'll be waiting

In Flames - Drenched In Fear

You won't
Find a friendly face in the crowd,
It's quite amusing to see how you suffer
I refuse, to let you steal my daylight,
Barely awake - but it strengthens my night rage
I've seen you kill many dreams,
But I got brand new armour,
And your weapons are way out of reach
How does it feel to be demolished,
Vaporized into thin air?
Strange new feeling to be nothing.
All the words I hear... they don't mean a thing
All drenched in fear,
And the hate you bring
Make me bother, I dare you,
I've got the strength I need,
But I'll await my darkest moment,
When the guilt doesn't get to me.

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