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xxxxx'MEIN:Standing 5'7 and shrouded in darkness. There was this beauty to her that seemed to haunt you. From dark eyes that the pale whites barely wrapped around the dark deep color that centered them. Skin was this pale pale color that reminded you possibly of marbel. Her movements were slow and mythodical as she moved and there seemed to be this almost fog around her.. If she dared smile you would see that those sharp canines that looked as if she wanted to eat you. Sharp clawned nails similar to talons on ice cold hands. Her clothing is just a bit more ragged and shredded. Her black skirt whipping around her legs. The Long shirt wrapping around her slender arms in bands to her palm.

RP Hooks
The Return to Fallcoast.. If only you mean new to the 21st Century, and new to being social with others. She came out of the Hedge a while ago.. And is recently returning back to Fallcoast.. She plans on being as active as a recluse can be.
There is a darkness to her.. Something that despite her height and looks can be chilling and almost frightening.. It could be the full lips hiding a neat row of teeth with canines just a bit to sharp.. It could also be the resting bitch face that slides over most of the time.. Or could be the fact that she is just a bit more scary then she is anything else.
Scarecrow Ministry
The Witch in the woods... There once was a woman who lived in the woods.. Some said she ate your young.. Some said she could tell you your dreams and fortunes.. Its all depending on who is telling you the story.. She lives for these moments.. For those that wish to seek her out.. if only to scare them.. Or maybe for a treat? Who knows..
The Past

The story starts with Mary Abernathy.. The towns resident witch or spook.. or simply crazy woman.. With roots that tied back into Salem Witch Trials.. Mary was always kept away.. Mothers warned their children about her.. But still Mary was a beautiful woman and with beauty comes desire.. And one day someone managed to do the one thing no one ever thought would happen...Impregnate Mary Abernathy.. And 7 months later came a slightly premature set of twins.. But only one of which survived, and that little girl was Bronwyn Elizabeth Abernathy Bronwyn was born 1974.. The illegitimate birth of her child, and the death of her other baby had caused Mary to have what they would later call a psychotic break, Mary moved herself and her twins. yes her twins off the beaten path to a patch of land in the woods. Where she would then raise her daughter Bronwyn.

She continued to live in the woods where she was raised. Living off the land and occasionally someone would wander into the woods on a dare or spook to see if there truly someone there living. They were a Local Legend the Abernathy Witch who lived in the woods. People would venture out often to poke or prod and her mother would spook and scare them. But one afternoon one woman came she was old and withered.. and asked for some water.

Bronwyn gave her water, this was the first person she had seen other then her mother since she was 9 years old. She knew things about Bronwyn that no one knew.. About the voices in her head and the things she could do and offered to help her.. But in order to help her she had to come with her.. There was no reason to stay in the cottage, Mother had gone and she was left alone. The woman had told her that where they were going Carys was.. This brought her to full attention and she left with her.

The Return

She made her way back.. back to Fallcoast, back to life.. but what type of life could she have now.. She left in the mid 90's and returning almost 20 years later.. brought back things she had never experienced. She tried to find the home she had with her mother all those years before and it was gone.. She had lived her life in recluse and durance a well. Now that she has returned she has joined the Autumn court the only place she feels comfortable.. Though there was always the fear that Mad Mother Malkin might return.. And she had to be ready for the battle between the Master and the Apprentice.


Flyleaf - Sorrow
Sorrow lasts through this night
I'll take this piece of you
And hold for all eternity
For just one second I felt whole
As you flew right through me

Evanescence - Going Under
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

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Bronwyn Elizabeth Abernathy
Date of Birth
October 31, 1974
Apparent Age
Palm Reader
Coming soon
Played By
Scarecrow Ministry
Mad MotherMalkin
Striking Looks
Dark and Intriguing
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