Charlotte Bloom

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Charlotte Bloom
Played By: Emma Stone
Date of Birth: November 6 1988
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Librarian
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Envy

Pocket Full of Sunshine
Natasha Bedingfield

Take me away
A secret place
A sweet escape
Take me away

Charlotte Bloom has lived in Fallcoast all her life.

Librarian: Charlotte is a librarian, with a degree and everything. She is good with books and other things one encounters in the library, like photocopiers and computers.
Research: She is very good at this.
Local: Miss Bloom hails from Fallcoast. Her family is nothing special. Growing up, she was on the poor side. She liked the library. Nobody is particularly surprised that she wound up working there.
Bloomers: Her childhood nickname was 'Bloomers', because that means underpants and that's hilarious when you're little. And it made her blush.
Languages: Charlie's sister is deaf, so she knows American Sign Language. She also knows Spanish.
Trivia: She remembers a lot of what she's read, and she's read a lot. Charlotte is very good at knowing little things about random stuff.
Cats: Yes, it's cliche. She has two. She may have a related Instagram account.
Stereotype: So much.
OKCupid: She has an online dating profile. It is the source of bad, bad dates.
Writer: Not that she'll own up to it.
Unseen Sense: Ghoooooooosts.


Charlotte is a 5'6" redhead with green eyes, a smattering of freckles across her nose, and a somewhat timid demeanour. Charlotte dresses conservatively and generally in workplace casual. She also loves cardigans. Loves them. Charlie's voice is on the husky side.

Trivia Corner

Some of the facts Charlie has spouted off in scenes.

• "About ninety-five per cent of farm-raised catfish in the nation are in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana."
• "Did you know that turkey hens don't gobble? Only the male turkeys do."


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