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The following businesses are located in Fallcoast and Hanging Hills.

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Category Business Name Location Contact Resources Description
Adult Entertainment Drinks Bella Gentlemen's Club A02 Matteo
Adult Entertainment & Drinks Lost And Found B01 Bosephus and Clementine
Arts & Community Buonarroti Artists' Collective B02 Ignazio 0 (Charity) Located in a converted stone warehouse in the Historic District, the Buonarroti Artists' Collective exists to encourage and inspire young and talented artists who might not otherwise have the means to realize their visions. If you're a painter, sculptor, or other visual artist, or a musician, the Collective exists to provide the facilities and support to create, as well as the infrastructure to display and, in the event that an artist attracts a buyer or potential patron, to offer the guidance to arrange the best outcome for the artist. This is free of charge. There is also a four–bedroom apartment above the recording studio, available on a temporary basis to those truly down on their luck.
Arts & Entertainment Ignazio/Buonarroti Artists' Collective B02 Ignazio Buonarroti None Needed The Buonarroti Artists' Collective exists to encourage and inspire young and talented artists who might not otherwise have the means to realize their visions.
Arts & Entertainment Empire Theater B01 NPC 2 An old theater for stage productions
Arts & Entertainment Townsend Gallery B02 Nesta and Leora Townsend 3 Sculptor's studio and gallery worked and owned by Nesta and Leora Townsend. Business hours Monday to Friday, 10–8.
Arts & Entertainment Flynn's Place E01 Gray 1 Barcade.
Arts & Entertainment Old Harvest Fairgrounds F02 NPC 1 Fairgrounds
Arts & Entertainment Tunnel of Love B01 NPC 1 Cheap tunnel of love ride
Automotive Crash and Burn Junkyard A02 Jack 2 Crash and Burn Salvage and Recovery is everything you can imagine a junkyard and chop shop to be.
Automotive Grizzly's Chopshop E01 NPC 1 Chopshop and mechanic
Bar/Club Club Goetterdaemmerung C02 Freja Weißwald 2 A club catering both to the casual and the exclusive, with weekly different themes for the staff to dress up as.
Bar/Club The Rusty Nail C01 Ezekiah Rutledge (NPC) 3 Located in the exclusive Hyacinth Ridge district, The Rusty Nail is an upscale bar catering to a discerning clientele. While it has a well–stocked wine cellar, it is rapidly becoming known for the superlative quality of its top–shelf spirits.
Bar/Club Queen of Hearts Lounge A02 Sand 1 Piece of shit strip dive.
Bar/Club The Gallows E01 Hoax Vintage pub with a morbid twist. Geist sphere hangout in basement.
Bar/Club The Meat Locker A01 Selene 1 This is a sex club. Debauchery and lewdness.
Bar/Club The Salty Seaman A01 Charlize 1 A run down, waterfront dive bar - it's a dive, not that there is diving there.
Bar/Club Leigh's Pool Hall E01 Leigh 1 Bar and Pool Hall (With actual pool game to play!)
Bar/Club The Widow's Walk F01 NPC 1 Bar and Eatery
Bar/Club The Embassy B01 NPC 1 70's themed bar
Bar/Club Booze, Broads, and Bullets A01 Hawker X Gunstore/Range/Bar.
Bar/Club Vault of the Heavens B01 Emilie 2 A high end nightclub and restaurant.
Bar Mom's Place Brett
Bar Fifty One Fifty Saloon An outlaw biker bar, home of the Flaming Skulls MC. Savage
Business & Professional Services Fallcoast Paranormal Society B03 Leslie Fallcoast's official paranormal Investigation group. You got ghosts in the attic? We'll find 'em!
Business & Professional Services Ogilvie Capital Ventures C01 May 0 (Provides capital) If you're looking for investment for your business idea, or funds to expand an existing business, venture capitalists provide seed money in return for a share in the business. Typically as a silent partner, not interfering in the daily operations. Additionally, venture capitalists typically have considerable expertise in the area of start–ups, business plans, and the practical side of building a successful business. These resources can be as valuable as money, and can be the difference between success and failure.
