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“Riding a race bike is an art - a thing that you do because you feel something inside.”

– Valentino Rossi


xxxxxBorn in Fallcoast, Cole was a star running back in High School. After a tragic accident with a drunk driver, his prospects after being picked up by the Carolina Panthers disappeared, he dropped off the radar it seems to heal up and get a job. The rumor out there was that he got paid a LARGE sum of money, fuck you money, as a settlement.

RP Hooks
  • If you're into off roading or motorcycles, he's a man to be around. Especially crotch rockets doing wheelies.
  • Besides work, he loves to hang out and have a few beers, and relax.
  • He's a talker, known to give advice when and sometimes when not asked for, though it tends to be good advice at least.
  • He's a local, attended school here, and played Football here.
Friends & Acquaintances both Past and Present

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Cole Burns
C Burns.jpg
Date Of Birth 29 July 1983
Apparent Age Early 30's
Occupation 911 Dispatcher
Virtue Hope
Vice Lust

Petey Pablo - Get On Dis Motorcycle (Feat. Bubba Sparxxx)

Get on dis motorcycle ..
Y'all ready, get on dis motorcycle
(*motorcycle engine*), y'all ready
Get on dis motorcycle ..
  • (2018.01.27)
Police Academy - Explaining the Break Room
  • (2018.02.23)
Masquerade - Dark Enchanted Forest
  • (2018.03.30)
Supremacy: LONE 10 Tag Team Classic Night 1