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“Ask any sailor, he'll say without failure that the best of the trip is the last.”

– Heather Alexander


xxxxxBoyd Abernathy is a man newly returned to the world after some two centuries of absence. A member of the Abernathy clan, he was taken by the Lady of the Harbor for failing to maintain the lighthouse that was his charge. By turns a living lantern lighting the way for the Lady's ship of living glass and a crew member of her band of violent mercenaries, he found himself slowly forgetting a childhood spent in the pursuit of books rather than booty. When the Lady's ship chanced to come close to a familiar harbor in the Hedge, he threw himself overboard in a bid for freedom.

xxxxxWhat he will do now that he finds himself once more in the land of his birth in a strange new world is anyone's guess. One moment laughing and the next sullen, the mercurial swashbuckler has a lot to learn if he wants to get along in the reality of today's world.

RP Hooks
  • Hedgesea Veteran - For those who prowl the storm-tossed seas near to Fallcoast, they could do worse than calling upon Boyd's experience.
  • Duelist - Boyd is quick to take offense to a slight and almost as quick to call someone out on the field of honor. Have you offended him, or do you want to learn how to take offense like a pro?
  • Autumn - Boyd is a member of the Autumn court. Do you need a scare, or need someone else scared? Ask him!

xxxxx Brown hair in a floppy, vaguely mop-ish sort of style crowns the form of this nearly six foot tall man. Paired with a scrawny build, the overall effect has an unfortunate tendency to make an unfavorable comparison to a scarecrow spring to mind. Dark green eyes are somewhat shadowed by a strong brow. In fact, 'strong' is a good description for a number of his features. A prominent nose, overachieving chin and cheekbones that could cut through moderately soft butter combine to create a look that is somehow pleasant overall. His skin is pale in the way that only habitual bookworms and night owls can achieve. There are shadows in the strong hollows of his cheeks.

xxxxxBoyd tends to dress in styles that are a wee bit archaic or overly formal for the situation at hand. This typically includes a button-down shirt in a variety of pale shades, matched with a tan herringbone tweed jacket and a red bowtie for a splash of color. Black pants emphasize the storkishness of his legs, along with red suspenders. Of course, no ensemble is complete without black lace up boots, usually shined to within an inch of their life.


xxxxxThe first impression this man gives off his fragility. From the slightness of his frame to the faint glassy sheen that shows on his skin, it seems a strong blow might shatter him to shards. The gracefulness of his moves don't exactly help to disprove this notion, seeming delicate and measured. Darkness clings to him in odd ways. Shadows gather at the hollows of his cheeks, the shelf of his brow and any other crease or joint they can cling to. They are not content to behave as shadows do, however. No, instead they will send out flickering little tendrils from time to time, licking along his skin before retreating.

xxxxxHis skin itself is pallid, shot through with whorls of darkness that are constantly moving. It is as though ink is trapped just beneath the glass. His eyes seem to be fighting back against the darkness of the rest of him. Though they are dark, there are hints and flickers within of blue-green lights that kindle and gutter from one moment to the next. His hair is fine, fine enough and delicate enough to seem to be made of spun glass. It is transparent, only serving to distort parts of his features when it falls over one eye or the other.

xxxxxHe tends to wear stark, sturdy hedgespun when he is not dressed in his mundane wear of jacket, shirt and bowtie. Dark shades abound, and are typically matched with a hooded cloak when he traverses the Hedge. Long, supple leather boots rise to his knees, while brown breeches are tucked in at the waist by a belt with a silver buckle in the shape of an oak leaf. His shirt is something out of a pirate's movie, a splash of scarlet that lies open at the throat. If he stands ready for a fight, he typically wears a rapier at one side of his hip with some sort of dagger at the other. Finally, a length of writhing vine is usually wrapped about his waist as though it were another belt.


NewBoydLantern.jpg NewBoydShip.png NewBoydWoods.jpg

Boyd Octavius Abernathy
Date of Birth: October 30th, 1795
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Occupation: None as of yet
Virtue: There's probably one somewhere
Vice: Like water in a sinking ship

Sphere: Changeling
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Lurker/Bright One
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: None

So Weird - In the Darkness

A jungle hung with tangled vines (in the darkness is the light)
I'm tangled up in my own lines (in the darkness is the light)
A creature there in darkness lies (in the darkness is the light)
Why is it that he has my eyes? (in the darkness is the light
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