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“There's no sauce in the world like hunger.”

– Miguel de Cervantes


Mien: Crane better resembles a corvid of some sort, than a proper crane or any particular long necked bird. Amist the layers of his - mostly- shoulder length hair, black feathers jut from his scalp; giving the otherwise straight style a messy texture. And the feathers are no less smooth or soft than his proper hair. His irises are large and yellow, with round pupils that shrink to narrow slits when hit directly by bright lights - giving his expressions a range from cutely curious to utterly cold and feral.

He's of direct Japanese descent, and looks young; like he's somewhere in his late teens. The delicate, androgynous cast of his facial features alternatively accentuates his youth, or sets him in an feminine light. His wealth of piercings, however, declares some level of maturity; with a range of body jewelery including numerous rings in the ridge of his right ear, a screw in his left nostril, and a spiral in the left corner of his bottom lip with glossy black caps. Harder to notice, is the sterling stud in his tongue visable when his mouth is open.

His eyebrows are sparse, but dark, blending with eyelashes which may be just naturally dark or a little touched up. His cheeks are smooth. And his smiles are often bright. His is a face that's difficult to forget, cute and feral; or feminine and bright.

His frame is diminutive. He's petite; short and slender. The often baggy clothing he wears, especially when performing dance or acrobatic routines in the street, only seem to give his small frame further contrast. For the fall season, his most common outfit seems to be a range of fluffy coloured hoodies matched to baggy navy blue cargo pants or skinny jeans. He wears mismatched bangles on his left wrist, but no chains around his neck. His white, off-brand skate shoes are scuffed and torn; more out of use than out of distinct fashion. (SL 2: Aww)

RP Hooks
  • Autumn: It was a Summer motley that brought a teen-aged Crane to the Autumn court not long after his escape, however the circumstances of this are not clear in most circles. But there must be a reason the skilled dancer chose to throw in with the Ashen Court over that of Spring. Word is, he's looking for opportunity to contribute and learn.
  • Bangor, Maine: The Birds of Paradise caused their share of trouble here, soon after their escape; but, most of their number seems to have been stomped out in the first couple months of their presence. Only Crane and a couple of others seemed to have managed any sort of living since, though there doesn't seem to be much contact between the remaining members. Inducted into the Autumn Court, here, Crane seems to have tempered some of his young recklessness in Maine under the purview of the Court. Though, his street performances were often supplemented by acts of petty thievery.
  • Freehold: Crane is new to the area, and new to Sentinel Rock. But, it's no secret among their number that he's a member; he doesn't intend to stay hidden, either.
  • Glory of the Garden: Crane was a member of the Birds of Paradise acrobatic dance troupe, formed of stolen children and teens by loyalists who sought prodigies from the lowest talent shows across the world at large. These imported dancers performed - often deadly - feats of dexterity coupled with acts of ritual cannibalism. Crane's iteration of the Birds of Paradise troupe escaped her domain in 2013. But, he may be recognized as one of the half-masked performers from his seven year stint there. Most of the troupe is said to have died in Bangor, the year they escaped, but Crane and a couple of others have seemed to stuck around a little longer.
  • Street Performer: Primarily a hip-hop dance act, Crane often includes suspense building acrobatic feats when he's hungry for the taste of glamour.
  • Thief: When Crane is hungry in the mortal sense, however, and needs to pad his income, he makes for an adept pickpocket and occasional burglar. This can only be a gateway to more nefarious criminal deeds.
Captured Memories

The Best

  • Hermione - Dancing in number eight. Leaning back on fire escapes. The best.

And the Rest (Quite Good)

  • Blanche - Ghost girl in the tree. Weed-giver number three.
  • Christopher - This party. That party. The other one on the roof. Crab cakes.
  • Dora - Being a literal-figurative wingman. Cookies and beer in serious rooms.
  • Dottie - Visiting the other valley through the leap of faith. And the smart-weed.
  • Eleri - Fashion advice from a gracious host in the normal home. Promise of dancing.
  • Hoax - Wicked hair and mascot maker. Offerer of living spaces in tattoo parlors.
  • Kilo - Broken chain tattoos and stolen things. Piercer of tongues tattoo parlors.
  • Long Meg - Shared eating habits and funny stories at the rooftop dinner table.

Date of Birth: February 15th
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Occupation: Street Performer/Thief
Virtue: Dreamer
Vice: Sloth

Court: Autumn
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Windwing/Dancer
Motley: None
Entitlement: None


Bullet Train

Lone Digger

Come Back Down


Give Me The Beat

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Southside Scavengers I
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