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Acidic Touch

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Blightbent kith
Effect: While all blightbents are toxic, those with this merit literally have a dangerous touch. You can spend a glamour to do wyrd damage to structure of an item. This does not work on cold iron.


Cost: •••
Prerequisites: Wyrd •••, Oracle Kith
Effect: Spend 1 Glamour; once per scene the Oracle can add Wyrd to any non-combat roll. This represents a vision, instinct, or other mysterious connection with the Wyrd, guiding the hand of the Oracle in their work.


Cost: • to ••
Prerequisite: Venombite kith
Effect: The Venombite has enough control of his venom production that, with a Wits+Medicine roll and spending one glamour, he can produce/secrete a single dose of antivenom for a target affected by poisons. It only works for his own poisons though. At 2 dots, it works on other venoms with a toxicity equal to the venombites wyrd.

Author: Odie

Ballistic Plating

Cost: •••
Prerequisite: Hardshell kith
Effect: Hardshells are known for their, well, hard shell. It makes them harder to hurt than other people. Those who have this merit gain an aditional 0/2 armor. In addition, they may reflexively spend a glamour to double armor for a turn.

Ballistics Training

Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Soldier Kith
Effect: The Soldier gains a bonus on ballistic based weapons. Anything that has a flight trajectory from bullets, grenades, rockets, thrown rocks, arrows, spears. You get the picture. They get a +1 to any ranged weapon (including thrown) to reflect an instinctive knowledge of how a projectile will fall due to payload, wind resistance, yadda yadda.

Beast of Burden

Prerequisite: Broadback kith
Effect: The Broadback is capable of lifting and carrying things and for that this merit simulates the Merit ‘Strong Back’, giving the character a +1 to Strength involving lifting/carrying objects only (this does not include throwing). This stacks with Strong Back.

Beast Tongue

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Chimera kith
Effect: Owing to the fact that Chimera are made of multiple animals, they choose 3 mundane animals upon gaining this Merit. The Chimera now enjoys a +1 to all Animal Ken rolls involving those animals.

Bottomless Pit

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Gristlegrinder Kith
Effect: Gristlegrinders are a hungry bunch, but most are still limited to a human capacity regarding how much they may consume. Those with this merit however may consume up to their size x half their wyrd (rounded up) before being full. This of course must still be food, or at least edible, and wont prevent consuming 4 kegs of tequila from killing you. Further, the Changeling is capable of eating all manner of organic things. Dead raccoon on the side of the road? Yummy! Handful of dirt? Sure! Broken beer bottle? Ouch but, okay. Lightbulbs? Got any of those new fangled ones? Those are spicy! However, any items like rocks, glass, plastic, metal (Except iron.) to be consumed require 1 Glamour to digest.
Drawback: This does not give you the ability to actually chew rocks, metal, etc. Your teeth are still teeth, however if you have the Render Kith, you can then ignore durability as the Kith's Blessing.


Cost: •••
Prerequisite: Stonebones Kith, Wyrd 2
Effect: While Stonebones can spend glamour to gain armor, some Stonebones have some of that armor at all times. Take half of the Armor gained by the kith blessing (rounded down), and that’s always active. Half of the Armor (rounded down) is active at all times. When the blessing is activated, the kith blessing works normally.
Drawback: You are heavier and more dense than normal and creak a little when you move -1 to stealth rolls when sound is a factor. (Mask may make it sound like floorboards creaking, house settling, or some other normal auditory background distubance.)

Charnel Insight

Cost ••
Prerequisites: Gravewight kith
Effect: Gravewights are tethered to death due to the processes suffered in Arcadia, and have learned to use this when dealing with ghosts. By spending 1 Glamour the Gravewight receives +2 to any social interactions with a ghost during that scene. This bonus can only be gained once per scene.


Prerequisite: Runnerswift kith
Effect: Though all runnerswifts are speedy, some have learned how to truly utilize their speed. Once per scene, at the cost of one glamour, the runnerswift may double their speed for a number of turns equal to their wyrd.


Prerequisite: Wyrd 2, Skitterskulk kith
Effect: A Skitterskulk with this merit can move in increasingly unearthly and disconcerting ways, especially when on all fours so they can use both hands and feet at once. The merit allows them to bend and flex their bodies so they can scuttle along at high speed on their hands and feet, moving at their normal running Movement Speed +2.
Drawback: Moving in this way requires the Skitterskulk to have both hands and feet completely free and to move on all fours. This means they cannot be holding anything (including weapons) in their hands when using this ability. They may also need to spend an action to resume a standing position if using this ability in combat. (suggested by Alejandro)

Delicious Healing

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Delicacy kith
Effect: While all Delicacies can feed their flesh to heal on a 1 to 1 basis, some simply have more oomph to their flesh. With this merit, when another eats the flesh of this Delicacy, th delicacy may spend a glamour and give their wyrd in healing instead.

