Christopher Jameson

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Christopher Kerouac Jameson

Name: Chris Jameson
Occupation: Carpenter/Handyman/Vigilante
Age: 31
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Template: Hunter
Compact: The Union
Faction: Home First
Cell: None

“I have an affection for a great city. I feel safe in the neighborhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.”

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Born And Bred

xxxxxChris is a local. He was raised in Fisherman's Row, as were a few generations of his family before him. They were all raised in the same house, and now that house belongs to him. The old, two-story brick house sits on a corner, and all of the people in the neighborhood know about it. They know Chris. Chris looks out for them...and they look out for him.

xxxxxHe will be 32 in December, and he has already saved a dozen lives, and pulled a few more from the gutter. He loves his family and neighbors, and puts them before himself. He puts down monsters that threaten the people in Fisherman's Row (Or makes arrangements with them to hurt people elsewhere, if he has to). Not all of these monsters are supernatural. At least one serial killer, and one pedophile are buried in deep holes out in Crow Hollow, or sunk to the bottom of the bay.

xxxxxLocals know they can find Chris at the local Catholic Church on Sunday mornings. He can be found handing out food at the shelter at least once a week. He is a handyman and carpenter that takes jobs for much cheaper then he should, because he knows that life is hard in the Row. When Sally's drunk husband hit her again, it was Chris who was taken in for questioning on the man's brutal beating. But neither Sally, nor anyone else in the neighborhood, would back up the husband's claims. Chris walked free, and the drunken husband left town not long after.

xxxxxThis is who Chris Jameson is. This is who the Jameson's are. Whether he is fixing a water system with his wrench, or slamming it into the head of a mugger or monster...he looks out for his people...and they know it.

Roleplaying Hooks

Local - He has lived in Fisherman's Row his entire life. He attended Four Towns Memorial High School. He has lived in the same house his whole life, attended the same church, etc. Do you know him, or his large family?
Hunter - Chris kills, or chases monsters out of his neighborhood. Sometimes he works with hunters outside of Fisherman's Row, also. There are agreements in Fallcoast, however, and he does not go after certain species (AKA PC's). If a Vampire murders somebody right in front of him, of course, there might be issues. BUT please do not take my Sphere as a reason not to play with me. We can still play. Please! :)
Charity - He isn't starving, but he isn't doing as well as he could be. He is an excellent handyman, carpenter and similar, but charges almost nothing to the people he does it for. Also, much of what he makes goes right back into his community. He tries to look out for other people.
Vigilante - Christopher doesn't just deal with monsters. Like some of his Compact, he deals with human beasts, too. Abusive spouses get rough conversations, while rapists, drug dealers and similar are either run out of the area...or go away in other ways. He is not as cold-blooded as Frank Castle, but he knows that evil doesn't JUST dwell in the hearts of the supernatural. Same as listed under Hunter, this does not mean Bad People should not play with me. While the character is a rough vigilante, I'm not here to White Knight all over your fun. Just like with monsters, he goes after NPCs. (Unless you want to do some kind of plot, otherwise! Just hit me up!)
Big Family - He lives with one or two younger siblings still, as he inherited the house and wasn't about to kick them out. He also has uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. The Jameson's are Fisherman's Row, born and bred. Blue-collar types who look after the community, and tend to be liked by the locals. LOOKING FOR PLAYERS FOR JAMESON FAMILY!

Friends, Enemies, and More

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