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The Story So Far

xxxxxA lifetime as a manipulator and minor con artist whose greatest ambition in life (which she met) was once to marry a rich Cavanaugh boy and be a pampered, kept woman, Brianna was taken to Arcadia by a demented woodsman just after giving birth to her daughter and was inducted into a repeating cycle like a horror movie, in which first she was the victim of the monster living in the woods and in which, over time, after being cut apart and rebuilt a little differently, a little more lovely with each death, she became part of the Fae and was cast not just as victim but as accomplice, seducing and luring victims into the woods for her Keeper to torment and kill. She escaped when some brave soul set fire to the woods and her Keeper's attention was turned away, and now she's come back to Fallcoast to find her daughter, who must be all grown up by now but whom Brianna cannot abandon without a fight.

Talking about me and you

  • Mother and Ex-Wife
    Brianna didn't age in Arcadia (after all, she spent a lot of her time dead, chopped into pieces by the monster in the woods), but she remembers her baby daughter and loves her to the point of heartbreak. She also kind of remembers her by-now ex-husband and kind of pines for him a little.
  • Changeling
    She is one, though only recently returned to Fallcoast. This is a more antagonistic hook: Brianna dislikes being around other Changelings, because they remind her of the humanity she's lost.
  • Autumn Court
    You'd think that years of being cast as the promiscuous girl in a real-life horror movie would make her right for Spring, right? Nope. If there's one thing her Durance taught Brianna, it's that even lust can only be physically sustained for so long, but fear is a biological response that never gives out.
  • University
    Brianna is a counselor at St. John's University. She's happy to listen to your problems and try to make them better.
  • Social Chameleon
    Since Arcadia, it's become Brianna's nature to change to suit the needs and desires of the people she's around. Tell me what you want Brianna to be, and she'll do her best to be it.
  • Barfly
    Brianna knows where to find a good time, if you're willing to pay for the date.
  • Bisexual
    Brianna has always liked girls as much as boys, but since her return to Earth, she can't believe how open people are about it! Honestly, she's kind of bingeing on women right now, reveling in the freedom that was not in place twenty years ago.
  • Just Plain Sexual
    Though I don't generally do TS, Brianna IS a succubus, and she loves having sex, for the pleasure and for the grip it gives her on others.
  • Fitness Buff!
    Brianna loves working out, loves the rush, loves staying in shape. If you're looking for a random reason to meet her, you can almost always find her there!
My Little Black Book
Didn't expect to find love again.
I love how willful you are...
I'd do anything to keep you safe.
A smile is just another way of showing my teeth.
About them.
No logs have been posted yet.
People I've Been

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xxxxxxxxxxCourt autumn.pngSeeming fairest.png
“I'm just saying, pick the right words, and you can talk anyone into anything."
vital statistics
Full Name: Brianna Gordon
Birthdate: October 10, 1975, although...
Apparent Age: Mid twenties
Occupation: Counselor at St. John's
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Changeling
Court: Autumn
Seeming: Fairest
Primary Kith: Succubus
Secondary Kith: Shadowsoul
Motley: None yet; very interested in joining!
Entitlement: None
notable stats
Manipulation ••••
Encyclopedic Knowledge ••••
Striking Looks •• (Inviting)
Striking Voice • (Soothing)
Did You Just Hear That? It Sounds Like...

One Night in Bangkok ~ Murray Head

One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble:
Can't be too careful with your company!