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Acute Mien Sense

Cost: • or ••
Prerequisite: Wyrd 3
Effect: Your Mien has an acute sense that goes above and beyond normal senses. It could be a bat Beast's keen sense of hearing, a Darkling's keen eyesight from her days as a gargoyle or even a Wizened chef's sensitive sense of taste. Upon purchasing this Merit along with noting which specific sense is affected, the PC gains a +1 to relevant Perception rolls for that sense.
For two dots the bonus increases to +2.
Drawback: Because your sense is always acute and keen, it can't be turned off. A canine Beast's sensitive nose could be overpowered by a room recently disinfected with bleach, for example. A Darkling with keen eyes at night could be blinded by sudden flashes of light. Certain situations can be left to an ST to decide if a sense is 'overloaded' by stimuli congruent to the sense the merit boosts and/or could inflict penalties to all perception rolls up to the rating of the merit.
Author: Ruckus

Armored Mien

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Wyrd 3
Even while protected by the Mask, some aspect of the Faes mien has evolved to become defensively oriented and can be used as natural armor. This might be a beast's hardened scales or dense leathery hide, an Elemental's natural metal or stone, or some other Seeming or Kith feature of their mien that could be considered natural armor.
The changeling receives a 1/1 innate armor bonus, that counts as "worn armor" and stacks with supernatural armor. If the changeling already has an innate armor bonus that can be granted by his kith (such as a Stonebones ability to exchange Glamour for Armor), or due to his Summer Mantle 3 bonus, this merit acts as a +1/+1. Thus, a Stonebones with Armored Mien would receive a Wyrd+1 armor bonus if activated, and a changeling with Summer Mantle 3 would have 2/2 armor at all times, but would not stack with a bullet proof vest (it will still cover areas where a vest won't).

Beast Swarm

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Wyrd 3, Fang and Talon 5 for the appropriate beast
Effect: By purchasing this Merit, the Changeling using Cloak of the Bear's massive form. (Fang & Talon *****) can decide to become a swarm of small animals instead of a single larger creature, provided they have the appropriate animal form. The purchase of this Merit allows for only one type of animal: rat, raven, horsefly, or some other creature of Size 2 or smaller (so long as they are a swarming creature, a flock of birds, a swarm of rats). This Merit must be repurchased for each different type of animal. Staff has final say on which animals are appropriate.
The swarm form exists in a radius or yards equal to the Changeling's own Size (usually Size 5). A swarm can generally inflict 1 die in bashing/lethal damage (depending on the critter) to anyone within its radius per turn.
Armor is effective against a swarm only if it covers one's full body, but even then it provides only half its rating (save for things like Elements 2, Armored mien, Stonebones, Summer Mantle 3, and similar. Those cover all things and count as full Armor.). In addition, targets are distracted by the swarm, suffering -2 dice on rolls involving perception or requiring concentration while they are within the radius, even if they're not specifically attacked.
While in swarm form the changeling adds +5 to their defense (applied after dodge is calculated), which applies against firearms as well (but not against AoE attacks like a lighter and hairspray). In addition, they take half damage from non AoE attacks. Once the swarm reaches full lethal the Changeling has no choice but to return to his original form, and roll to stay conscious.
Drawback: Fragmenting the body is not a sane action. For eight hours after changing to a swarm form, the Changeling suffers from the Irrationality derangement and must make Resolve + Composure checks accordingly to resist giving into that lunacy. If the character already suffers from the mild version, he suffers the severe malady (Multiple Personality) instead. These derangements are found in the World of Darkness Rulebook, pp. 99-100.

Clever Feet

Cost: • to ••
Prerequisite: Wyrd 3
Effect: Because of your Seeming or Kith, you were left with feet that are a little... different. Be they paws like a raccoon or monkey, talons like a gargoyle or dragon, they're unusual in multiple aspects. The biggest one being that you find yourself able to better climb and balance, provided you're using both hands and feet. With one-dot, you gain a +1 to all Athletics rolls related to climbing, balancing, running, and jumping; this increases to +2 with the two-dot version. Must be barefoot to get the benefits of this merit. Normal shoes don’t fit get funky with some sandals. Get yo flippy floppies.

