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Changing Breeds
Custom Breeds & Species

Cold King: Mungoon Galli

The Mungoon Galli, have long kept to the various islands within the Australia-Asia regions. Indonesia, New Guinea, New Zealand and even more rarely Australia itself. They are as close as any Changing Breed can come to a true dragon, descendants of the reptilian land titans. Their history? Long ago, the real behemoths, dinosaurs and then later on, Megalania lived on the land, moving between Australian and the Asia lands via land bridges . However, over time they evolved and changed, shrunk from the larger apex predators that they once were into the smaller, but still impressive Varanus species. The Komodo Dragons, the Crocodile Monitors and the other giant, man sized lizards. Proud of their heritage of Megalania these Cold Kings are powerful, strong willed, and resilient.

Mungoon Galli (Komodo dragon, Crocodile monitor, Asian water monitor)

Primal Beast: Strength +2, Stamina +3, Size 6, Speed +1, Manipulation:-4
War Beast: Strength: +3, Stamina +3, Size:7, Speed: +3, Manipulation:-4
Species Favors: Fang & Claw (1L Bite), Fang & Claw (2L Bite), Natural Armor 2/1
Species Aspects: Gross Eater 1, Keen Sense 1 (Taste, Smell, Touch), Venomous 3
Common Aspects: Alarming Alacrity 1, Burrowing 2, Carnivore’s Puissance, Culling the Weak, Earthbond, Extra Limb (Tail — attacks only), Razorskin (Broken Glass Shards), Size 6, Spinebite, Stash, Truth Sense, Unsettling Eye

Oceanborn: Cephalapods

Neptune, lord of the sea, once suffered many a fool that never learned who truly ruled the sea. However, this mighty god could never watch everything, everywhere despite his power, and in turn tasked his children with this. To protect and guard the big blue whilst he attended to the business of whatever gods do away from mortal eyes and minds. One day, however, his children grew too curious, and began asking questions of their father. Eventually, word spread that their father was among the creatures of the land whilst they were seemingly banished to the sea. Word of revolt began to spread across the seas, but the god of the sea knows everything that transpires inside his blue borders. In one fell swoop he cursed them all to walk amongst the very humans they envied, and only through the greatest of his supposed mercies were they allowed to enter the sea once more, but without their truly terrifying might or godly bearing.

This legend is considered just that in the modern world, and the most common story spread among Deep Folk in the western world. However, a similar enough tale is spun all over the world with a detail or name changed here or there. However, the Deep Folk do believe in such a duty, and often with little regard to Neptune et al. They live near or on the water, ever vigilant against seafaring and aquatic threats to nature, but just as Neptune before them there's far too much to do and not enough bodies to do so. Over-fishing, pollution, and growing oceanic dead zones are becoming a problem they can no longer ignore. Worst of all, human curiosity is matching that of the Cephalapods.

Every deific lord and lady of the ocean held some great abomination in the darkness of the sea for the protection of life. Some great creature or disease that frightens even them, or is far too great for the mortal world to control. While the gods and goddesses may no longer be worshiped by the Deep Folk, these legends are considered facts of life. Old and strong enough members of the species speak of nightmarish, terrible things in the greatest depths of the ocean floor. Whatever lies down there needs to stay down there, and many a Cephalpod often plays the part of warden in their particular part of the ocean specifically to prevent mankind from looking into the abyss. Which begs the question, what in any god's name could scare the krakens?

Background: There are no true, great lineages for the Deep Folk. Maybe in the past, but now they lie scattered to the winds. Many with the octopi's changing gift hail from sailors, fishers, and other coastal or seafaring folk. However, just as many come from atypical land lovers swiftly surprised when their friend or sibling suddenly takes a liking to the great blue depths of the ocean. Most common among Cephalopods is a curious nature that tends to draw them beyond reason like a moth to the flame.

Appearance: When walking among human folk Cephalapods generally possess lithe, wiry frames that betray them as swimmers. Even the more heavyset members often sport just enough muscle to make swimming a relative walk in the park. Tattoos are quite common, and in a similar fashion to any markings in one's beastly forms along with long hair either upon the head or an unshaven beard.

In Primal Beast, Deep Folk tend to be rather large octopi. While this form is nothing to inspire delusion or recall the primordial nightmares that once watched the seas zealously it is big enough to give any human a run for its money. It's quite rare to find any two Cephalapods whose feral visage possesses the same colors and markings save those few times siblings both possess the changing gift.

Despite their large size and exotic bearing Deep Folk in Primal Beast do not possess a war form. Rumor and legend says that the Deep Folk were never ones to lose themselves in anger for its own sake, and were as protective of the people walking the land as they are of the beasts that call the sea home. They instead possess a terrifying Throwback form, and a frighteningly massive Dire Form. Their Throwback form doesn't appear too different save their skin becoming slick and changing to the colors and patterns found in their Primal Beast. The easiest hallmark of the Deep Folk, however, are the tentacled hair or beard that unmistakably brands them as Neptune's warriors. Their Dire Beast is no different than their Primal Beast save its gargantuan size that truly lends a large measure of truth to myths of the kraken.

