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“But his kiss was so sweet, and so closely he pressed, that I languished and pined till I granted the rest.”

– Just a memory


xxxxx An intelligent and creative girl with good grades. That's how someone might describe Ciera from a couple of years back. Born and raised in Anaheim, she came from a quiet home and a small family. She attended dance classes in her spare time and went to church with her parents on Sundays. Business as usual. But then something changed. On her 17th birthday she packed what she could carry in her pockets and left. She started sleeping on friend's couches, refusing to return home, quiet and subdued. When they got in contact with the police, suspecting foul play, she looked for a roof elsewhere. Eventually she got involved with the 'Reapers', a local motorcycle gang having a share in local protection rackets and drug distribution. It wasn't much of a home, but they would have her. It lasted for a year before the lose ties were severed. With nothing to keep her out west, she showed up in Fallcoast on the back of a motorcycle, looking for new beginnings.

RP Hooks
  • Blazing! Are you looking for pot, or something stronger? Hers has that extra kick. Tell your friends that can afford it to look for her branded Reaper symbol.
  • Organized crime. She is dipping her toe. Are you good on a motorcycle. Want to help her to move product?
  • Free-Spin. Are you into art? Are you an athlete? Ciera lives for dancing.
  • Sit! Good dog. Do you like dogs? Hers is a black German Shepherd called Yogi Bear.
  • If I win.. Are you a betting person? She sometimes visits pool halls, and it's more fun to play for keeps.
  • Party-Girl. Invite me! What, I need to bring something?
  • Friends & enemies. Now which is most interesting. I think I want them both.
  • Seeing the world, and more. Do you travel the shadow? You might find her there.
  • Boogeyman. She has periods of nightmares, but she keeps it to herself.
  • He gave me a smile and I felt it in my heart. C'mon, she isn't immune to cute guys.
The Possessed
  • Are you one? Do you know of them? Ciera thought she was going mad up until a short time ago. She had no idea there existed beings such as demons. Being possessed is frightening. She is looking to learn more of heaven and hell, everything in between, and what it means to her.

xxxxx 'The Untamed' didn't exist before the great age of Industry. Born from the pollution spewed from modern machines into the earth, it was first given name when the Bannock Indian tribe encountered settlers near the lands of Oregon. They called the settlers 'Men with an aversion to Earth'. With the stories that grew around the name, it too grew stronger, to a point where it could walk the earth. Sometimes as man. Sometimes as buffalo. It encouraged the Industrial age, that of machinery and poison, of roads and skylines. But then 'Esa the Wolf' and 'Ejupa the Coyote' descended. They had heard the prayers of their people. They cursed The Untamed and thought this enough to send it back to hell. Its worshippers fled and its texts were burned. But she was crafty and slippery. It had hid within the buffalo and bided its time. Even as the animal died and was skinned, she continued existing, making the skin lustrous and fine. It travelled from owner to owner, eventually to be clad onto a saddle of the motorcycle Steel Rider. With so many years having passed and many of the native tribes looking at their past in disbelief, Esa and Ejupa has weakened. Enough to dare The Untamed to whisper again.


Ciera 2.jpg Ciera 3.jpg 'Yogi'.jpg Steel Rider.jpg

Ciera Ashley
Ciera 1.jpg
Date of Birth: Mid to late 90's
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: Drug peddler
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Gluttony

Class: Possessed
Affinity: Pn'liwthi
Dominion: Subversives
Rank: Lesser demon

[Raney Shockne - Sera was never]

Sera was never an agreeable girl-
Her tongue tells tales of rebellion.
But she was so fast,
And quick with her bow,
No one quite knows where she came from.
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