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The Summer Court
Court summer.png
The History of the Summer Court
xxxxx Summer always faces its threats: threats of storm and sea, threats of hungry woods, the threat of betrayal and the summer-people who might be here for nefarious purposes. The threat of the Gentry and all their works and minions overall. The Sovereign Queen of Summer, Britta Sorenson, demands excellence from her people as she demands the most of herself, standing as the Red Victor of some years, a thunder-and-lightning monarch whose strike brings awe to onlookers and destruction to her enemies. If the Queen is the offense, her Second is the defense. Shel Bixby is the local high school gym teacher and defensive football coordinator -- and a turtle Beast whose stony skin and shell makes him a rather literal heavy. Summer in Sentinel Rock values preparedness for both battle and any other challenges that come, and espouses the ideal that actions often speak louder than words.

The above text is inaccurate. Nemo will be poking staff for what its replacement should be, since Britta is no longer Queen.

Summer Court Logs
Summer Court Holdings

Mortal Location: Grizzly's Chopshop


Summer Positions
  • Sovereign: Sheldon Bixby (NPC - Beast Coldscale/Stonebones)
  • Second: Owen Thorpe (Ogre - Farwalker/Water-dweller)
  • Wroth General Calescence: TBD
  • Red Victor: TBD
  • Iron Adjutant: Owen Thorpe (Ogre - Farwalker/Water-dweller)
  • Hunter of the Longest Day: Shae Skinner - (Wizened)
  • Arrayer of Distant Thunder: Jericho
  • The Sun's Tongue: Misty (Fairest - Dancer)
  • Constable of Calefaction: TBD
  • Men-At-Arms:
  • Mud Grunts and Mule Squires:
  • Yard Bull(s):

Roles may be TBD or adjusted for numbers.

Current Groups
None at this time.
Active Summer Characters
Inactive Characters