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"75% of quotations are made up on the spot and attributed to someone who sounds credible but who's really full of it."
Baron von Munchausen

Interior Description: One of the oldest buildings on campus, the Chelsea Dunlin Library sits squarely at the heart of St. John University. Erected with funds received from the Dunlin family, and dedicated to the memory of Chelsea Dunlin, the library was modeled closely on Philadelphia's Independence Hall. The beautiful red brick Neo-Georgian building supports study and research in the humanities and social sciences and houses the College Archives, Special Collections, Art and Music Collections, and various offices including the library's administrative and technical services offices. An addition that doubled the size of the original building was opened in the 1990s.

The Chelsea Dunlin Library provides access to a large physical collection of books, journals and media and an equally large collection of digitized and electronic materials, including an extensive art and music library. Among the many services offered are reference and instruction, individual research consultation, and interlibrary loan. Throughout the library, there is ample individual and group seating and wireless Internet connectivity. The media room with with its state-of-the-art viewing and listening stations is adjacent to a large teaching and computer lab, both of which stay open around the clock. Group study rooms and the 24-hour study hall can be found on the ground level, while Special Collections are housed in the basement. Even when the library is very busy, it maintains a low noise level, with most people speaking in hushed tones.


Library Details

  • Established: Unknown
  • Location: B03
  • Owner: St. John University

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