Cole Gutierrez

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Birth Name: Cole Gutierrez
Shadow Name: Eli
Birthdate: Jan 23, 1995
Occupation: Urban Explorer
Virtue: Stoicism
Vice: Antisocial
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Reality Stalkers
Cabal: None Yet


  • (2017.08.10)
Mage Meet and Greet: August
  • (2017.10.04)
The Hand of (Someone's) Fate
  • (2017.10.08)
Autographs from Beyond



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"I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone's imagination."
- Hunter S. Thompson



  • Mastigos
    He's gone to hell and back. It shows. Don't look beneath the sunglasses.
  • Mysterium
    He is an avid student of the Mysteries, yet he doesn't bother himself much with Order politics. Still, he's always willing to help.
  • Reality Stalker
    An inquisitive mind, he has a hard time letting any mystery go unexplored. Are you also drawn to mysteries? Secret knowledge? Often find yourself where you shouldn't be?
  • Urban Explorer
    He seeks out forgotten and abandoned places. There's always a story right around the corner.
  • Homeless
    He lives in abandoned places most of the time, and pokes through dumpsters for dinner. Want to buy him dinner?
  • Urban Legends
    He knows a lot about them. He's something of an expert. He loves to trade stories.
  • New York Streets
    He's from New York. He grew up there. His father ran a pawn shop in Manhattan before a robbery gone bad left Cole in foster care. Maybe you knew him on the streets, as law enforcement, or as a social worker?
  • Blind
    He wasn't born that way. He makes up for the loss in unusual ways.
  • Curious
    While not really a people person, and prone to bouts of sarcasm and snark, Cole is exceptionally curious. Should his curiosity be piqued, he might just end up following you around and bombarding you with questions.


A Face in the Crowd