Cephaloapods (Octopi)

Throwback: Strength +1, Dexterity +2, Stamina +1, Manipulation -3, Size +1, Speed +6, +1 to Perception rolls
Dire Beast: Strength +3, Dexterity +2, Stamina +2, Size +8, Speed +11
Primal Beast: Dexterity +4, Stamina +2, Manipulation -5, Size -1, Speed +10
Species Favors: Aquatic 2, Blend In 1, Extra Limbs 3 (8 Total Appendages), Fang and Claw 1 (1L Beak)
Species Bonus: A free Swimming specialty should they have dots in Athletics.
Common Aspects: Alarming Alacrity, Aww!!!, Bioluminescence, Brave Escape, Clever Monkey, Clever Monkey, Electrosensors, Invisible Marking, Keen Sense, Magnificence, Mindmap, Mindspeech, Mother's Fury.

Oceanborn: The Ketea

Stories exist of strange beasts that live in the sea from all over the world. Myths and folklore have centered around bizarre monsters that live in the depths of the ocean and the Passamaquoddy are no stranger to such exaggeration. Little does the modern world know, this is no mere exaggeration. The Passamaquoddy know where not to fish, where not to throw their nets, for the servants of the Megiis beasts live along the shore, waiting for the careless fisherman or swimmer to get in their way.

The Ketea are among the oldest of the Changing Breeds, emerged from the mystical union of shark and human. While they keep no history (outside of storytelling) or any real form of organized training, a Ketea will always find her relatives on her own somehow after she undergoes her horrifying and often violent First Change. The Ketea have no strong centralized organization, being loners at heart. Rarely will a Ketea sleep with a human and stay with their mate longer than necessary, often simply to ensure pregnancy. To be Ketea is to know the heart of the world and understand the ferocity of nature. It is to know freedom; such knowledge is not parted with lightly. Many Ketea see the introduction of a permanent mate as a form of slavery, chaining their own spirit to another. This is something they cannot abide, much to their partner's (sometimes physical) distress.

Ketea have never been great in number. Often, only one or two will frequent a certain shoreline, working odd beast magics throughout their territory to protect it from hostile interlopers. Despite their aversion to humanity and often incredible hatred for the modern amenities of mankind, the Ketea still share an accord with the residents of the land. There are stranger, darker things that live in the ocean than even that which humanity has dreamt. From their creation long ago, the Ketea serve a purpose similar to Father Wolf and the Uratha. They police the spirits of the depths, attempting to prevent them from breaking through the Shadow and disrupt the intricate ecological systems of the ocean.

As they would tell it, the Ketea were birthed by the ocean herself. Called Lanoqui, the ocean once embraced the earth with all of her waters. Lanoqui encompassed everything, surrounding all life with the tranquility and wonder of her form. She created the first life forms on the planet, giving them a purpose to breed and expand. Following this, she created larger creatures -- fish and crustaceans -- to feed upon these small creatures. The First-Born, or Lanovirri, were among the first spirits of earth, when Shadow and form were connected. As Lanoqui slowly fell away from the high places of the earth, creating land, she looked upon all of her children and realized that she would need to make those who would protect her.

Lanoqui pulled together the best of all of her creations: the size of the whales; the speed of the eel; the barbed teeth of the angler; she also created things specific to her favored children -- providing them with razor-sharp flesh and strength unparalleled in her depths. The first sharks knew life and took to multiplying throughout the waters.

When mankind rose from their humble beginnings and began to plumb the waters for food, they found that the natural predators were not pleased at their interference. In response to the depredations of humanity, Lanoqui stole the souls of two humans that had fallen into the water and blended them with the spirits of the shark, forming the first Ketea. The children of Lanoqui were instructed to breed with mankind, to form others like themselves. They were taught to spread throughout the world to fight Lanoqui's war against the surfacers. But, as the Ketea explain, Lanoqui did not hate humanity. She loved them for being formed from those creatures that exiled themselves from the water to explore the emergent land.

As such, the Ketea are Lanoqui's attempt at understanding all creatures that were born directly or otherwise from her embrace. Lanoqui's face in Dunlin's Reach has been marred, but not by man -- by something else entirely. The Ketea have seen things that would send even the stoutest Blood Talon warrior quaking in fear; strange beasts breed and writhe in the deepest waters. Today, the Reach's Ketea are a desperate people, few in number. They are fighting against something, but are loathe to explain exactly what. With or without help, they will continue to fight against the Zhalil Naqui.

Or as it is known in a more palatable tongue, the Bleeding Storm.

Large Species (Great Whites)

Primal Beast: Strength:+6 Stamina:+5 Manipulation:-5 Size:14 Speed:+8
War Beast: Strength:+5 Stamina:+5 Manipulation:-4 Size:10 Speed:+7
Species Favors: Aquatic (2pt), Fang & Claw 3L (Bite), Razorskin (4pt), Limbless (0pt)
Species Bonus: Free Specialty for Athletics - Swimming
Note: Human and Throwback breath air. War Form breaths either. Dire and Primal breath water.

