Changeling/Homebrew Merits/Ensorcelled

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Wyrd Sympathy

Cost: •••
Prerequisite: Empathy *** Ensorcelled characters with this Merit sometimes experience vague moments of recognition of intense emotions just as the ones holding their pledge are feeling them (even if the two of them are in separate rooms or divided by trackless miles).
The Storyteller may ask the player of the Ensorcelled to roll the character’s Wits + Empathy. The number of successes reflects the amount of useful information the character learns.
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: Players cannot dramatically fail a roll for Wyrd Sympathy.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The Ensorcelled has a strong general impression of his changelings’s experience and has a general notion of the direction and distance to her.
Exceptional Success: The Ensorcelled knows exactly what his Changeling is feeling, and the awareness remains for a scene, fading slowly. He also knows exactly where she is.

Goblin's Palate

Cost: •• or •••
Replaces 'Fairy Healing'. The Ensorcelled can pick and consume goblin fruit and gain the benefits of doing so. They can also carry as many goblin fruit as if they had wyrd 1. At the 3 point version the Ensorcelled or Fae Touched can plant and cultivate a garden, provided of course a changeling allows them access to their hollow for doing so.

Token User

Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Ensorcelled
Effects: This Merit allows the character to use a token properly rather than with the catch. Ensorcelled characters cannot do this with a token rated higher than **, however. Using the bond of her ensorcellment to her fae sponsor, the ensorcelled character spends the sponsor's Glamour (and Willpower, if the token requires it) instead of their own.

Characters with this ability may wear/wield Hedgespun items as if they were Lost.