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"With devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself."
― Thomas Fuller

Name: Chayse Andrews
Age: 19
Occupation: Personal Assistant, Student, Musician, Dancer
Virtue: Optimist
Vice: Arrogance
Type: Ghoul
Clan: Gangrel
Regnant: Sunset


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  • Ghoul: Keep the mirrors away; Chayse is paranoid he's going to lose his looks and be unable to keep up his youthful appearance. (Flaw: Degenerative Fixation)
  • Addicted: Cocaine: it always casually fueled his creativity and all-night brilliance. But now he just can't stop. (Flaw: Addiction, Cocaine) He's got a bit of a vitae addiction as well...
  • Student of the Arts: Chayse is a gifted instrumentalist, vocalist and ballet dancer. He attended Julliard School of the Arts in New York for several years before leaving to follow a vampire named Paris to be his muse. Paris has since moved on.
  • Darkest before the Dawn: When Chayse found himself without a regnant, it was Sunset who sought him out and picked him back up, gave him what he needed and gave him hope for the future. And not just hope but a real drive and excitement to exist -- something Chayse has been missing since he dropped out of school.
  • New York: Born and raised


  • Paris - “We'll always have...”
  • Sunset - “Here is to new beginnings. And a forever of adventures and discoveries.”

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