Small Species (ShortFin Mako, Blue Shark, Sand Shark)

Primal Beast: Strength:+3 Stamina:+2 Manipulation:-5 Size:7 Speed:+8
War Beast: Strength:+3 Stamina:+3 Manipulation:-4 Size:6 Speed:+7
Species Favors: Aquatic (2pt), Fang & Claw 2L (Bite), Razorskin (4pt), Limbless (0pt)
Species Bonus: Free Specialty for Athletics - Swimming
Note: Human and Throwback breath air. War Form breaths either. Dire and Primal breath water.

Riverkin: Chiguire

The Chiguire Species is a collection of semi-aquatic mammals within the Riverkin Breed. The Chiguire though are usually the size of medium sized dogs and their ranks are filled usually with Beavers, Capybaras, and Giant Otters.

Chiguire are a species who enjoy being with others. They thrive on it so much that without a group to be with they fall spiraling into a depressive state. Thus they always make sure to keep those they care for close as well keep a close eye on their territory which they are all quite protective of, along with their family group, whether it be family by birth or by choice.

Chiguire (Beavers, Capybaras, and Giant Otters)

Primal Beast: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Size 3, Speed +4, Perception +4
War-Form: Strength +2, Dexterity: +2, Stamina +1, Size +1, Speed +5, Manipulation: -4, Perception +2
Species Bonus: +2 to avoid being spotted by a larger enemy, however they have a -2 to intimidation when they try to appear intimidating or seem threatening. (Beast form only)
Common Aspects: Alarming Alacrity, Aww!!!, Beast Surge, Birth Blessing, Fortunes Favor, Grave Misfortune, Gross Eater, Hare's Heart, Hypnotic Allure, Invisible Marking, Mother's Fury, Pack Bond, Sexual Dimorphism, Slumber's Touch, Truth Sense, Twisted Tongue, Weavers Wisdom.

Shadow Breed: Gullinbur

The boar has been seen as a embodiment of warrior virtues, and the killing of a boar was seen as a rite of passage and proof of manhood. These old stories of battle between man and boar are lingering traces of the old bloody history between man and Gulinbur.

Long ago, it's said, that The Tusked One, a great spirit of ferocious bravery and mighty strength was the protector of Gaia, the earthmother and her realm and children. Standing against the coming of Man, The Tusked One guarded the most sacred places of Gaia from their defiling touch. Man ventured to these places, fighting The Tusked One for the riches hidden away in the earthmother's womb, and so the legends were born.

The Erymanthian Boar, the Calydonian Boar, the boar stood against man, And blooding the beast became a mark of bravery and might. And as the ages passed, The Tusked One grew old and under a black sun the great spirit was brought low by the spears of man. In triumph the hunters ate the heart of The Tusked One, and this was the birth of the Gullinbur. Their spirits changed, becoming one with the essence of the great boar.

The Gullinbur stand as guardians of the sacred places of the earth, protecting Gaia long after the passing of The Tusked One. In modern day, very few of these places, untouched by man remain. Due to this most Gullinbur have grown into nomads, on a quest to find such wombs of Gaia to protect and keep. Never giving up, such notions are alien to the minds of the Gullinbur. They wander the earth, reaching the most remote places in search of their sacred womb, and should they find it. Nothing will threaten it.

Appearance: In human form Gullinbur tend to be short and stocky, big bones and broad shouldered. Strong jaws and large noses are prominent among the Gullinbur, giving them a general appearance of mass, despite their often short stature. Their nomad lifestyle rarely allows for comforts and they tend to dress in utilitarian fashion with whatever is available and suitable for travel. The Primal form of a Gullinbur is a larger form of the natural animal, standing at roughly four feet at the shoulder and five feet in length it's a massive beast of tusks, thick fur and pure ferocious rage and a stubborn spirit. In Warform, the Gullinbur stands at roughly eight feet, a hulking form of thick muscles and coarse brown fur covering the body. The head ends in the massive bulk of a boar with large curved tusks and a large snout, long legs ending in hoofs.

Gullinbur (Boars)

Primal Beast: Strength +2, Stamina +2, Size -1, Speed +4 (Species Factor:7), +1 Health, +3 Perception
War-Form: Strength +4, Stamina +3, +2 Size, +4 Speed, +5 Health, +1 Perception
Species Favor: Fang and Claw 2L (Tusks), Natural Armor 1/1, Earthbound
Species Bonus: Gulinbur receives the Indomitable merit for free to represent their stubborn nature and unwillingness to deviate from their chosen path.
Common Aspects: Keen Senses, Long Life, Resilient Form, Shadow Bond, Stampede Rush, Territory Bond, Tiger Heart, War Heart, Warrior's Restoration.