Divergent Kith

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Available at CG or through PrP Only
Effect: Your primary Kith is not a Kith normally found within your Seeming. A Beast Bright One who's durance was being a firefly. A Darkling Chirurgeon that spent her dark nights as a lab assistant to her Keeper creating amalgamations of flesh. An Elemental Treasured who spent their days as a statue made of the purest marble. A Fairest Mirrorskin who was forced to take whatever beautiful face their Keeper found appealing for that day. An Ogre Draconic who was expected to defend his basilisk overlord. A Wizened Razorhand whose memories of her Durance involved cutting hair endlessly. These are all fine examples of what this Merit is capable of.
Note: Staff has final say on what is a valid combination of Seeming/Kith.
Author: Ruckus

Extra Appendage

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Wyrd 5
You have an added appendage or multiple appendages over which you have conscious control. This could be a tail, or vines, or any other reasonable thing but not anything strange or intangible like lights or shadows. The appendage(s) are Str 1, and is nimble enough to open doors and handle objects of reasonable weight. This appendage cannot be used in combat. If you have multiple appendages, like a group of vines, you can only use one of them at a time or they act as one appendage. The appendage cannot be made stronger with Strength-Boosting Contracts. The appendage is Masked. Non-Changelings cannot see it, and they will rationalize away any oddities caused by it.

Form Affinity

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Elements or Fang and Talon 5
Effect: The changeling has a strong connection to their Element or Animal, so much so that while in Elemental or Beast form, all previous levels of that contract (Must be same Animal or Element) have their glamour cost reduced by 1, even if that brings the cost down to 0. Must be bought separately for each form (Element - Fire, Beast - Penguin)

Golem's Palate

Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Wyrd 3
During her time in Arcadia, your character was forced to endure conditions where no food was to be found, or through the strength of her growing wyrd, your character has adapted. Some have learned to feed on rock and stone, gems and gravel, where some plant based kiths might be able to gain sustenance from direct sunlight alone. Staff has final say on unique sources of sustenance. This merit however does not make you any more able to chew rocks, please visit your dentist regularly.

