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Like the Good Book Says.. (History)

xxxxxConrad and Concetta were young and in love. From high school sweethearts to teenagers fleeing from responsibilities, they abandoned their quarreling families and tried to make it on their own. They didn't make it to where they wanted to go but they did get to where they needed to be.

Mask & Mien
Concetta Cooper
Spiritual Leader and Healer
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Preacher
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Greed

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flamesiren/Nightsinger/Chirurgeon
Court: Dawn
Entitlement: Pilgrims of the Endless Road
Keeper: Xipe Totec

Seeming fairest.pngCourt dawn.pngEntitlement pilgrims of the endless road.png
  • The Mask

xxxxxDark hair and blue eyes are only part of her appeal; there's just something cheerful but sophisticated about her demeanor that makes her stand out like a lily among wildflowers. She's perhaps a little taller than average height, svelte and neatly groomed, her olive coloring offset by a skirt and jacket of pristine white. Linen in summer, fine wool in the winter, the fashion rule of Labor Day doesn't apply to her. She wears minimal make-up, just mascara and a little blush, and the only jewelry she's adorned with are a tiny pair of diamond studs, one in each ear, and a plain gold wedding band.

  • The Mien


RP Hooks
  • Changeling — the Durance changed more than her appearance and abilities.

  • Ministry — she's got that old time religion.

  • Charitable works — whether it's pestering rich people for money or serving soup, she does the job.

  • South America — oddly conversant in its religions, history, languages and cultures.

  • Conrad —  her beloved husband and partner.



  • Conrad — Eternal beloved.


  • Mark — Greeted Conrad and I warmly.

  • John Ihrck — Made us both feel protected.

Music of the Spheres

June Carter Cash - Juke Box Blues

I walked into a honky-tonky just the other day
I dropped a nickel in the jukebox just to hear it play
I didn't have no tune in mind, I didn't wait to choose
Just dropped a nickel in the slot and I played the jukebox blues.
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Helter Shelter
  • (2015.09.24)
By Dawn's Early Light
  • (2016.04.07)
Blood and Roses
  • (2016.04.11)
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt