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Cooter was wild, even for a Skinner. You can probably blame his name on part of that. His dad was a cruel man, who treated him more like a dog then a boy. His mom was usually so wasted that she couldn't bother stepping in to defend him. The activity was mostly kept out of the gaze of the other Skinners, but Cooter turned meaner and meaner as he grew.

As he got a bit older he began getting into fights. He was arrested and ended up in Juvie more then once, but rarely for long. One of the other Skinners began taking him on Camping and hiking trips, in an attempt to find something for him to do that wasn't so horrid. He ended up loving the wilderness, and became excellent at setting traps to catch animals. He also began to learn how to work leather from the hides, and even work metal as a way to distract himself from his brutal upbringing and his anger.

Eventually he began going on camping trips by himself. On one of these trips he headed farther into the wilderness then ever before, and ended up being kidnapped by a Vampire. To be specific, he was kidnapped by Rachelle, an Oberloch. She dragged him back to the small, former mining down in the Maine wilderness, which a branch of the Oberlochs had ruled for generations. He became a bloodbag, and eventually within a few years, a ghoul. By his eighteenth year he was a degraded beast, and earned introduction to the family.

He spent about five years with them, until he finally left to seek out the world beyond the town. The rest of the family were furious, and made it obvious that he was not welcome back. This is how he discovered the existance of other Kindred, and also got inducted into the Circle. He became dedicated to his own Dark Gods, melding Oberloch monstrousness, Skinner sliminess, and Crone paganism. It made for a heady combination.

Now, he's returned home.


This gorgeous man looks like he's somewhere in his mid to late twenties. He's very handsome, but there is definatly something very white trash about him. He has fair skin, deep blue eyes and somewhat shaggy blonde hair. He has a somewhat boyish face, but his body is purely adult.

He is about 6'2", with a very tight and athletic form. Wide shoulders, strong arms and a defined six pack are fairly on display in the outfits he tends to choose. A faded wife beater with worn jeans and steel toed boots cling to his form currently.

<<Striking Looks 1 - Sexy White Trash>>


Skinner - Coot is a Skinner. You know, one of those trashy trailer dwelling crooks? Yeah, he's one of them, and damn proud of it. Born and raised right here in the 'Coast, though he spent the last 10 years or so away...which he hates.

Wilderness - He likes the wild. He tracks, hunts and camps. He spelunks, mountain climbs, all of it. He lives out there, too. Good luck finding his haven, though. It -might- be a buried school bus...

Fanger - Coot belongs to the All Night Society. He's a Gangrel, who belongs to a small and obscure Bloodline of rural monsters, the Oberlochs. He still ages, but he's Immortal. It's pretty sweet right now, but it might suck ass in another fifty years or so.

Crone - He's a member of the Choir, and a damn dedicated one at that. Human sacrifices, blood orgies in the moonlight, horrific magical rituals...he Unlives for it. His pantheon is...complicated.

Hedonistic - Seriously, some people might mistake him for a very vulgar Daeva. Not that he cares what they think as long as he gets his.

Seeking Ghoul - Up for a hedonistic, monstrously pagan and probably abusive relationship with a savage redneck? Apply within!

Crafts - He loved working with his hands. Specifically, he's damn amazing in metalworking, leatherworking (Those -are- all animal hides...right?) and taxidermy.

The Mother's Army - Cooter is a local leader of a branch of the global conspiracy, The Mother's Army. These Kindred and cultists take the ideas of the Circle to extreme, -extreme- levels. Instead of believing in pagan gods they believe in Vampire Gods...sort of. They are also totally recruiting.


  • Wren Nicks - Cute, nervous little Clanmate. It's okay to be a monster, because we are Her dark children. I'll show you, though. Let me open your mind...and your blouse.
Cooter Skinner
Date of Birth: January 20th, 1989.
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Monster
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Lust
Height: 6'1"

Clan icon gangrel.pngBloodline gangrel oberlochs.png

Notable Stats
Strength: ●●●
Dexterity: ●●●
Presence: ●●●
Crafts (Metalworking/Leatherworking): ●●●●
Striking Looks (Sexy White Trash):
Blood Potency: ●●
Clan (Gangrel):
Covenant (Crone):


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