Hobgoblin Runt

Cost: • to ••
Prerequisites: Wyrd 2
This merit represents a positive relationship between a Changeling and the hobgoblin in question. The Hobgoblin Runt is not a servant or a slave, although it is likely to aid the character in whatever reasonable ways the Hobgoblin Runt can in exchange for the Changeling's aid, support and protection. (Text taken and butchered from Hedge Beast Companion)
A Hobgoblin Runt is not likely to put itself into overly hazardous positions that would compromise their safety. Which is a large reason why Runts tend to take Changeling companions in the first place.
Building a Hobgoblin Runt is exactly like building a Hedge Beast Companion per the Merit:
  • All Attributes begin at 0.
You have the following point totals to build them up:
  • • Dot: Attributes 15 points total, Skills 18 points total, Merits up to five points, two dots Contracts, Wyrd 1
  • •• Dots: Attributes 18 points total, Skills 21 points total, Merits up to seven points, four dots contracts, Wyrd 2
  • Where it differs:
Unlike Hedge Beast Companions, Hobgoblin Runts require a 1 in all attributes.
They may not start with any 0's. (Giving 6 points @ Level 1 and 9 points @ Level 2 for customization of Attributes)
No Contract can be higher than 3. Attributes, Skills, and Merits can be higher than 3 if fitting to the Hedge Runt.
Players my sacrifice 1 Contract Dot to have their Hobgoblin Runt fly at Speed 10. This can only be done once.
At least 2 of the Skill Points must be put into Stealth to reflect their capability to hide from larger predators.
  • Further, all Hobgoblin Runts enjoy a +2 to rolls to hide from beings size 5 or larger, reflecting instinct and necessity of survival in the Hedge along with their small sizes.
  • Each Hobgoblin Runt has 1 Minor Frailty. Examples include must eat any food freely given. Cannot abide by the sound of bells. Can only operate out of water
  • Hobgoblin Runts only come in size 1-3, chosen by the Player.
  • Hobgoblin Runts CANNOT leave the Hedge under ANY circumstances. If they are pulled from the Hedge they will start to fall apart and rot rapidly. Doing so will call for a Clarity 5 check (the same as killing a Fetch).
Hobgoblin Runts are humanoid in shape. Typically meaning 2 arms and 2 legs (or 4 legs if you want a mini-goat centaur thing). They are not "baby dragons". They are not animals. They are more like a little goblins. A sharp toothed kobold. A small pixie with butterfly wings. A fuzzy mogwai. **THEY ARE NOT BABY HOBGOBLINS, THEY ARE NOT CHILDREN** these are full grown beings that are small, weak and easy pickings for other, bigger Hobgoblins (Hello, Briarwolves!). Many would love to put them over a fire and chew off their little legs. They are coming to you for protection and assistance and in return they help out. Even then they tend to be more of a nuisance or a pest at times.
As a default the Hobgoblin Runt speaks English, the depth at which it knows English is the players call. They could know only single words or be very eloquently spoken, as fits the concept of either a barbaric little Redcap or an eloquent Runt that is used to doing finances and clerical work for a Merchant. If the player wishes to swap out English for another mortal language? They can but the communication will need to be in that tongue.
This merit is meant to be fun, entertaining and a very minor help. Comedic relief and sometimes useful assistants. Not incredible beings of awesome power. If they were that then they wouldn't need you.
  • Drawback: Changelings who have a Hobgoblin Runt in their retinue tend to be looked upon poorly by some Hobgoblins. Not all, just some. Which could, at the ST's decision, cause for some to impose a -1 to -3 to the PC's social rolls when dealing with Hobgoblins.
These things need some care. This means needing to go into the Hedge or a Hollow to see and visit it. They are needy. They are greedy. They can be cute and cuddly or with nasty, sharp teeth that if you do not feed them? They will gnaw on you instead. Going for more than a week without interacting with it? They will wander to find a new Changeling that will protect them... or they could of gotten eaten or squished by something larger and much more dangerous. They will want to be around your character as much as possible. Like an annoying, yipping dog that only shuts up when it has attention paid to it. Many are NOT well behaved or have manners. Again: many, not all. There are exceptions.
Sometimes they just choose a Changeling and linger around to harass and annoy. Anything from just being a jerk that messes with their things or hero worship.
Further, these things tend to be food to larger, much more brutish beings. So with a Runt being around you? Well, you could be target for the pack of Briarwolves who just love the taste of that miniature satyr you have that frollicks around you, always playing the flute. He is annoying, you could just throw him at them and be done with it. Hey, gives you time to escape, right?
Author: Ruckus

Spectral Harvest

Cost: •••
Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Occult 2, Empathy 2, ability to see, sense, communicate with the dead (Kith/Contract)
Effect: This merit allows a Changeling to siphon Glamour from a ghost the same way they can a living human being. To do so, the Changeling must locate the ghost's Anchor in the material world and through a warping of the Wyrd they are able to consume the emotion tied to that Anchor. The same benefits for Court apply to the Anchor based on ST referral. An Anchor tied to sorrow and sadness for a ghost would of course grant a Winter +1 to the Harvest total. The ghost of a serial killer attached to a knife, for example, could suit Autumn or even possibly Summer.
The ghost feels incredible pain when the act is done, as Essence is torn from their body that is similar to a Changeling being beaten with cold iron. This does not do any damage to the ghost's Essence.
While in the Underworld, the Changeling can use this on a ghost directly, since ghost's there no longer have Anchors in the physical world. They also get a +1 to these Harvesting rolls.
Drawback: Devouring ghosts energy and emotions carries with it great risk. Not all ghost are pushovers and many will materialize to attack the intruder, fearing their Anchor is at risk of being destroyed. Which could quickly cause the Changeling to have some notoriety amongst local ghosts who are able to communicate with one another. Some Changeling's cannot hide their spectral appetite and their Mien starts to take qualities of death. Paler skin, sunken in or blackened eyes. Further, Changelings find it difficult to Harvest human emotions, which now impose a -1 penalty to Harvest rolls regarding humans.

