Dan Redker

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Dan Redker

“Night doesn't fall. Its more complex than that.”
—Dale Bailey

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My Name Is: Dan Redker
(Appears as) Dan
My Age: 40
My Gig: Magician/Homeless

Geist: Bedlam Sam
Threshold: Forgotten
Archetype: Reaper
I'm Listening to


  • Magician: Here is the deal: If he can make you impressed, maybe you can buy him a nice hot meal. I mean, what could this bum possibly do that is halfway impressive.
  • Performer: He is a performer at heart and that bleeds to everything he does. Whats your favorite card? What does that say about you? These questions will be answered if you care to find him.
  • Homeless: Years on the streets have made him a little weary but also wise. Can usually be found behind a glass of rum and always offering advice.

xxxxxDan 'Red' Redker could easily blend into the crowd if he wants but the army rucksack he keeps on him and the large amount of tattoos tend to make him stand out a bit. He could normally be found on a street corner performing 'magic' tricks. Anything from card tricks to making objects float or catch fire. He doesn't hide what he can do, instead, like a good magician, he redirects from the fact that there are no smoke and mirrors involved in most of his 'tricks'.

xxxxxA tall, lanky man with a good chronic case of stubble. His skin is deeply tanned. His brown eyes appear near black and his brown hair always looks like a comb could do it wonders. When his sleeves are rolled up his sleeve tattoos are on display for the world to see. And he has even more if you can get him to that state of undress. All of his possessions are on him at all times in an army surplus rucksack. He looks as he is, homeless. But something in his eyes just invites conversation. Like if you keep buying him rounds you will hear tales that keep you on the edge of your seat and the tab ever growing to hear more. xxxxx


  • Kilo - XXX' -- Xxxxxxx


  • Flame: An artistic flame going from one wrist to the other wrapping around his neck along the way.
    • Now is a scar along the same pattern, although it seems some of the orange ink has remained.
  • Knives: Knives of all kinds and sizes dot his arms, all of them facing down towards his hands.
  • Ace of Hearts: on one inner arm.
  • Ace of Diamonds: on the other.
  • Ace of Clubs: on his left side.
  • Ace of Spades: on his right side.
  • 'Keep on moving': Across his shoulders.

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