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'Sorrow is knowledge, those that know the most must mourn the deepest, the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life.'
- Lord Byron
                                          Winter: The Onyx Court, The Silent Arrow.

xxxxxWinter waits. Winter watches. While other courts machinate and make their moves, Winter stands sentinel and anticipates threats others do not even yet conceive of, let alone notice. Winter issues its warnings and makes its preparations. And when Winter acts, it acts as decisively as a Maine snowstorm.

xxxxxWinter's Sovereign is the most venerable in the city. The Widow was born a man, but now lives as a woman, an elderly and wise old crow-woman. The whispers suggest that if she is the same Widow, she has been the leader of her Court since perhaps even the founding of the freehold; as long as there has been a Sentinel Rock, there has been the Widow on her Walk, watching the water and guiding those around her. The Widow is potent but fragile; her Second is often Winter's harder edge, the sharper ice behind the soft snowfall.

xxxxxHenrik Wagner embodied many of Winter's virtues - learning and protecting secrets and surviving any storm that came his way. He was the fist inside the Widow's velvet glove, quite often. Sadly, much to the sorrow of the court, he died in service, leaving the Winter Second Position open, now filled by Leander.

Things to know about the Winter Court of Fallcoast:

  • They stand together. Despite disparate members and quiet lines of contact, despite vast gulfs of difference, the Silent Arrow has lots and lots of common ground - and they guard it jealously.
  • You know that thing you did? The one that was SO embarrassing? Yes. THAT one. They probably know all about it. But they aren't going to mention it to anyone unless you are really, really stupid (think 'conspire with Loyalists' levels of stupid). Not even if it’s funny. Why? Because Winters were not the kids in school who shared their best crayons. Burnt sienna, maybe, but never the good ones. You know, like brick red. And they do not air their dirty laundry. That's for... people who aren't the Onyx Court.
  • They are a remarkably pragmatic, hands-on bunch. They have goals. Even if they don't tell you what they are, they have 'em.
  • For the most part, they're generally friendly. This fact should not comfort you. They do say "smile so no one knows what you're really up to."
  • They are not telling you anything else about their plans, their activities, their structure, their relationships, or basically anything else that you do not need to know.
  • Someone who leaves the Winter Court loses Mourning Cant. As it shifts and changes over time to keep it secret and safe, they would quickly lose touch with the actual language. It would also be normal to bind such a person to a Pledge of silence as they leave.

Getting Started
  • Be sure to join the Winter channel by typing addcom <alias>=Winter.
  • Add the category [[Category: Winter]] to your character's wiki page.
  • Ask someone to make an icon for you to add you to our list of Active Members.
  • If you spot a member of the Winter Court online, don't be shy, page them for a scene!
  • Leander is the OOC Faction Head and can be contacted by page or mail with any questions you have before, during or after creating a Winterling.
  • Check out +bbread 31 for recent posts which may be relevant to current Winter Court activities.
Recommended Concepts

The Silent Arrow is home to a very diverse group of changelings who share an understanding of sorrow and secrecy. This is not a definitive list of everything which fits within the court, but simply a few things we could use right now. All characters who fit the core tenets of winter are welcome.

  • Hackers - Skill with modern technology; ability to gather and manipulate information with computers.
  • Well-Connected Individuals - Contacts/Allies/Status in the mortal world, whether Crime, Law, Family or anything else we can put to use.
  • Information Brokers - People who collect secrets and pass them on selectively. Being connected helps here, too!
  • Archivist/Librarian - Someone to maintain our increasing collection of blackmail and research material.
  • Wizened! - Crafters, creators, surgeons, oracles, those painfully perfect Providers of Things.
Internal Structure

More than most Courts, Winter is organized according to Mantle - although Mantle alone does not bestow increasing revelations of the Ice Lore. As a Courtier grows closer to Winter and embodies the ideals of the Court they are trusted with both more secrets and more responsibilities. Lords of Summer provides a more detailed explanation of the Ice Lore and is a strongly recommended read.

  • Flowing Pages are the outer circle of the Onyx Court, trusted with a few secrets and with little formal responsibility or authority.
  • Squires of the Frost are the core of the Silent Arrow, proven members who are entrusted with specific tasks by their superiors.
  • Iceclad Armigers are responsible for organizing the Squires and Pages to work productively for the good of the Court. They know most of the Court's history and holdings and in the absence of Onyx Thanes are expected to be capable of leading the Court. Often they will be given a goal by their superiors and expected to work out how best to achieve it - and then to do so.
  • Onyx Thanes are the highest authority within the Court that the lesser ranks are aware of. They have particular responsibility for both mystical matters and internal discipline but make use of the talents of other courtiers in performing their duties.
Titles and Roles
  • Entitlements signify a status within the Winter Court that is second only to the Monarch and her second. Lords, Archers and Banishers are voluntary positions that may come and go, but these Knights of the Utmost Silence, Duchesses of the Icebound Heart, and Dukes of Truth and Loss have committed themselves heart and soul.
  • DJs are responsible for distributing important information to the wider Lost community. They frequently play an active role in running Radio Free Fae.
  • Current DJs: None
  • Located at grid space B02, dark exit 'rff'.
  • Councilor to the Sentinel Rock publicly represents the Winter Court in the eyes of the Freehold and serves on the council of the reigning Monarch. This should not be confused with being the leader of the Onyx Court.
  • Vacant
  • Lords of the Inhospitable Chamber, known informally as Inquisitors, take the lead in interrogations on behalf of the Onyx Court and the Freehold and imprison those whom it is necessary to isolate from friends and foes.
  • Archers of the Lonely March are the scouts of the Winter Court. They explore both the Hedge and the real world looking for places where the Lost might find refuge in times of trouble.
  • Sun Banishers protect the secrecy of the Lost, destroying evidence that might lead mortals (or worse) to the Court and Freehold.
  • Ushers of the First Snow are those responsible for helping recent escapees find shelter and safety. Part guidance counsellor, part social worker; they have the often challenging task of helping these displaced individuals readjust to the mortal world.

Sentinel Rock Positions
Sovereign: The Widow
Winter's Second: Leander
Aldermember: Vacant
Inquisitor(s): Rook & Billy
Archer(s): Yasen
Sun Banisher(s): Mariella
Ushers of the First Snow: Ruth, Aaron, Connor
Winter Holdings

The Widow's Walk

The Winter Hollow

In the works, but we do have numerous hidey holes and safehouses on grid to RP in. :)

Winter Songs
The Doors - Wintertime Love Suede - Another No One
Cults - You Know What I Mean Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Folding Under Stories Told
Simon & Garfunkel - A Hazy Shade Of Winter Bright Eyes - If Winter Ends
Winter's Logs
  • (2016.07.16)
The Beachside Luau
Inactive Winter Characters
Active Winter Characters
Onyx Thanes
Author, Draconic, & Telluric
Iceclad Armigers
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Dancer and Snowskin
Whisperwisp and Airtouched and Lurkglider
Stav 22C-Duo.jpg
Whisperwisp, Artist and Leechfinger
Draconic & Shadowsoul
Soldier & Airtouched
Squires of the Frost
Snowskin & Fireheart
Flowing Pages
Mirrorskin, Di-Cang & Draconic
Whisperwisp & Lurker
Scrounger & Lurker
Woodblood & Blightbent
Airtouched & Inventor
Winter Goodwill Holders
Winter Goodwill 2
Winter Goodwill 1
Winter Goodwill 1

Winter Court