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Claire is a singer. Or at least, she wants to be. She sings with a few different bands, doing as many gigs as she can, trying to get her name and voice out there, and also trying to pay the bills. She works part time jobs at crappy fast food chains and the like to pay what bills her singing doesn't. But there's also party needs. Most of her money ends up going to that. She's a party girl, live fast, live large and die young. She grew up in Hanging Hills with her parents, though her mother passed away from cancer, and her father is in prison for stealing to try and pay for her medical treatments. Another Skinner man in jail. She moved into the city after her mother passed away to pursue her dream of singing.

RP Hooks
  • Skinner - Her Daddy is most definitely one of them Skinner boys.
  • Singer - It's her greatest passion. She loves to do it, and it occasionally pays a bill or two.
  • Partying - Her other greatest passion. Music, dancing, drugs and alcohol. What's not to love?


  • Missy - I know you meant well cuz. I hope we can patch things up.
  • Gibson - Not sure where you went drifter man, but I still have that picture you drew me.
  • Penelope - Glad I convinced you to get out of the park cuz. Just wish I knew where you were now. My place is always open.
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Claire2.png Claire3.jpg [[Image:|x150px]]

Claire Arceneaux-Skinner 
Date of Birth: May 25th 1993
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: Singer, burger flipper, sales girl, perpetually having to find new jobs.
Virtue: Fortitude (I will survive.)
Vice: Gluttony (Excess in all things.)

Clan: Skinner
Order: Anarchy
Geist: Is that like a zombie?
Pack: Nope, don't smoke. Will ruin the pipes.
Entitlement: Too poor.

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

Go we need some, go we need some action!
If we're gonna make it like a true survivor
We need some action!
If we wanna take our love away from here
  • (2015.08.28)
High School - Stumbling In