Author: Aaron

Striking Mien

Cost: • to ••
Effect: The same effect as the merit Striking Looks but only affects the Mien and those who can see it. Allowing your PC to look not particularly any different than anyone else that can only see the Mask. The Mien, however, could be frightening, beautiful, alien, the list goes on. More so than your average Changeling; there is just something about them that draws the eye or commands attention.
Drawback: As per the usual Drawback for Striking Looks but pertains to only Hedge-based issues. Hobgoblins are more likely to remember her. They may also be drawn or attracted, even to the ugly and frightening. Finding a sort of kinship even if it is unwanted. They are not the only ones to take notice, as the True Fae would also find such lovely specimens a wonder addition to their collections above those who do not shine as notably.
Does not stack with striking looks.

Tool at Hand

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Wyrd 3+, Crafts 1, Artist/Inventor/Smith kiths (Other kiths possible with STAFF APPROVAL)
Effect: You have Inspector Gadget hands, Perhaps you are are a T-1000, Your mien might be robotic and modular, or maybe you have a knack for making do with what's at hand. You can ignore up to -3 penalties for lack of equipment for Crafts and crafting related rolls in which you have a specialty.

Triple Kith

Cost: ••• or ••••
Prerequisite: Dual Kith, Wyrd 3+
Effect: Like with Dual Kith, your kith is a mix of several kiths, but it’s a more complex blending, involving three kiths instead of two. You gain the blessing for this third kith, but still cannot gain the blessing of a second Seeming. At 3 dots, you gain a new kith that is the same as your current seeming. For 4 dots, that kith can be from any seeming.
Drawback: You can only have a maximum of 4 kiths, including those gained from Wyrd Evos or Entitlements, up until Wyrd 9. At Wyrd 9, you can have a maximum of 5. This does not stack with the kith gained from Pilgrims of the Endless Road Entitlement.

Twi-Net Access

Cost: •••
Prerequisite: Lord Sage of the Unknown Reaches (Geist Focused)
This Merit allows a Lord Sage to access the Sin-Eaters' quite secretive Twilight Network. They learn how to read and interpret the secret code-language used by the Bound to give and leave each other messages. The Lord Sage must be careful not to announce their presence as an outside, as while some Sin-Eaters may not care (the ones who may have taught them, for example) others might find this a justifiable reason to end the interloper's life.

Unforgettable Taste

Cost: ••
The sense of taste is dominated by the sense of smell. The two are intertwined with one another. With this Merit, the Changeling has an abnormally sensitive sense of taste that is linked right into their lizard brain. Basically whatever the Changeling has ever tasted before in their life? They will recognize it immediately upon tasting it again. What is more, they can actually sniff out the nearest source of whatever it was. So if the Changeling has had a particular brand of wine and they are at a bar the Changeling very well could be able to sniff out exactly which bottle it was. This also works for blood as well, turning the Changeling into a very effective bloodhound.

Mechanics: The Changeling adds +2 to rolls to track by scent only things they have tasted before. This is a standard tracking roll with all the negatives and bonuses associated with such. Further, the Changeling gains the 9again quality to such a roll but only by scent and, again, only those they have tasted. If the Changeling already has 9again for a tracking roll, it turns to 8again. If they already have 8again, it ramps up to a Rote roll.