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Savage Agility

Cost: ••• / •• for Beasts
Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Beast-based Kith, Fang & Talon 4+
Effect: The Beast is attuned to their animal nature. As such they use the higher of either Wits or Dexterity to determine their Defense score.
Drawback: Due to being so close to their bestial natures, the Beast tends to react to things as the animal she most closely associates with. A cat will hiss when surprised without thinking about it. A dog will growl when angered out of pure instinct. The animal rides closer to the surface and this could create odd situations in their mortal lives.
Author: Ruckus

Eventide Eyes

Cost: •• / • for Darklings
Prerequisites: Wyrd 2
Effect: The Changeling is perfectly accustomed to seeing in complete darkness. Their Durance or some quirk of the Wyrd has changed their eyes in a way that they no longer suffer penalties for being in darkness. This does not, however, circumvent any penalty imposed for being blind. Losing your eyesight and being in a dark room are two different things, afterall.
Drawback: The character's eyes are sensitive to bright light and sunlight, as one could suspect. Sunglasses during the day are damn near critical. The character could be prone to headaches or migraines for it sometimes. Also, bright flashes of light in the darkness could impose a -2 to visual perception for a number of turns determined by the ST. This could be anything from a LED flashlight shined in the eyes (Why hello, Officer!) to a flashbang grenade (Also of note: the glamour-infused version of the Bright One blessing will also trigger this penalty, regardless of the current lighting in the room, due to its painful intensity). This -2 penalty is stacked on top of whatever penalties may be imposed by what created the sudden source of illumination.
Author: Ruckus

Natural Attunement

Cost: •• / • for Elementals
Prerequisites: Wyrd 3
Effect: Your character is one with the natural world around her. The earth, the wind, the forest, it all feels like home to her. It is where she feels truly free. Because of that, she enjoys 9-Again to any Athletics rolls made while outside any man-made dwelling. Outside is defined as anything that is not inside a man-made structure. So even a cave or even a mine counts due to it being largely 'natural' but is far from being a suitable place for a human to live for long.
Drawback: Due to that connection with nature, your character is not very comfortable indoors. They tend to be candidates for claustrophobia. Finding the homes of man unnatural. This is not to say they cannot have a home or apartment but they are more the 'outdoorsy' sorts that only come home to sleep and sometimes eat. Good luck trying to take them to the mall for any extended periods of time.
Author: Ruckus

Tyrant Will

Cost: ••• / •• for Fairests
Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, 1 Social Skill at 3+
Effect: Changelings with this Merit are usually from positions of social esteem, power, influence. Alternatively, they could have a particularly imposing tone in their voice, a certain way of asking for something. Whatever 'it' is? It works.
Pick 1 Social Skill.
Any Willpower expenditures for mundane rolls (No Contracts or Dreamweaving) of that Skill grant a +5 instead of +3 to the roll. This stacks with any supernatural effects that may assist the roll to begin with. The will of a Fairest will not be denied, their word is law and their noble bearing cannot be ignored easily.
Drawback: Changelings with this merit tend to be haughty, narcissistic creatures. Used to getting what they want, they sneer down upon those they deem their inferiors. Needless to say, they do not make friends easily. Even the ones that are just more persuasive tend to come across overconfident at times.
Author: Ruckus

Callous Troll

Cost: ••• / •• for Ogres
Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Clarity 6 or less
Effect: The Durance of some, especially Ogres, can be cruel, painful, violent things. Some Durances come with a necessity of killing, others with the need to steal for their Keeper. Forcing the human mind to do things they know is wrong. After years of this behavior, some grow callous and insensitive to a certain act. It just no longer is a big deal to them. Even outside of the Durance, some of the Lost have grown cold to a certain action to where it just no longer pings on their emotional radar as being wrong.
On the Clarity Chart, select a Clarity Breaking Point on any level 2 or above. You gain +2 dice to resist Degeneration. Popular picks of this include: Killing a fetch (Clarity 5), Grand theft/Burglary (Clarity 6), Kidnapping (Clarity 3), Impassioned killing (Self defense/defense of loved one) (Clarity 4), Casual/Callous Crime against other Supernaturals (Clarity 2)
Killing a human (premeditated murder), torture, depravity or perversion (rape) or spending time in Arcadia and being around Gentry (Clarity 1) are beyond the realm of this Merit. The Callous Troll Merit is meant to reflect a character's desensitization to a specific kind of trigger due to a variety of reasons. This does not make them absolutely psychopathic monsters. This does not make them immune to degenerating from it, just gives them the ability to shrug it off as part of survival or what needs to be done.
Drawback: The drawback of being a borderline, if not full blown, sociopath is, well, you tend to be crazy. Upon gaining this Merit the character is then at -1 dice to resist gaining a derangement when they -do- fail a roll for Degeneration that requires them to roll, to a minimum of 1.
If the characters Clarity falls below the mark where the trigger point is, they do not get XP refunded. As they may regain Clarity later and still accounts for a casual disregard for something like grand theft.
Author: Ruckus

Goblin Aegis

Cost: ••• / •• for Wizened
Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Intimidation 2
Effect: Wizened are known to be acerbic and spiteful, the goblin horde of Arcadia are twisted in ways that the other Seemings just don't seem to understand. Social skills tend to fall on the wayside. Enjoying the comfort of creation and their work over the partnership of friends and loved ones. Because of this, some Wizened are especially spiteful beings. Able to hurl words into finely tuned insults that cut to the bone. A Wizened that does not wish to be disturbed in their workshop is about as smart as trying to take food away from a Gristlegrinder. While some Wizened can cover up their spiteful ways, for a time, it is only a matter of time before they pop. Able to focus their ire like a laser beam.
With this merit, the Changeling is capable of utilizing that natural spite and focusing it upon others. In many ways it is similar to the Striking Looks merit, in so much that it isn't always 'on' but when it is? It isn't to win any beauty agents. It could come across as a tone of voice, could be a physical transformation where the face warps into something frightening. Whatever the case, the diminutive Wizened seem like they will murder someone where they stand. Causing many to take pause and reconsider if this is all really worth it.
The Changeling enjoys a +3 bonus to all Intimidation rolls. Further, those rolls are enhanced with the 9again quality when in ones home, workshop, or territory. Finally, mundane Intimidation rolls are considered an exceptional success at 3 successes, not 5.
This merit stacks with Striking Looks, Striking Voice but it does not stack with Feral Mien (Tome of the Watchtowers p. 154).
Goblin Aegis for reasons unknown seems to not work in conjunction with Vainglory effects that require Intimidation to roll for activation. Some speculate it is simply the haughty nature of the Contract that doesn't allow these spiteful goblins anymore ire to spew down. It, however, doesn't stop them from using bonuses from a proper execution of Vainglory in conjuction with this. They just become preternaturally frightening.
Drawback: Naturally those that have this merit and use it a lot, tend to not have very many friends if they choose to just throw it out there. They also tend to have low Composure scores, finding it difficult to really master keeping their calm. They are also vocal in their actions whenever they grow frustrated. Many develop the 'Vocalization' Derangement later on down the line. Similar to Yosemite Sam from the cartoons where their mouth just spews out a lengthy diatribe of vulgarities that would make a sailor blush. However, some internalize this sort of caustic verbal bile, doing their best to keep that need to really let someone have it down. Swallow your anger and drink it away.
Author: Ruckus