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Changing Breeds
Aspects, Favors and Numina



  • All Aspects from Changing Breeds are approved unless otherwise stated. Please see HR page for clarifications on individual Aspects.
  • The following Aspects from War Against The Pure are available:
    • Castigating Brand (•••••) - Not restricted to Bull-Gods - p.220

Not Approved

  • Beast Magic
  • Totem Guardian

Aspects (Custom)

Mermaids Kiss (••)

For 1 essence, the Changing Breed may grant a target the ability to breath underwater, and survive the cold and salt.

This effect lasts up to 24 hours from the Kiss, but ends as soon as the target tries to breath air again. The invested Essence cannot be recovered until the effect ends. The Changing Breed is down that many Essence until the effect ends.

The Changing Breed may affect up to Feral Heart targets at any one time.

This may be resisted, roll Composure + Athletics + Feral Heart versus Stamina + Power Stat.

It causes 1 bashing to take in a breath of water. It may also take a Willpower roll, or a WP point for someone to voluntarily take their first breath under water. Every human instinct will cry out against it. Take 3 bashing when you try to breath air from extended coughing. Cancel 1 bashing per success on Stamina or Composure + Athletics or Survival.

Mindspeech (•• or ••••)

This is an extension to Mindspeech (••).

Mindspeech 4 functions the same as Mindspeech 2, except now the Feral can speak with multiple people at once, equal to his Feral-Heart + 1. Those who are on the receiving end cannot hear anyone other than the initiator, nor can they speak to any others then the original, unless they too possess Mindspeech 4 - in which case they can speak with as many people as their Feral-Heart + 1 in the connected group as well.

This works in the usual forms of Mindspeech - that it costs 0 essence to initiate, requires eye contact to initiate, and only works within about 100 feet of one another.

Webslinging (•• or •••)

With the two dot version of this Aspect, a Feral may attempt to 'grapple' a target with a length of spun web rope. This has a range of Feral-Heart x 5 Yards After a successful extended 'weaving' action of at least 10 success, a character with this Aspect may make a roll of Feral-Heart + Athletics - Defense in order to attempt to Grapple a target at range.

This attempt must be made within a number of hours equal to the character's Feral-Heart score, or the webbing will harden and be unusable. This follows all rules for Grappling, as found in WoD:Core pg157.

Grappling is still an Instant action, as are all maneuvers performed within. Escaping from this grapple is exactly like a standard Grapple, except the entangled party takes a negative equal to the webslinger's Feral-Heart rather than Strength.

For the webslinger, the normal roll of Strength + Brawl - Target's Strength is replaced with Feral-Heart + Athletics - Target's Strength. The only maneuvers that can be performed in this type of grapple are: Immobilize, Render Prone, or Deal Damage. Targets within this grapple may not Overpower to attempt to take control of the grapple. They may only escape.

With the 3 dot version, the character may, as an instant action, perform the exact same as above, without needing to use an extended action to create the web rope. Again, they still use Feral-Heart + Athletics - Defense for the initial roll, and Feral-Heart + Athletics - Target's Strength to perform maneuvers. Again, the target uses Strength + Brawl - Webslingers Feral-Heart to escape. The same maneuvers may be used.



  • All Favors from Changing Breeds are approved (See HR page for clarifications)
  • The following Favors from War Against The Pure:
    • Electroreceptors (•) p.204
    • Jawless (••) p.204
    • Rigid Scales (•• or •••) p.204

Approved Numina & Global HRs

Dice Rolls

  • Power + Finesse are rolled when using Numina rather than the stats listed in the books. This is for thematic reasons.
  • Any resistance or contested action automatically includes a Supernatural Trait stat if possessed.
  • If the book mentions Supernatural Tolerance, this is replaced by your Supernatural Trait if possessed.