Business & Professional Services Agatha Braun, Attorney at Law B02 Agatha 3 Law offices of one of the city's up-and-coming criminal lawyers.
Business & Professional Services Pepperell Castle E02 NPC 2 Inn and space for rent
Business & Professional Services Butters & Skinner C02 Faction 0+ Legal Defense, Public Defenders, Private Investigation
Business & Professional Services Dove Family Funeral Home H01 Dante Alameida X Quaint funeral home with ties to criminals.
Business & Professional Services Whitehall Funeral Home B02 Lydia Abernathy 1-5 A funeral home uncreatively named after the color of paint on the walls.
Business & Professional Services May/OCV B02 May Ogilvie Located in a converted townhouse, Ogilvie Capital Ventures exists to provide investment capital to start–up or expanding businesses.
Business & Professional Services The Cannery C02 NPC 0 Private Business
Business & Professional Services Midgard Shipping A02 NPC (TFV Hunter) 2 Getting things from here to there via air.
Clothing & Accessories Lovelace Couture B01 Sistersmith 2 Lovelace Couturé is a is a niché shop for people with a specific aesthetic in mind and decent amounts of disposable income, providing tailor-made or customisted clothing and accessories for anyone into alternative fashion.
Clothing & Accessories Bats In The Belfry B01 Evelyn 1-5 Bats In the Belfry features hand-made, one of a kind jewelery with a Gothic flair to fit nearly every budget from the simple to the extravagant. It also offers custom pieces that you might not be able to find at your standard jeweler's shop, and occasional extremely special projects are available.
Clothing & Accessories Ines B02 Ines 4 A small, highly exclusive jeweler located in the Historic District, specializing in custom pieces, with a bustling sideline in bridal jewelry — engagement rings and wedding bands for bride and groom. Less well–known is that Ines is a skilled crafter of relics, who occasionally takes commissions, and has been known to imbue some of the pieces she sells, particularly wedding bands.
Community & Government Fallcoast Public Library B02 NPC 0 City library main branch
Community & Government Freedom Hill Visitor Center G01 NPC 0 The visitor center for the national park.
Community & Government Homeless Shelter C02 NPC 0 Homeless shelter
Community & Government Uplifting B02 Darwin 1 A group devoted to making the twin towns a better place to live.
Community & Government Allhearts Philanthropy A02 NPC 1 A charity that connects the community in need with resources.
Community and Government Best Foot Forward B02 Louise 1 Child Care Center
Education World History Museum B01 NPC 1 World history museum
Education CHIME B02 Thorian Interactive Museum and Exhibit Halls
Education Lowry Building B03 NPC 1 University classrooms and offices.
Education Chelsea Dunlin Library B03 NPC 0 Campus library
Entertainment & Dining Cavanaugh Casino B01 User:Star_Cavanaugh 2+ A place for entertainment and great food.
Food & Dining Sadie's Diner B03 Sophia 1 Middle-of-the-road diner that hires people who need a second chance. Surprisingly good food for a cheap price.
Food & Dining Fiorentini's B03 Delfina 1 Italian and Italian-fusion restaurant and bar which caters to students and professors at the University. Open 'til 2am. Chefs are willing to try custom orders. No fancy new-fangled low-fat foods. This is stick to your ribs for days food, unless it's a salad. Salad is salad.
Food & Dining PizzaDonuts B03 Matthew 2 A kitchy eatery
Food & Dining The Mobile Mandarin Roaming Shu 1 A mobile dining van for all your Chinese food needs. Available to be hired.
Food & Dining Six Feet Under B02 Gideon, Rosalee or Trudy 1 Speakeasy
Food & Dining Dippin Donuts B02 NPC 1 Pastries and coffee
Food & Dining Ghiotto's C01 NPC 2 Italian Restaurant
Food & Dining Faire Game Cafe B03 NPC 1 Cafe and gaming
Food & Dining Pay It Forward Pizzeria B02 Daisy Pizzeria
Food & Dining Hungry Root E01 NPC 1 Cafe and grocery store
Food & Dining Taggarts F02 NPC 1 Cop Bar
Food & Dining Clever Name Here Cafe B03 NPC 1 Cafe
Food & Dining Maddy's Waffle House B03 Madeleine 1 Diner
Food & Dining Wake and Bake F02 Rain Artisanal bakery with a hippy flair.
