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“Bushido is realized in the presence of death. This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. There is no other reasoning. This is my Mantra...I am the Last Samurai.”

– Daken Kobayashi, 1921

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xxxxx Daken Kobayashi has been around for almost more than 280 years. Younger, in comparison to most immortals, but possesses the wisdom of one who was 1,000. He's been in many major wars since the 1700's, most famously his participation in the legend of the 47 Ronin and the Setsuma Rebellion. He's fought in every major war in America's History. Now? He is a multi-billion dollar man who owns the marketing Titan in Kobayashi International...though he still keeps to the Samurai ways. More than likely, he's the last of a dying breed. Last of the Samurai.

RP Hooks
  • Immortal - He is one! other immortals could have met him wandering all around the world before he settled in Fallcoast.
  • The Last Samurai - he knows everything there is to know about Samurai and their history. read him in that story about the 47 Ronin? he was there! the last battle before the age of samurai ended? he was there! he likely new famous leaders personally....could likely find him represented in a museum someplace.
  • Dark Reputation - the name Daken holds a dark weight in Japanese history...in the warring states period even after the fall of the samurai, some thought him to be a dragon due to his phenomenal skill with the blade and his apparent inability to die. Legend has it his blade cannot be sheathed unless it has tasted blood.....he was known as a battousai. Literally meaning 'manslayer' a merciless and legendary killer.
  • Wealthy - know any fun social standards of the high class? it's not uncommon to see Daken at a high class auction or some such.
  • Curious - he loves to learn! teach him something new!
  • Dojo - he owns a Dojo where he teaches others very efficient martial arts. he spars there on occasion.
  • Kobayashi International - A marketing giant that Daken had established. it's nearing it's 30th anniversary. want to talk shop? make deals? talk business? Come see Daken!


Yun - A former lover and fellow immortal. If he truly needed help, he knows he can trust her.....most of the time.

Ronin - My sensei and master who taught me the secrets of immortality and the way of the samurai. One day I will find him again.




Too many to count.


Kid - Met the kind fellow at his Ninja Project gym. I pray with the sum I've given him that he'll be able to make the place more presentable.

David - A rather -large- fellow who perhaps should have been named after his biblical enemy, Goliath. Taught him some Tai Chi moves.


47-ronin-samurai-tattoo-wallpaper-2.jpg 4dac78e4489f60e75a35e729404a4c5c.jpg Rodrigo-Santoro-Ben-Hur.jpg E359b0a5b4beee303f974f7bc0f0d8c5--the-last-samurai-samurai-warrior.jpg

Daken Kobayashi
Date of Birth: 04 Jun 1741
Apparent Age: 27
Occupation: Wealthy Entrepreneur/Samurai
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride

Languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Hebrew
Order: None
Geist: None
Pack: None
Entitlement: None

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

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