Numina List

  • Abduct (Book of Spirits p. 138)
    • This is usable both ways.
    • The power does not work on supernatural targets, even if technically mortal (such as ghouls or magi).
    • Abduct does work on the wolf-blooded, or those with lesser templates, such as thaumaturges and psychics.
  • Animal Control (The World of Darkness p. 210)
  • Awe (God Machine Chronicles p. 228)
  • Ban of Power (Book of Spirits p. 138)
    • 1 for every 2 spirit ranks. Bans will be rank appropriate and will grow as you do.
  • Bemuse (Proverbial Monsters p. 21)
  • Blast (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
    • The maximum weapon bonus is equal to the entity’s Spirit Rank.
    • Defense and Armor does not apply.
  • Breath Stealing (Asylum p. 114)
    • If the target’s last health is filled with bashing, no more essence can be stolen.
  • Call the Breeze (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 146)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Call Water (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 111)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Camouflage (Book of Spirits p. 138)
  • Choke (Proverbial Monsters p. 50)
    • Must overpower the target in a grapple
    • The choke inflicts a cumulative –1 die penalty to the opponent’s actions for each turn it’s maintained.
    • The victim falls unconscious if he endures a choking attack for a number of consecutive turns equal to his Stamina.
    • Your character can continue choking an unconscious victim. This inflicts lethal damage equal to the attacker’s Strength + Brawl successes every turn.
    • Choke does not work on opponents who don’t need to breathe.
  • Clasp (Book of Spirits p. 139)
    • In the material world, use normal Grappling rules, not the Spirit rules.
  • Command Fire (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 111)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Commune (Book of Spirits p139)
    • The character must choose whether this applies to nature, rural, or urban environments on purchase. They may purchase this multiple times for other options.
    • This numina takes 1 essence per minute. It gives the following information and allows for a Clash of Wills check:
      • 1 success: General presence of intruders or threats (people or situations)
      • 2 successes: General number and location of threat or intruder (still no specifics)
      • 3 successes: Basic identifying information, such as species (human, prey animal, predator animal), gender, and threat type (forest fire, downed power line, etc.)
      • 4 successes: More specific information (humans are cops, predators are polar bears, etc.)
      • 5 successes: Creature type, if supernatural creature.
  • Compulsion (World of Darkness p. 211)
  • Concealment (Book of Spirits p. 139)
  • Consumption (Mysterious Places p. 91)
    • The sexual relations has to be willing for this numina to be used. The use of the numina does not have to be willing.
  • Deluge (Werewolf the Forsaken p.146)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Dement (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
  • Desiccation (Book of Spirits p. 140)
    • Upon purchase must define whether this is Water or Blood. Can be purchased twice.
  • Drain (Book of Spirits p. 140)
    • What is being drained and earned has to be decided beforehand. Upon success one of the following occurs.
      • 1 willpower is drained from the target giving the user 1 willpower or 3 essence.
      • 1 essence is drained from the target, and the user gains 1 essence.
    • If the target willingly offers up the willpower or essence, the roll is unneeded.
  • Emotional Aura (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
  • Ensnare (Book of Spirits p. 141)
    • The target is not grappled or immobilized, instead they receive a penalty equal to successes drawn to to all physical actions and running speed is halved while ensnared. This power lasts for a number of turns equal to success drawn and does not stack with multiple applications, from any source.
  • Essence Thief (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
  • Firestarter (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
  • Freeze (Book of Spirits p. 141)
  • Gauntlet Breach (Book of Spirits p. 142)
    • Only possible if in spirit form from the Shadow. Beings combined with a physical form prevents this numina from working.
  • Gauntlet Control (Summoners p. 222)
    • The Gauntlet can only be lowered to a minimum rating of 1.
  • Hallucination (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
  • Harrow (Book of Spirits p. 142)
  • Heal (Book of Spirits p. 142)
    • This is only usable on others, not on the caster and heals in two seperate ways.
    • Bashing & Lethal Damage
      • The user does not need to heal the least severe damage first, they may choose how to allocate successes and essence for healing. Essence spent on this numina (including the initial point for activation) is:
        • 1 essence + 1 success per 2 bashing
        • 1 essence + 2 successes per 1 lethal
