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In 1453, Turkish sultan Mohammed II broke through the walls of Constantinople. With the fall of the great city, Christians lost to Islam the last bastion of the once vast and powerful Byzantine empire in the East.

Name Casimir Bartos Sphere Immortal
Place of Birth Hungary Type Purified
Apparent Age Twenty Something Actual Age 586
Virtue Mercy Vice Wrath
Occupation Horse Rancher Vocation Knight

  • A Knight of the Order of the Dragon, Casimir spent his first several lifetimes locked in bloody combat with the forces of the Ottoman Empire, which was expanding aggressively into Europe during the early part of the fifteenth century. He made many enemies, at least one of whom is still alive today, and harbours a lingering distrust of Turks as a result.

  • Devout Christian...formerly at least, this was more or less inescapable when he was born. Casimir initially took his immortality as a calling from God to protect Christendom from the advance of Islam and the Ottoman Empire. Nearly six centuries later and with the same old conflicts still bubbling away, he's more than a little jaded about the whole thing.

  • Master Horseman and Archer and Swordsman for that matter, these were the basic lessons of life when growing up as the youngest son of a minor Hungarian Nobleman in the fifteenth century. Some of those skills aren't too useful in this day and age, but his skill with horses is still reasonably profitable; he's recently set up a small Horse Ranch on the outskirts of town.

  • The Bartos is defined by Urban Dictionary as the act of putting drinks on someone else's tab, unbeknownst to them. This maneuveur may or may not be named after Casimir, who while he can certainly afford it, after nearly six centuries has become somewhat loathe to pay for his own drinks if he can possibly get away with it.