Draining Sleep

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Succubus kith
Effect: As the succubus of myth, these succubi or incubi can sleep next to a person and steal their energy. They lose a point of willpower, while the succubus gains one. When sleeping next to a person, the succubus may shose to spend a glamour to activate this ability for the night.

Enduring Genius

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Inventor Kith
Effect: You know your stuff, and you know it well. Any devices and mechanisms you create from scratch gain +2 Durability due to your particularly inventive design. The effects of this merit do not apply to modification of existing items beyond what the inventor has specifically added. The crank you add to a friend's winch may be a very Durable crank, but the wood it's bolted to isn't.

Author: Nemo

Eye for a Steal

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Larcenist kith
Effect: The fairest of all the thieves in the land, the Larcenist inherently knows the worth of what he sees so that he can understand what is worth stealing. If no effort is made to obscure the worth of the item, they simply Know what the item is worth. If some effort has been made to make an item seem better or worse than it is, the Larcenist increases their dice pool to discern the worth of the item by 3. This knowledge of price also includes the worth of Humans and Changelings around them, which might be a rather unnerving thing to know, when one is with their friends in the goblin market.

Author: Alireza

Hag Hex

Cost •••
Prerequisites: Witchtooth Kith
Effect: Witches, crones, and and the like are known to have many a trick up their sleeve. However, curses are their purview the world over. The target must be within eyesight of the Witchtooth, once per scene they can spend 1 Glamour, and roll Presence + Occult - the target's Resolve as an instant action. If successful the target suffers a penalty to their next roll equal to half the Witchtooth's Wyrd (rounded down).

Hollow Back

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Skogsra kith
Effect: Like the skogsra of scandinavian myth, you have a Hollow back. You can hide up to one size 2 or two size 1 objects in the hollow of your back. Really small objects like cellphones and tic tacs have no real limit, within reason.

Author: Elmo

Hunter’s Blessing

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Hunterheart kith
Effect: Even among hunters there are the elite. Those with this merit are among those elite, at least when it comes to tracking their prey. Those with this merit gain 9-again to tracking rolls and +2 to one sense. This can be represented by a wolf's sense of smell, and eagles sight, a shark’s sense for blood.
Drawback: Due to your heightened predatory sense, must roll resolve + composure to avoid chasing anyone running from you.

I Am Rubber

Cost: •••
Prerequisite: Tunnelgrub kith
Effect: The Tunnelgrubs bones bend, but do not break, or at least not easily. The Tunnelgrub can spend a glamour as a reflexive action to make their bones extra rubbery for the next impact. Punch to the jaw? It folds and then springs back into place. Baseball bat to the ribs? Like a hard rubber cage. As a result, for that moment the tunnel grub takes half bashing damage from impacts and strikes, be it a hit from a bat, a punch, or falling off a building. Can be done only a number of times per scene as one has wyrd.

Improvised Armaments

Cost ••
Prerequisite: Bloodbrute Kith
Effect: With enough time a Bloodrute may be as equally armored as they are armored. Using Improvised Armaments is an extended action with one minute passing for every roll. The Bloodrute rolls their Strength + Wyrd to beat metal, stone, or whatever is at hand into something suitable enough to pass for armor, and must use whatever adhesives they can. When done the Changeling creates an equivalent to a piece of armor chosen from the Armor Chart (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, page 171).
Drawback: Any armor created through Improvised Armaments is never as good as something genuinely crafted. It fits improperly, doesn't allow the mobility normally found in such things, or simply chafes in the wrong places. The armor confers a -1 to Defense and a -1 to Speed.

Into the Deep

Cost ••
Prerequisite: Water-Dweller Kith
Effect: Water-Dwellers thrive in the water, and any enemy that meets them there places their life into their own hands. When a Water-Dweller and their target are submerged at least waist deep in water the Water-Dweller adds +2 to grappling rolls and rolls to initiate overpowering maneuvers

Mercurial Voice

Prerequisites: Mirrorskin Kith
Effect: Many Mirriorskins are versed in how best to disguise themselves. You, however, know just how to hit the right tune, pitch, and cadence to imitate any heard voice. In conjunction with The Mercurial Visage, the Mirrorskin receives 9-again to disguise attempts in which you to further your deceptions via spoken word.

Operative Expertise

Cost ••
Prerequisites: Chirurgeon Kith
Effect: All Changelings of the Chururgeon can make do without proper tools and facilities. When they're able to administer proper care with the proper care, however, they can truly work miracles. The Chirurgeon may spend 1 Glamour, and receive the ability of Rote Action when they operate in a proper medical facility and possess the appropriate tools.


