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Life Before Death

“And neither the angels in Heaven above
xxxxxNor the demons down under the sea
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
xxxxxOf the beautiful Annabel Lee.”

–Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel Lee

xxxxxBrodie is a local, born to the Thorpe clan. Though as a kid he was always a bit of the black sheep. He was less interested in the family business of military and civil service, and more interested in being a slightly shy, somewhat nerdy, hyperactive kid. He never really stood out as a kid, and when it came down to it, he was the one that people forgot about. The only things that ever stood out about him was that he loved comic books and liked to draw, and for a long time it seemed that was all he was going to be.

xxxxxThen he went away to college in Boston, met the girl of his dreams, and his life did a flop. He got in shape, he started studying Criminal Justice, and he eventually enrolled in the Boston Police Academy. Mostly at the urging of that special girl and her father, now his wife and father-in-law. And for a while it all seemed to be going well for Brodie. His life was good, and he was happy. Then death decided to take note of him for whatever reason. Death doesn't need a reason. His father-in-law, who had become a mentor to him, died in a shooting. A year later his wife died due to medical complications he never fully explains. A month after that he died, he always leaves that part out of the telling, and never the how. But she came for him, gave him a second chance, a constant companion that he never wanted but now has.

xxxxxSeveral months later he silently put in a transfer to Fallcoast, leaving Boston to come back home. But he's hardly the kid that he was. Bitter and dour, there's very little of the excitability and cheer that he had as a child. Still, he says he came home for family, and sure enough he seems to genuinely mean that.

The Consequence of Death
Broderick Leon Thorpe
Widower Cop
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Approx. Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
Approx. Weight: 185 pounds (84.9 kg)
Family: Thorpe
Occupation: FPD Patrol Officer / SWAT
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Gluttony

Threshold: The Silent
Archetype: Gatekeeper
Geist: The Speakeasy Lady
Krewe: The Society of Crows

Notable Stats for RP
OOC Information
Psyche: •••
Strength: ••••
Fighting Style Boxing ••••
Striking Looks: Stolid
Threshold silent.pngGeist the sin-eaters.pngTales from the 13th Precinct.png
  • Geist: The Speakeasy Lady

xxxxxThe Speakeasy Lady was alive during the height of the roaring twenties. She ran a speakeasy in Boston for the mafia, and wielded power in her own way as the lover of the boss' son. At least until he was killed in the cross-fire with a rival family. The evening the news reached her she drowned her sorrows in a bottle of wine and hung herself from the rafters of her speakeasy. Eventually the ghost that haunted the bar from that day forward eventually became a Geist. She prefers hosts who have loved and lost, especially if they later found solace at the bottom of a bottle. Her keystone is an ornate silver flask, filigreed and engraved with initials, the name to which they belonged long forgotten.

xxxxxHer vanity has kept most of her appearance in tact if not her name. She appears dressed in a fine black flapper dress, strings of pearls entwined with the rope around her neck. Her flask stays against her leg under her garter when with her. Her skin is a jaundiced yellow, her eyes blood shot and her lips black. Sometimes one can hear faint, scratchy music. 1920s jazz played through an old phonograph. But should anyone try to focus on the music it turns to discordant static. She speaks to her host in a hushed whisper, velvety like a lustful purr, urging them to fall back into the drink that often plagued the life before their death or bring others to the same fate.

  • Deathmask: The Bloodied Hands

xxxxxThese blood-red, leather gloves were once the keystone of a Geist known as the Bloodstained Biker. The gloves look slightly worn and scuffed as if they have seen their fair share of use. Each glove bears a strange embossed pattern, the mirror of the other glove, and when placed side by side it reveals itself to be the smirking visage of the Biker himself.

xxxxxThe Bloodstained Biker was only a Geist for a short time before meeting his end. In life he was a serial killer. He would park his bike on the side of low traffic roads at night, pretending to be broken down. When some good Samaritan would stop to offer help he would set about his bloody work, beating them to death with his fists, his fingerless gloves becoming drenched in their blood. He would then put their bodies back in the cars and simulate a crash to hide his work. He was never caught, and even most of his crimes were never seen as more than accidents. This continued for years until he picked a fight with something or something even stronger and meaner than he was, and thus ended the crime spree of the Bloodstained Biker. Except he came back as a Geist. He twisted his host to enjoy his same type of fun. Eventually a pair of Sin Eaters took down the host, who was destroying ghosts as well as murdering living humans, and for good measure ended the Bloodstained Biker as well.

RP Hooks
  • Cop — Brodie's a patrol cop for the Fallcoast PD. Maybe that makes you need him, maybe you'd rather avoid him. Either way, everyone's got an opinion. He's always got time for his brothers and sisters in blue.

  • Thorpe — He's one of that family. Military, civil servants, and good guys. Family is high in his list of priorities, and if they need him he'll be there in a flash.

  • Sin Eater — At some point he died. And if you died too, there's something you have in common.

  • Bars — Off duty he can often be found at any number of drinking dives around town. Of course he favors cop bars, but sometimes its nice to be where no one recognizes you. Though, some might think he's in these places too often.

  • Comics — Comic book shop? Surprisingly, he might show up there. He's collected since he was a kid, and damn if he's going to stop now.

  • Boston — He's spent the last six years in Boston, four attending University and the last two as a member of the BPD. Anyone from Beantown might have bumped into him before.

The Bound

Bound by Blood

  • Anita —  Older sister. Keeps trying to ply me with cookies.
  • Vivian —  The twin. Gets away with much more than she should.
  • Evan —  Younger brother. Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean I can't kick your ass.
  • Sam —  Younger sister. I know I'm not dad, but you're going out dressed like that?
  • Jenny —  Why? Just why those pictures?!
  • Owen —  Your own place? Good for you, mind if I crash?
  • Tim —  I've got your back if you've got mine.

Bound by Blue

  • Mike —  Congrats, just don't stick me on grunt work.
  • Thorne —  If only you could see your own shadow.

Bound by Death

  • Roy —  Shut up, Roy.

Bound by Choice

  • Haha.. no. — 
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Songs from the Speakeasy

Michael Wheatherly - Bitter and Blue

I’ve got a query,
So I’ll riddle you.
You and your theories,
Divine false and true.
But what about,
The gnawing doubt inside?
Here’s mud in your eye.

Peter Bradley Adams - Darkening Sky

Her hair is damp,
Her skin has turned cold,
There's hardly a sound as she breathes.
Oh, stay my love,
Please open your eyes,
And promise me you'll never leave.

Sea Wolf - You're a Wolf

Old gypsy woman spoke to me,
Lips stained red from a bottle of wine,
Old gypsy woman spoke to me,
Lips stained red from a bottle of wine,
“The one that you are looking for,
You're not gonna find her here.”

Jen Titus - O' Death

Well, what is this I can't see,
With ice cold hands taking hold of me?
When God is gone and the Devil takes hold,
Who will have mercy on your soul?