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Convention of Alternate Beliefs

The Convention of Alternate Beliefs (CAB) is a loose confederation that gathers the various thaumaturges of Fallcoast into a mutually supportive group. It serves to protect its members, train them and promote their beliefs to the general community as alternate, harmless religions.

The Convention meetings themselves are ad hoc and the first half is only open to thaumaturges to attend. Part swap shop, part town hall meeting, this is where issues are discussed openly and with full knowledge of the powers of thaumaturges. The second half of the meeting, the part that is advertised to the community, is open to all and intended to show off the benefits of a thaumaturgical lifestyle.


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  • (2015.08.01)
Convention of Alternate Beliefs 2015
  • (2016.11.19)
Convention of Alternate Beliefs 2016