Danny Renlow

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Danny Renlow

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"Everything decays. Art alone endures."

"You and me, baby, we are the future. And the future is bleak."

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Danny was born in a fairly bad part of Chicago. His parents ran a small bodega, as did his siblings, and he was expected to grow up to run the place as well. He didn't want that, though. He was rambunctious and curious, and eventually fell into the art crowd. He turned out to be a natural painter and sculptor, and he helped some of the others run a small, back alley art gallery for the down-and-out and starving artists.

His work eventually drew the attention of a lovely young Firebrand Toreador, and she ghouled him for a year before finally Embracing him. He took over said art gallery with her, using it to inspire street artists and those who weren't rich or with wealthy patrons. These were artists who didn't want the money and the influence. Just the art and the heartbeat of it all.

In the Summer of 2017 he moved from Chicago after a rough run-in with the Sanctified, and moved to Fallcoast. He is now working on opening a new gallery with similar ideals, called "The Back Alley", which...surprise, surprise...is in a back alley.

  • Neonate Vampire

Danny has been Kindred since 2012. He has been making the most of it.

  • Clan Daeva

He is a Daeva. He is one of the Incubi that is inspired by certain baser urges, and a pretty young girl can likely entice him to do some pretty dumb things. Speaking of which, see 'SEEKING'.

  • Artist

Danny is a painter and a sculptor. His sculptures tend to be clay or stone, and follow the example of old Grecian classics, while his paintings tend towards water color, but showing images of urban sprawl, decay and similar.

  • Hedonism

He might not be at fancy parties, but he does LOVE to party, and...well...see Daeva.

  • Street

He is not rolling in cash or wearing three piece suits, and he would likely kick the shit out of himself if he was. He is a street-level artist, and falls in love with beautiful graffiti work, while pushing for more real, from-the-heart urban artists...not rich people with too much free time.

  • Seeking

A Ghoul who might possibly be a future Childe. Full Disclosure : He would seek a -pretty young female with similar artistic and street ideals, and their relationship would likely be a very 'passionate' one, along with the typical Ghoul duties. If this at all interests you, inquire within!

  • Secure my Haven
  • Find a Ghoul
  • Meet with the local Carthians
  • Meet with the local Daeva
  • Open my Gallery
  • More!
  • August 2017 : Arrives in Fallcoast.
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