Food & Dining The Crosscut C02 NPC 1 A blue collar bar with a lumberjack theme. Lunch, Dinner and Pub Food served daily.
Health & Medicine Hearthstone Clinic C01 Averil 1 Mental and Physical therapy clinic
Health & Medicine St John's University Intern Clinic B03 NPC 1 Intern Clinic for Medical Students that is open to the public
Health & Medicine Fully Loaded H01 Teddy X A legal marijuana dispensary for medicinal and recreational use.
Health & Medicine Bower Animal Rescue G01 NPC 1 Veterinarian
Health & Medicine The Club H02 Dennis 0 A social organization for networking athleticism on an amateur and professional level.
Health & Medicine St. John's Hospital C02 NPC 1 Hospital
Health & Medicine Pendragon Laboratories C02 NPC 3 Scientific and medical labs
Health & Medicine Fallcoast Regional Medical Center B03 Howell Davis 0-2 A free clinic, provides healthcare at no charge to those lacking insurance and ineligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Even if you do have insurance, the treatment here is remarkably cheap considering the quality. Some of the staff that aren't volunteers can be strange, and many of them are oddly overqualified for the position.
Health & Medicine Ninja Project A02 Kaiden Small warehouse converted to home-made gym and parkour course. Free to kids and volunteers
Health & Medicine Bowling Green Memorial Clinic A01 Travis, Yossarian N/A A free healthcare clinic featuring a level III trauma center, established early 2017 to serve the Pigeon Hill and Moosetown communities. Created by Allhearts Philanthropy and generous contributions by private citizens.
Health & Medicine Movement C02 Kyrie 1 A parkour/free-running gym.
High Society Tanglewood Estate FC01 Hesper 4 Lake Resort
High Society Hyacinth Ridge Country Club C01 User:Darwin Resources 4 & High Society Status Country club
High Society Hyacinth Ridge Day Spa C01 Lisette 4 A day spa catering to the high end clientele commonly frequenting Hyacinth Ridge, providing pool, spa, sauna, massage and other beauty and body treatments.
High Society Bold Minstrel FC02 Laurent D'Amour 3 A vineyard with space for events
Hollow North Point Lighthouse HG01 NPC 0 The freehold hangout
Hollow Shipwreck HG01 NPC 0 Winter's Hollow
Hollow Skeletal Longhouse HG02 NPC 0 Spring's Hollow
Hollow Junkyard Maze HG03 NPC 0 Summer's Hollow
Hollow Valhalla HF03 Owen 0 Changeling only training center
Hollow Decrepit Victorian HF03 NPC 0 Autumn's Hollow
Housing The Garden Inn H01 Caitlyn 2+ A cozy bed and breakfast
Housing Blackridge Bed and Breakfast FC07 Brielle 0+ A private bed and breakfast.
Housing Neverland Island O01 Leander Any Lost only housing and community services.
Live Entertainment Force Majeure Cabaret B01 Caedes Any Burlesque cabaret and music hall
Media & Communications Hanging Hills Free Press E01 NPC 1 Newspaper
Media & Communications Channel 31 Historical District Patricia, Darwin 2 Fallcoast's premier television channel with production facilities available for hire and a news team dedicated to finding out the truth - as long as it rates well
Medical Amity Island Research Facility o02 Howell N/A The Wellness Foundation's main research facility, focused on finding treatments and cures for life-threatening illnesses.
Other The Remick House C01 NPC 2 Strange historical mansion, now a tourist attraction.
Other N.M.L. Disposal Concepts H01 Doc X A nationwide chain of industrial and natural disaster recovery companies.
Other Star Of The Sea Catholic Church B02 Godric_Ritter Catholic Church
Other Hanging Hills Miracle Church F01 Tommy Lark X A small non-denominational church on the coast with a great view to the ocean!
Other Old Millhaven Penitentiary A02 NPC 0 Closed prison.
