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"Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained."
-William Blake
Spring Court History

Spring is a hungry season; so many forget that truth, but it is self-evident to the passionate Vernal Courtiers of Sentinel Rock. To some, their former sovereign May Tennyson is proof of how desires should be restrained, of how when they run wild, it does damage. But Spring would argue that she is the opposite of that. It was rather her own restrained desires that led her to explode so messily, attacking the Autumn regent and disappearing with her lover, who was also her Keeper. In the wake of her departure, her twin siblings, March and April Tennyson, have struggled to fill her void as leaders for the Court and Freehold.

Desire may have a Court of iconoclasts and those who pursue their own aims, but they are also a court of ambition, passion, and strong ties and contacts both in the mortal world and in the Hedge. They do not shrink from a fight, or a party, or a negotiation, or much else that comes their way.

Getting Involved

In the Spring Court, it is held that many hands make the load light, particularly when the people involved have a passion and a desire to do that work. As a result, no position (clearly even Sovereign) is reserved for one individual alone. However, this does not apply to freehold positions (Second, Aldermember, etc.) as that follows the Freehold's rules, not the rules of the Court.

In order to volunteer for any position, all that need be done is to express that desire at a Court meeting. If unable to attend a meeting, this desire may be brought forward by another to nominate the individual for the post in question. As a general rule, all who offer are allowed to assist. If it is a contested position (such as Freehold positions), then there will be a vote and the courtier with the most votes takes the position.

Court meetings are typically held monthly, where all courtiers can express their concerns, share information, or volunteer to assist the Court where assistance is required. Generally votes on positions or on where the Court stands on given topics within the Freehold are at least started there, even if they continue outside of that venue. If there is a particular topic that needs to be added to the meeting agenda, please contact the Spring Second and/or Aldermember.

Helpful Resources

Spring Positions
  • Vernal Sovereign: March Tennyson (NPC), April Tennyson (NPC)
  • Second (and Aldermember): TBD (Open to PCs!)
  • Aldermember: TBD (Open to PCs!)
  • Archivist: TBD (Open to PCs!)
  • Avant Guard: Prescott
  • Claviger: Wendell
  • Finder: Alireza
  • Joyeaux: TBD (Open to PCs!)
  • Physician: Arkady
  • Sage Escort: Eri, Mikoto
  • Searce: TBD (Open to PCs!)
  • Sylvan Emissary: Tock, Vox
  • Verdant Advocate: TBD (Open to PCs!)

Spring Freehold Positions

  • Counselor: TBD (Open to PCs!)
  • Defender: Tock
  • Horticulturalist: Dottie Skinner
  • Ritualist: TBD (Open to PCs!)
  • Social Coordinator: TBD (Open to PCs!)

"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart."

Spring Court Holdings

  • Mortal Locations: None.
  • Court Hollow: The Spring Court has a Hollow located within New Redoubt. The current resources available there can be viewed under +Lair 8. XP contributions from PCs to add Merits to the Lair are accepted on an ongoing basis to improve the Hollow and provide more resources to the Court.
  • Infirmary: While the Infirmary in New Redoubt is considered Freehold property, it was built and continues to be maintained by Spring Courtiers, who also comprise a significant portion of its volunteer medical staff.
Getting Started
  • Join the Spring channel by typing addcom sp=Spring. Feel free to introduce yourself there and look for RP with fellow courtiers.
  • Read the Spring bulletin board. +bbread Changeling - Spring This will get you up to date on all the current events.
  • Check +faction spring to verify your information. Please @mail Ryan with any necessary changes.
  • Add the category [[Category:Spring]] to your wiki page.
  • If you are a healer, please sign up for the Healer group on the Freehold page.
  • Page a member of the Court who is online. No one, particularly those with positions, mind being paged to ask for help or just to say hello.
  • Attend Court meetings. This is where most Spring Court business is discussed.

Recommended Concepts

  • Healers/Doctors/EMTs/Nurses/Combat Medics
  • Artists/Performers/Crafters
  • Warriors (Yes, Spring can and does fight!)
  • Gardeners/Farmers/Botanists
  • Anyone suited to filling an open Court or Freehold position.

Facts About Spring

  • First and foremost, the Spring courtiers are fulfillers of desires. The Spring Court supplies what the Freehold needs from entertainment to supplies to contacts that can help find 'just' the right thing... An example of this service is the table located in the public portion of Spring's Hollow that provides food and drink in whatever type and quantity the person touching it desires at that moment.
  • The Spring Court heals. Everyone knows that if healing is needed, call Spring. The local Court helps staff a mundane medical clinic and maintains an infirmary in New Redoubt that are available for anyone in the Freehold to use.
  • Spring is the season of planting and growth. As a result, the Court has a reputation as gardeners. The Court maintains a goblin fruit garden in the Court Hollow and preserves fruit to make available for Freehold use.
  • There is nothing that keeps away the Gentry like the joyous unity of the Lost...or so Spring believes. The Verdant Courtiers are the keepers of and the party planners for freehold holidays and rituals. They help to drive the social flow of the entire community.