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Naufragium sibi quisque facit.
― Lucanus—Pharsalia. I. 499
 Geist the sin-eaters2.pngxxxxx The Obituary
Born in Shanghai, Daiyu was the only child of Lu and Bo Sun - a banker and homemaker respectively. She was an active child and had an active imagination, or at least she was told she had an active imagination when she would bring up the dead people she saw all around her. Her parents, especially her mother, was quick to warn Daiyu not to speak about this and focus instead on her schoolwork. After all, she was a less than stellar student. But mother wouldn't be around forever. When Daiyu was 16, Bo committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of their 30th floor apartment.
Unsure of what else to do with her, Lu Sun sent his only child away to finish studying abroad after two agonizing years of trying to raise a daughter on his own. Money can buy you acceptance into academia, but it can't provide you with the focus needed. So Daiyu became one of the party girls, seeking to suppress her psychic abilities with alcohol and such things. It was at one of these parties that she was picked up by a modeling scout and brought into that world. It only fueled her drug habits.
Then, a few years ago, while on yacht she drank too much, smoked too much, snorted too much. And while others were sleeping off their own buzzes, Daiyu fell overboard and tangled in her clothing and panic. She tasted sea water; she breathed in the waves...
Two days later, Daiyu washed up on the shore of France. The mildly famous model made all the papers at the time for her sudden reappearance after a 48 hour vigil and search and rescue operation. She shrank back to more niche circuits of modeling and eventually found her way to the US. Now a greencard holder and soon to be citizen, Daiyu has came to Fallcoast for unknown reasons.
Having set up shop in the general county area, Daiyu purchased (!) an old prison and has converted it into a rather odd place to live. Renaming the place as Sunzuwu's Roost, she's added artwork (often macabre) to make it feel more personal and does much of her sewing and other craft projects out of this area.
 Threshold prey.pngxxxxxThe Sea Witch

xxxxxAnkle length hair tangled in sea weed, shells, and the occasional fish bone flows out from the top her head in waves of of crystal blue and green. Waxy skin erupts in places with orange, purple, or pink coral and her eyes are dark as the deepest abyss in the ocean. When she speaks, her voice bubbles up from an unknown distance, full of coughing and sputtering - the sounds of drowning.

xxxxxThe keystone left behind as a mark of the Bargain struck is that of an antique brass locket. It has a compass rose etched on the front, but inside it... time has worn away whatever images might have been found.

xxxxxThe Sea Witch is the only name the Geist has given Daiyu, and Daiyu hasn't exactly pushed the issue. She's still newly Bound and learning some of the formalities, and this is the Witch's first time entering such an agreement as well.

Born in Shanghai.
Mostly Cosplay, Geekdom and some Fetish stuff. Fame 1, SL 2 (DAMN!).
Been there, done that. Didn't get the t-shirt, but have the Key. Maybe you know of a haunting she should check out?
The Bound
Daiyu joined the Society of Crows since coming to Fallcoast. She's eager to meet her fellow Bound. And rumor on the Twilight Network is that she bought an old prison outside of town and has been turning it and its Cenote into something of a place where Sin-Eaters could congregate.
Speaking of the Society of the Bound, Daiyu knows a few ceremonies and is willing to teach if you're bringing gifts.
Very social person. Parties, fund raisers? She's there!
Martial Arts
No, she doesn't know any martial arts. Let's not be that stereotypical.
Whether it's shopping or making them, Daiyu is down for that. She has a thriving business in custom cosplay outfits.
Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin.
Everyone has an addiction of some sort. Right?
 xxxxxPhoto Shoot

Daiyu1.jpg Daiyu2.jpg Daiyu3.jpg

 xxxxx Contacts


  • Roy - Crow Guide

Memento Mori


  • Alyndra - Cold night savior.
  • Emily - Bitch better bring my money.
  • Melody - Honorary member and friend.

Vital Stasticsxxxxx 
Sphere: Geist
Threshold: Prey
Archetype: Bonepicker
Date of Birth: April 4, 1993
Virtue/Vice: Hope/Pride
Occupation: Model
Played By: Yaya Han
Krewe: Society of Crows
Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
I stay up too late, got nothing in my brain
That's what people say mmm, that's what people say mm
I go on too many dates, but I can't make 'em stay
At least that's what people say mmm, that's what people say mmm
The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell
Father did you miss me?
I've been locked up a while.
I got caught for what I did but took it all in style.
Laid to rest all my confessions I gave way back when.
Now I'm versed in so much worse,
So I am back again.
Highly Suspect - Lydia
Black ocean, cold and dark
I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless
But the only girl that could talk to him, she couldn't swim
Tell me what's worse than this
What's worse is all the coke
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