Other Glint C02 Nemo 1 Mechanical repairs, clockwork, mechanical art, toys, workshops, commissions.
Other Calliope Fund F02 Calliope 2 Nonprofit Organization
Other Furry Friends F02 Kelsey Pet adoption agency featuring companion animals available to forever homes.
Other The Necropolis H02 Nosferatu 0 The Necropolis for the Nosferatu
Other Nevermore A01 Melissa_Brandal Abandoned bookstore in partial ruin.
Other Radion Heart Industrie C02 Isrieal A company offering research and medical facilities to those in need. (+hangouts)
Other Forbidden Arts E01 Kilo Tattoos, Piercing, Body Modification -- Also hosts a lounge with full bar for socialising (+hangouts)
Other Rosenkreuz Fencing Studio B02 Efram 2 Private fencing studio for both Olympic and Classical styles.
Residential Bridgeview Apartments C02 NPC 2 Mid-level apartments
Residential Hotel Cavanaugh B01 Lisette, Killian 4+ A hotel where old world charm meets modern luxury by the ocean
Residential Exquisite B01 NPC 3 High class hotel, salon and jeweler
Residential Morgan Commonwealth Condominiums H02 NPCs 3 Condos
Residential Delaney Residence Hall B03 NPC 1 University housing
Residential Quartz Hotel F02 Claudia 1-3 Hotel
Residential The Dunes B01 Maria 3-5 The Dunes is a high-end hotel with spa services and a gourmet Italian restaurant, with space for conventions, galas and other events.
Residential Laurel Creek Hotel E02 NPC 3 Hotel and Spa
Residential The Winthrop A02 NPC 1 A barely livable 3-story apartment complex.
Residential Hearthstone Lodge H01 Logan & Sophie 2 A private b&b away from peering eyes
Residential Oakfield Manor E02 NPC 2 Apartments
Residential Meadow Green Trailer Park E02 NPC 1 Trailer park
Residential Lockerbie Condominiums B02 NPC 3 Mid-to-high-level apartments
Shelter Hyde House A02 Connor 1 Hyde House is a shelter that predominately offers refuge for battered women and their children. However, anyone in need is welcome as long as they do not pose a threat to the residents.
Shopping Grandfather's Attic C02 Cecily 1-3 Half-century old used bookstore under new managemnt. Singular owner. Portion of profits go to support local homeless.
Shopping Know News Books Dora 3 A small used bookstore, specializing in finding rare books on request.
Shopping Phantasmagoria B01 Darwin 1 Appointment only costumer
Shopping Nico's Old World Imports A01 NPC 2 A shop of old-world curios and trinkets but maybe something special.
Shopping Hay-on-Wye Embassy E01 Cameron 1 Eclectic / occult bookstore
Shopping Page's Perspicacity C02 Daemion 1-4 A bookstore, specializing in the occult.
Shopping Ephemera G02 Morana or Telly Any Herbs (mostly legal), oils, incense, tea, paraphernalia, witchy shit. Fortunes told. Good times shared.
Shopping Codex Obscura A01 Simone 1 Used bookshop a few blocks in from the docks in Moosetown. Probably anything you want to know can be found here if you know where to look. Rumor has it that the place is haunted.
Shopping Pandora's Box B03 Phil Abernathy 2 Game and comic store.
Sports and Recreation Black Flag Racing A02 Seren 0 A drag racing track and school.
Travel & Transportation, Entertainment Gilded Hills Airfield F02 Alireza, Tock, Vox, Winston A private airfield for small aircraft, also the home of a wonderful Air Show
Travel & Transportation Ollie's Adventures D01 Olivia Cranston Sea plane charters for a variety of services.
Travel & Transportation Fallcoast International Airport A02 NPC 1 An international airport.
Unspecified HyacinthCC Board
Unspecified The Bone Bowl
Unspecified Worlds Collide
Unspecified Pitcher Plant
Unspecified Daily Grind
Unspecified Firefly Fields Retreat
Unspecified Caldwell Municipal Building
Unspecified Tanglewood Estate
Unspecified Bats In The Belfry
Unspecified The Chandlery
Unspecified Cirque de Lumieres

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