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Channel 31 is Fallcoast's premier television channel and the area's number one source of information and entertainment. Giving to the community since 1958, Channel 31 can be relied upon to help you navigate life's challenges and enjoy the quiet times with the whole family.


Location: Historical District

Channel 31 Sponsored Events

New Year's Eve 2015

Independence Day Bonfire and Fireworks 2016

Independence Day Fireworks 2017

Channel 31 Programming

Channel 31 shows the latest in US and international programming as well as being responsible for its own high quality and hugely popular entertainments:

That Was The Week That Was - Join Morty Pupkin as he looks under the underbelly of Fallcoast to inform, educate and entertain. See local and international guests open up to Morty's incisive questions.

The Disco Exorcist - Father Bobby 'The Booty' Brillington investigates supernatural goings-on in Fallcoast in his own inimitable style.

Master Bake - Cooking competition show where celebrity guests judge the contributions of local chefs and homemakers. Who will be the best Master Baker in Fallcoast?

Dennis Can! - Equal parts reality TV and documentary series, it is the ongoing stories of Dennis Cann's adventures, recreating the historic journeys of people who survived incredible difficult circumstances. Just picked up for American broadcasting after leaving the South American and European markets.

Channel 31 Staff

The people who work and play at Channel 31.

Patricia Collins - News segment producer who has had to get back into reporting due to staff cuts.