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Crime (The Robbers of Cops & Robbers)
Society invites the crime, and criminals accept the invitation.

-- Vikrant Parsai

Crime Staff

  • Team Lead: Darwin
  • Admins:
  • Storytellers:
  • Tiers:

Local PC Criminal Groups

  • The Scaccia Crime Family - a Mafia family in decline, trying to rebuild itself after a series of federal and local indictments crippled the family.
  • The Southside Kings Gang - a local urban gang that's trying to up it's game and take over territory from the Mafia family.
  • The Flaming Skulls Motorcycle Club - A 1%er outlaw biker gang specializing in drug- and gun-running for the local crime syndicates.
  • The Underground Street Racing League - A group of gear heads and speed freaks who get together to race and bet on racing, as well as exchange ideas for building a better faster racer.


If you or your group are claiming turf, please note it in your entry on this page. Visual aid!

NPC Organized Crime Groups

Information on the local and non-local NPC Organized crime groups can be found here.

NPC Gang Groups

Information on the local and non-local NPC Gang groups can be found here

The Wrong Side of the Law

An index of the various denizens in a number of criminal domains can be found here. This does include gangs and/or organized crime for ease of reference.

Rules and Systems

  • Crime in Fallcoast: For reference on the history and background of the criminal underworld in Fallcoast.
  • Criminal Merits: For reference on Status, Allies, and Contacts in the context of the Crime Sphere
  • Black Market: Information on how to request Black Market purchases from Equipment Staff
  • Crime Plots: Pre-Approval Requirements for Crime Plots
  • Crime and Law: Our policy on interactions between Crime PCs and Law PCs.
  • Allies in Crime: Our policy regarding having allies in the local criminal organizations.

Character Generation

Crime is currently Open.

App Guidelines

We follow all rules of your primary sphere, plus the following: Nothing At Present

Wanted Concepts

  • Scaccia Crime Family Members
  • Southside Kings Members
  • Flaming Skulls MC Members