Cassandra Cavanaugh

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Gender Female
Height 5' 6"
Age Early Twenties
Occupation Charities Administrative Assistant (Volunteer Position)
Path Thyrsus
Order Silver Ladder
Title Councilor, Claviger, Famulus, Factotum
Consilium Position Councilor
Faction Theurges/the Ascended
Legacy Dreamspeakers
Cabal Ad Astra
Path thyrsus.png
Notable Stats

Composure 5

Athletics 4

Persuasion 4

Luxury 2

Status (Consilium) 5

Status (Silver Ladder) 3

Striking Looks 1

Order silver ladder.png
Path thyrsus.png
Order silver ladder.png

Councilor, Famulus and Factotum of the Silver Ladder, Shaman on the Path of Ecstasy, Scion of the Watchtower of the Stone Book in the Realm of the Primal Wild, Kingdom of Totems and Abode of Beasts.

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Although she varies her appearance when she deems it necessary, Cassandra can typically be found to stand a little taller than average, have vibrant red hair, and have a curvaceous frame with graceful limbs and long legs. Her bust is generous, her skin is fair, and head is held tall with pride.

The slight curl of her locks ends about halfway down her back, most days. She styles it as fits the situation of course; braids and buns, barrettes and elastic bands - but she has a preference for letting it run free, to frame her face; high cheekbones and plus lips. A straight nose and wide, steel-grey eyes able to bring up a bright intensity to their gaze.

While she likewise dresses for the occasion; from formal robes to little black dresses. From rags to riches and back again. Even in her daily life, her wardrobe is eclectic; spanning from summer dresses to yoga pants, whirling past blouses and slacks and into jeans and t-shirts. The generalities that can be made is that she seems to have a hankering for vibrant colours, and she puts some pride in fair trade and quality-wear.

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RP Hooks

World of Darkness.png Cavanaugh: Cassandra is a Cavanaugh, sister to Bruce and Jessica. Maybe you know her from family get-togethers, maybe she was the annoying younger brat that you had to get rid of to hang with her cool older siblings. Maybe you went to the same finishing school down in Georgia?

Order silver ladder.png Who Prosecutes the Offenders: Cassiopeia is a Factotum for the Silver Ladder, keenly interested in case precedent and the laws of the Consilium of the Granite Coast. Want to help research? Need a lawyer? Studying for your own exams?

Order silver ladder.png Yes Councilor: Cassiopeia serves on the Consilium Council of the Granite Coast, as the representative of the Vox Draconis. Do you have business that needs to be raised? Are you trying to gain political favour?

Mage the awakening.png Placeholder: This is a placeholder for a totally rad RP hook telling you how to get involved with Cassiopeia for some RP.


Order adamantine arrow.png Bruce - Saighead: Brother. Fellow dreamer.

Path acanthus.png Jessica - Jezebel: Sister. Watcher.




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