      • Essence may be spent over successive turns as long as the spirit has unused successes.
    • Aggravated Damage
      • Only non-spirit characters and Rank 3+ spirits can heal aggravated damage with this power. Healing aggravated damage is painful and exhausting to the the caster. Healing aggravated damage is a separate extended roll. Essence spent on this numina (including the initial point for activation) is:
      • 1 essence for activation + 2 essence per 1 Aggravated damage healed
      • The target number is 5 successes per aggravated damage to heal with the max number of rolls is equal to the casters Power + Finesse. Each roll represents 1 minute of work.
      • The amount of damage healed is capped at your Spirit Rank.
      • Healing aggravated damage is only usable once per day, per target.
  • Howl (Book of Spirits p. 142)
  • Implant Mission (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
    • Target gains an obsessed derangement in regarding carrying that mission out for a number of days equal to the successes.
  • Innocuous (Book of Spirits p. 142)
  • Invoke the Wind’s Wrath (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 111)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Iron Rending - (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 141)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Know the Soul (Book of the Dead p. 166)
    • The caster and the target need to be interacting with each other in some form. This can be talking, or a silent meaningful nod or eye contact. It has to be social on some level.
  • Left-Handed Spanner (God Machine Chronicles p. 229)
  • Magnetic Disruption (World of Darkness p. 211)
  • Manipulate Element (Book of Spirits p. 143)
    • Each type of element is a separate purchase
  • Material Vision (Book of Spirits p. 143)
  • Materialize (Book of Spirits p. 143)
    • Has no effect on the user, but can be used on a spirit to enable it to Materialize
  • Morphic Form (Book of Spirits p. 143)
    • Only possible if in spirit form within the Twilight, Shadow, or Underworld. Beings combined with a physical form prevents this numina from working.
  • Nightfall (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 143)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Omen Trance (Book of Spirits p. 144)
  • Pathfinder (God Machine Chronicles p. 230)
    • Resistance applies for any location kept secret by its owner.
  • Phantasm (The World of Darkness p. 212)
  • Plant Growth (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 130)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Rage Armor (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 117)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Reaching (Book of Spirits p. 146)
    • This Numen must be purchased to use other Numina across the Gauntlet.
  • Savant (Book of Spirits p146)
  • Sense Weakness (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 130)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Sign (God Machine Chronicles p. 230)
    • usable only from the Twilight or Shadow Realm.
  • Silent Fog (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 146)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Sleep Eater (Book of Spirits p. 147)
  • Speed (God Machine Chronicles p. 230)
  • Spirit Crown (Summoners p. 222)
    • This is only usable upon spirits. Not other creatures even if in spirit form.
  • Spirit Prowess (Antagonists p. 38)
    • Up to five points of Essence can be spent to increase attributes rolls for a scene. Once assigned to an attribute, it can’t be reallocated without a reflexive expenditure of one Willpower point to move the bonus among Attributes rolls.
    • One dot per essence may be added to any combination of the Power, Finesse, Resilience, Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina rolls.
  • Spirit Venom (Book of Spirits p. 147)
  • Spiritual Vision (Book of Spirits p. 147)
  • Stalwart (God Machine Chronicles p. 230)
    • In physical form, use the higher of Resolve or Stamina
  • Swarm (Under the Skin p. 7)
  • Swarm Form (Book of Spirits p. 148)
    • Only possible if in spirit form within the Twilight, Shadow, or Underworld. Beings combined with a physical form prevents this numina from working.
  • Telekinesis (God Machine Chronicles p. 230)
    • Damage done by this power is always Bashing and Armor applies. It cannot be used to lift or move an unwilling living (or undead) target, unless said target is unconscious due to damage (for instance, pulling someone out of a fight if they drop).
  • Telepathy (Book of Spirits p148)
    • No derangement for participants.
  • Terrifying Change (Astral Realms p. 187)
  • Thieve (Book of Spirits p. 148)
  • Threshold (Book of Spirits p. 148)
  • Tongue Tie (Hunter the Vigil p. 345)
    • Caster must choose between speaking, writing, or reading prior to casting.
  • Trill (Summoners p. 30)
  • Unapproachable (Dogs of War p. 33)
  • Unspoken Communication (Werewolf the Forsaken p. 118)
    • Purified Only (Others gain this as a gift)
  • Wilds Sense (Book of Spirits p. 149)