Cost ••
Prerequisite: Stinkbutt Kith
Effect: After using the Stinkbutt's blessing, those who succeed (or have recovered from) the Resolve + Stamina - Wyrd roll still have their rolls penalized by -2 for the next Stinkbutt Wyrd turns due to the incredible stench: eyes watering and otherwise being distracted by the awful smell. Characters with no sense of smell are immune to this.
Drawback: By taking this merit, the Changeling also gains: Flaw - Manifest Mien (Stinky or similar descriptor). The rather pungent stench leaks out in some manner. Colognes, perfumes and oils can only cover this up so much. Therefore, in situations that require being presentable, persuasive, seductive, etc., the Stinkbutt suffers -2 to associated social rolls (if these social maneuvers are directed solely at other Stinkbutts or those with no sense of smell, the penalty doesn't apply). If the Stinkbutt has attempted to mask their scent with smelly goods, the penalty is reduced to -1 but let's face it: perfume on top of garbage only smells like slightly better garbage.

Rust Bust Dust

Cost ••
Prerequisite: Gremlin Kith
Effect: Generally, when your equipment goes to shit you can blame a Gremlin, be it fae or one's own imagination. When spending a Glamour for Gremlinizing Touch they may spend an additional Glamour. By doing so the targeted item suffers the Gremlin's Wyrd as a negative penalty. Should this result in the item's user having just a chance die the item is functionally destroyed on a dramatic failure.


Prerequisite: Antiquarian kith
Effect: The Antiquarian has spent a great deal of time studying a single subject. When they take this merit, they select a specific field for either Occult or Academics. Within this field of expertise they gain +1 to rolls involving it. This can stack with Area of Expertise.

Serpent Speed

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Coldscale Kith
Effect: The Coldscale is capable of alarming and sudden movements. By spending 1 Glamour they gain a +Wyrd to base Initiative and Speed for that turn, showing a sudden burst of movement that takes prey by surprise. If they do not pay upkeep of 1 Glamour a turn, their Initiative and Speed is recalculated by subtracting their Wyrd score from the Initiative rolled along with any changes to speed.

Sky Walker

Prerequisite: Windwing Kith
Effect: Normally, Windwings find it impossible to gain any true altitude when gliding. However, those flightful Lost with Sky Walker may spend 1 Glamour to gain altitude in yards equal to their Wyrd.


Prerequisite: Levinquick kith
Effect: More attuned than most to their native element, once a day per Wyrd level, these Levinquicks may reflexively discharge their innate electricity in a small spark, strong enough to cause a short, start a small fire, or do unpleasant things to hand-held electronics. For greater control/duration/strength, they must still purchase Elements (Electricity). To living targets, the effect is a sharp and painful zap, but causes no damage. The Levinquick must be in physical contact with the target/object to be affected.

Author: Nemo

Spirit of Love

Cost •••
Prerequisite: Weisse Frau Kith
Effect: A Weisse Frau's kiss buttresses the weak, and their own love empowers this further. When activating Kiss of Life and spending a Willpower point the target also receives half of the Weisse Frau's Wyrd (rounded up) as additional Health dots for the remainder of the scene. This can only be applied to one person at a time.

Stellar Navigation

Prerequisite: Telluric kith
Effect: One thing about being a piece of the sky is that you're especially used to navigating by it. You have kin among pin-pricks of starlight. So long as you're able to see the stars, you can find your way. This merit adds +3 to all Survival rolls meant to navigate under the open sky, as long as the stars are visible.
Drawback: Obviously, since the Telluric's domain is the night sky, she can only use this merit at night, causing many Fairest explorers to start journeys – either sea or land – at nightfall.

Author: Billy

True Guardian

Cost: ••
Prerequisite: Truefriend kith
Effect: The True Guardian is able to help protect their friends, not just help them. They take a turn to distract an attacking enemy by barking, yelling, hissing or something similar. Afterwards, the next attack that the enemy delivers to the intended friend, is at -2.


Cost: •••
Prerequisite: Cleareyes kith
Effect: While all Cleareyes are perceptive, those with this merit are exceptionally so. Gain 9-again on your main sense (Sight, hearing, etc). In addition, gain a second heightened sense (though without the 9 again)

Web of Whispers

Cost: •• or •••
Prerequisite: Whisperwisp kith
Effect: The whisperwisp has become a master of their craft and effortlessly creates networks by which clandestine information can be shared. For two dots the whisperwisp is able to spend an additional point of glamour when whispering a secret message, to allow continuous one-way communication with a single target for the scene. For three dots, multiple one way links may be established, providing the glamour cost is paid for each along with a willpower point.

Author: Leander