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Changing Breeds Staff

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Rules and Systems

Changing Breed Setting

Changing Breeds and Werewolf Differences 
Changing Breeds are very separate from Werewolves. Here's how!


Plots Past & Present

Recent Scenes

Wanted Concepts

  • Breeds with 2 or less members.
  • If you have a request you wish to add to this section then please let Staff know.

Local Locations

Character Generation & Application

  • Changing Breeds is currently OPEN.

Application Guidelines

  • Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.
  • Please use the following Template for our application questions and post-app template.


  • On grid Becomings are possible and require a PrP.
  • For Becomings, submit a job to Changing Breed staff (+req/sphere feral/Becoming=<text>) after finding a PrP Runner. Please ask your prp runner to submit their own PrP job to Changing Breed staff for review and consideration.
  • At this time, most Mortal and Mortal+ templates are free to apply to Become a Feral with the exception of Fae-Touched or Wolfblooded. However, no character with a Supernatural Template will be allowed to ICly Become Purified. The potion, for whatever reason, simply does not -work- for them.

Important Information

  • Beast Magic is NOT approved for characters in play.
  • The only Breeds and Species available for play are those in the approved Breed list. Please check there for updates!


Creation Incentives

  • 5xp Feral: Creating a Feral PC (This includes Becomings)
  • 2xp Breed: For Breed with 3 or less population (Check +census breed ingame).
  • 5xp Accord: For least populated Accord (Check +census accord ingame).
  • 5xp Band: For joining your first Band.

Sphere Logs & PRP Specific

  • 1xp Sphere Logs: For all participants for a Changing Breeds log which is of something relevant to the sphere.
  • 1xp Sphere PrP's: Extra on top of any other xp awarded for ST and participants for Sphere based PrP's. Your completed PrP's and XP Request should by submitted using the PRP Requests template.

Game Wide

These are the incentives that are available for the game, both those available in CG and those available after.

  • Local Character - 2xp
  • Having a wiki with hooks - 1xp
  • Dropping Morality/Clarity/Humanity/etc stat - 5xp a piece (max of 2)
  • New Person Incentive - 1.5xp
  • Roleplaying in a public +hangout and posting the log: 1 XP
  • Running any PRPs or participating in them: +1 XP on top of the normal amount
  • TSN - 1xp (max of 3 per round)
  • +prefs - 1xp for having your +prefs fully filled.

Current Characters by Breed

Current Characters by Accord