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“No half measures. Some things can’t be cut in half. You can’t half-love someone. You can’t half-betray, or half-lie. ”

– Mark Lawrence, King of Thorns


xxxxxA tall man with close-shaved brown hair, Chase is hard to miss. Incredibly athletic, he looks like the kind of person who rarely misses a day at the gym. The edges of a few tattoos can be seen just under the collar of his shirt - if he's wearing one, which is a bit of a rare occurance. His usual expression hovers somewhere between amused and bored, like he's got his own private joke at the expense of the rest of the world.

RP Hooks
  • Hacker - Chase likes computers. More specifically, he likes technology, and he likes breaking his way into various systems. Either just to see what's there, or to extract information.
  • Not-So-Idle Rich - Chase comes from money. A pretty large amount of money. Instead of doing absolutely nothing but partying, though, he's got a penchant for investing money into whatever project catches his eye. He's not bad at it, either, with a few products turning a profit and more being considered a success by virtue of keeping him from being bored for a while.
  • Information Specialist - Chase works with a good friend from time to time, a member of the same law firm. She handles getting rid of physical evidence, and he applies his talents to making certain anything digital vanishes into the ether, never to be seen again.
  • Hunter - Oh, Chase also hunts monsters. He might not be the type to go finding and slaying every one, and he makes damn sure to record what he DOES find so that it can be documented, but the things that like to bump innocent people off in the night? He tries to make certain someone bumps them right back.
  • Riley - Chase's longest and probably closest friend. They grew up in NYC together, and when he decided to come to Fallcoast, she got dragged along.
  • Hope - Probably the biggest reason Chase hasn't completely snapped and climbed a clock tower with his rifle. She kind of owns.
  • Butcher - Get this: He's a butcher. Chase used to bug him for recipes incessantly, and then turned to Butcher for help when he decided to go a-wandering across the country. One day, we'll be able to safely eat cheese curds again buddy.
  • Kori - Seems alright, for a spook. She's cool enough, despite that one time she might have arrested him.
  • Bowie - The newest Inadapte. Also, tiny and fierce. She's great
  • Sophia - Another Maiden's Blood - Chase swears he is not just patrolling for sorority chicks, honest! Reliable, but green.
  • Aurore - Sorry about flipping out on you. It happens. You get used to it.


Chase Robert Thompson
Date of Birth: 21 Aug 1987
Apparent Age: 27
Occupation: Financial Advisor
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Impetuousness
Compact: Network Zero
Cell: Inadapte


I'm the vengeful one
I'm the dark messiah
I'm the Hand of God
I'm the darkest one
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