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D02 - The Division - Fallcoast


Officially called the Nonesuch River Basin, this stretch of largely residential subdivisions, interspersed with the occasional strip mall, restaurant, bar or public building is known through most of the county as "The Division", and that is what locals call it, owing to the fact that this area straddles the dividing line between Fallcoast and Hanging Hills as it follows the widening mouth of the Nonesuch River as it wends its way towards the sea. In truth, most of the subdivisions do fall within Fallcoast, but a few are entirely within Hanging Hills, and there is one area that is about half in half, and features one historic building, now a local pub, that actually sits squarely astride that line.

This is still one of the more quiet places within the city, sleepy compared to its busier sections, a place where those of the middle classes live, albeit not where many of them work. While several main streets do cut at right angles through the area, the side streets off it wend into cul de sacs, circular courts, and other such residential configurations.

Places of Note

Build Guide

This is a mid-range, largely residential area, with a few small shops, bars and restaurants.

  • Appropriate Locations: Small to medium sized houses, family dining establishments, limited bars/pubs
  • Not appropriate: Nightclubs, boutiques, offices not somehow part of a home, businesses that produce a lot of noise, mansions, wilderness builds.

Resource Level: 2-3



  • The eastern part of this district (East Division) has been marked off using the Rite of Fair Warning by the pack called The Murder. Any werewolf entering that grid square not invited or part of the pack will feel a sense of dread, and will receive a -2 penalty to all Wits+Composure rolls to avoid surprise attacks.
  • The Twilight Network marks the Eastland Mall as a neutral territory Sin-Eater gathering place.