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RP Hooks
  • Known among certain criminal elements with street level connections as a notorious thief with a 'mad dog' reputation for flying off the handle when provoked.
  • He supposedly makes most of his money robbing drug dealers (an idea he got from watching The Wire), and is said to have been shot a half dozen times.
  • It's also rumored that he's heavily involved in gambling and illegal dog fighting rings on the side, or maybe that he just trains fighting dogs for use in the pits. He's never been seen to attend a match, though. The truth could be very different.
  • As a shifter, Cujo will often use his canine form to scope out a location before committing a robbery.
  • He's also spent time in shelters, which might lead to a nasty surprise for whoever decides to 'rescue' him.
  • He's often assisted in his nefarious activities (such as robbing drug dealers or forcing petty criminals to pay protection money) by a large pack of dangerous strays that follow him around.
  • He has often arranged to have himself sold as a guard or fighting dog, to get close to some rival criminal target. This is where the supposed rumors of Corbin being involved in illegal fighting circuits emanate from.
  • He'll often sleep on the street, in an alley or a junkyard - even in a shelter - in his beast form, simply to lay low for a while. It's why he has a reputation for being so hard to find or pin down. Which is good, since he's made his share of enemies in the D.C area.
  • His canine form resembles some kind of junkyard monstrosity - a huge, black and brindled pit mastiff mix.


Cujo1.jpg Cujo2.jpg

Corbin 'Cujo' Howell
Date of Birth: Late 1970s
Apparent Age: Late 30s
Occupation: Criminal
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed

Accord: Heart-Ripper
Breed: The Pack
Species: Maerans
Band: None
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