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On the Wrong Side of the Law: Important Criminal PCs

Geek Squad

Those with skill sets and assets surrounding hacking, computers, security systems, and theft of intangible things like information in digital form or identity theft/creation.

  • Symbiote - General blackhat hacker, exists only online, specialises in altering records.

Thieves' Guild

Those with skill sets and assets surrounding the theft of physical items, information in physical form (photos, files, records) and personal manipulation.

  • Ali - REDACTED
  • Kilo - Specializing in the shit no one else will touch.
  • Leander - Not his main line of work, but he's more than capable just the same.
  • Oison - If it can be driven, he can steal it.
  • Sand - An accomplished burglar who takes jobs both large and small. Seems to enjoy a challenge. Doesn't often take sides or play favorites. Money talks. Bullshit walks.
  • Isrieal - Has the ability to track the exact location of a sought for object.
  • Wyck - He's mostly into stealing simple, easily sold items for quick cash. This may be a Blue Ray player that someone's left unattended while they're in the shower. Cellphone, jewelry (watches) and the like. He's done his fair share of cat burglary as well but not since he got up to Maine where they have this foul 'winter' crap.

The Entertainment

Your pimps, hookers, backroom gambling proprietors, bookies, fight coordinators, bootleggers, and anything else to do with illegal good times.

  • Vandal - Will f*ck for $$$. Will thug for $$$.


Those with skill sets and assets to get things done through violence, or threat of it, for a price and without questions.

  • Kilo - Just like they say… Dirty deeds, done dirt cheep.
  • Leander - One of the Winter Court's best assassins.
  • Vandal - Will f*ck for $$$. Will thug for $$$.
  • Isrieal - Both terrifying and able to slice someone nearly in two.

The Transporter(s)

Those with skill sets and assets surrounding the transport and/or smuggling of illegal goods, and dealing on the Black Market directly.

  • Ali - Discrete flights from private airfields, meetings at sea and on private islands are a good way to move things around.
  • Oison - He transports criminals from point A to point B - also known as a professional wheelman.
  • Gio - Middleman for multiple smugglers, working by land, air, or sea. Plenty of legitimate cargo moved as well. Always recruiting both transporters and clients.

On the Fence

Those with the skills and assets to liquidate all those snazzy things you find lying around.

  • Ali - Assets are an asset of itself, and liquidity is the game. If he isn't buying, he's selling on either side of the world.
  • Roy - He knows people, you know. You have something gained through less than legal means? Chances are high that Roy can find a buyer.


People who know people are the luckiest people in the world.

  • Ali - Well acquainted with the lowest of scumbags and highest of elites. You just may owe him...
  • Roy - Roy knows people. People that you should know but don't. This comes in handy. Trust Roy... he can help. But he probably wants a little cut.

Arms Trafficking

This is my weapon, this is my gun...

  • Law -Deals mainly in guns but can get anything.

Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!

We like us some drugs.

  • Kato - Has the hook-ups.

White Collar Criminals

The money men. (Or women, we don't discriminate.) Those that hire the muscle, hide the money, and play the system.

Medical Necessity

No questions asked medical that the streetwise and criminal would be aware of.

All in the Family

Particolored criminals focused on Mob/Mafia flavored organized crime.

  • Charlize - Scaccia member and organizer of heists open to all.

Bad to the Bone

Criminals whose organizations are less 'classy'. Bikers. Gang Members. Etc.

  • Kilo - Southside Kings gang banger with a massive propensity for violence and doing Bad Things (tm).
  • Vandal - Will f*ck for $$$. Will thug for $$$.

Skirting the Edges: Not So Important Criminal PCs

Those who are not very criminal themselves, but certainly enable the criminals out there and skirt close to being the same.

  • Guy - Petty thief, petty drugs and petty crime - however his alter ego Symbiote is a very successful blackhat hacker.
  • Vandal - Windows Smashed, drugs peddled, faces pounded. Your one stop thug-in-a-box.