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“I feel very emotional and party.” - Andrew W.K.


Carly Skinner (No, Carly actually -isn't- short for anything) was born to nothing, but now plans on having everything. Insanity can do that.

As a Skinner, she was born and raised in the trailer park among the others. She was always drawn to the forest in the Hills around her home, and she would constantly sneak out of school or whatever family event was going on to relax out there. She was always obsessed with fairy tales as well. She would steal books from the local library (Even though she could have just checked them out...) and would carry them out to the woods with her to read. Specifically, she loved fantasy stories and mythology.

Carly didn't have an incredibly fascinating mortal life...because she was taken before she had much of a chance to make one. She was only thirteen when she was taken to the Other Place. She had snuck out into the woods again, having ditched school once more to frolic and dance and read.

Hunters for Her Ladyship found her there, and figured she would make a decent handmaiden. She was dragged through the Hedge. She, of course, remembers only the vaguest bits about her time Over There.

She only a handful of years passed in the mortal realm, what seemed like hundreds passed in Arcadia. She grew from a handmaiden into a beautiful young woman, who was used to tempt and satisfy people for Her Ladyship. However, she was physically changed to suit whims, eventually forming horns and similar things. She turned out to be quite the drinker as well, and it was eventually discovered that she was a natural with alcohol. So, she split her time between brewing and fucking.

She only escaped because others escaped. One night a group of Lost staged a small coup, and she took the opportunity to strangle her lover-of-the-night to death and flee with them. When she returned she immediatly fled the city. She ended up in the Appalachians, where she encountered a small Freehold in a forest town.

It was there that she decided to join the Spring Court, and began really throwing herself into her life as one of the Lost. She felt POWERFUL now. She felt awesome. She wanted MORE. Her Clarity faded over the years, and she began to seek more power, eventually moving back to Fallcoast.

There the girl began gathering other salt of the earth types and blue-collar types, reintroducing worship of nature and excess. They became loyal followers...and she continues to work towards her ascension to Godhood.


Musical Inspiration (Songs Updating Constantly Stay Tuned)

RP Hooks

  • Local: Born and raised among the other Skinners.
  • Skinners: She's one of those garbage people.
  • Crazy: As a box of hammers.
  • Debauched: What is this life for if not to be enjoyed?
  • Changeling: She is a fairly disturbed member of the Lost. Lost Pantheon potential.


Jameson Skinner
Date of Birth: August 9th, 1990
Apparent Age: Early-Twenties
Occupation: Wild Child
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust
Coterie: Looking
Status: Single
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Succubus/Brewer
Court: Spring


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