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full name
Bonnie Swanson
place of birth
Hanging Hills
date of birth
February 10th
apparent age
Neopagan Blogger

Occult: Spirits

Occult: Paganism

Occult: Symbolism

Occult: Folk Magic




“A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest ... because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.” ― Terry Pratchett


Bonnie is, quite honestly, the walking, talking epitome of the 'girl next door'. A mane of honey-gold hair falls to mid-back in tousled waves, the ends loosely curling, in a compliment to skin of a sunkissed tan, with a dusting of soft freckles across the bridge of a straight, vaguely leonine nose and an outdoorsy, rosy hue to her mischievously plump cheeks. Sparkling blue-green eyes are set beneath well-groomed, naturally arching brows a shade or two darker than her sunshine tresses; emphasised by sooty lashes and a subtle application of very natural looking makeup. A full, expressive mouth reveals cheerful dimples when she smiles, only adding to the youthful quality of her heart-shaped, pixie features. Not overly tall, standing at around 5'6, her build overall errs on the slender, almost adolescent side.

She is often seen wearing a pair of strangely old-fashioned, rather masculine spectacles, particularly when she's working. A variety of pretty bracelets and bangles are always present upon her wrists, definitely handmade but with a certain rustic charm. Her choice of attire is just what one would expect of a student, really; today it's an oversized cable knit jumper of off-white, paired with some aged and ripped skinny jeans and comfortable looking ankle boots of tan suede. A little backpack of soft, pliable brown leather rests between her shoulderblades, the front pocket adorned with a few quirky pins; upon closer inspection, they say things like 'Wiccapedia', 'Bae is not a word' and '9 3/4'.

Roleplay Hooks
  • Local: Born and raised in Hanging Hills, Bonnie is well-known and liked by her neighbours and the Swanson House is a staple in the community.
  • Warden of Hanging Hills: Bonnie is the Warden of Hanging Hills and is magically attuned to her territory.
  • Immortal: Wardens do not age and they are immune to illness and disease.
  • Magical Heritage: The Swanson family have always had strong ties with the occult, locally. Nana was a particularly eccentric example.
  • Craftwitch: Bonnie is known to make adorably rustic little good luck charms and other trinkets, as well as herbal remedies, scented candles and dreamcatchers.
  • PrP Ideas? A Warden may, per the House Rules, purchase Thaumaturgical Paths or Psychic Merits. This sounds extremely interesting to Bonnie-player.



Lost in the pages of self made cages
life slips away and the ghosts come to play;
these are hard times,
these are hard times,
for dreamers and love lost believers


I was looking for a breath of life
A little touch of heavenly light
But all the choirs in my head sang no
To get a dream of life again
A little of vision of the start and the end
But all the choirs in my head sang no..


On Neo-Paganism

The vast majority of neo-pagans are either products of teenage rebellion or are sincere spiritual seekers who are part of a relatively new faith that worships femininity, nature, the earth and various pre–Christian European deities. Although neopaganism has become a number of diverse but closely related faiths, most are united by a belief in the Wiccan Rede: “Do as you will, so long as you harm none,” and by the Three-Fold Law, the belief that all harm that one performs with magic comes back upon her threefold.



Weird Stuff

Wardens do not function in groups or families nor do they generally feel the need to participate in the various immortal factions that exist in the world. So long as their territory remains safe, they are content to leave everyone else alone. That being said, Wardens are drawn to defend their territory and are often touchy about the presence of other immortals within them. Most are too weak to defeat the greater monsters like vampires or werewolves one on one but they can be a valuable ally in a concerted attack against even those deadly creatures.

Is there somethin' strange... in her neighbourhood? The things that Bonnie can do to help might well be discernible to some. These are listed below for convenience.

Within their territory only, a Warden's aura signifier consists of opalescent streaks running throughout the aura; the older the immortal, the more of these streaks that are present. A Warden aura also has an opalescent ring surrounding it.
Wardens are considered Supernatural within their territory only. Outside their territory, they appear as any other mortal/mortal+. Thus, Bonnie counts as 'supernatural' in terms of being affected by Disbelief, Lunacy, etc., when inside her territory.
mind's eye
Bonnie is capable of sensing the entirety of her territory. This allows her to pinpoint enemies and danger as well as ensure they are familiar with their own home. She may move her ‘mind’s eye’ away from her body and search — as if suspended in mid-air — through her territory. This ability works only within a Warden's own territory and not an inch past it.
natural affinity
Wardens are part of the mystical nature of their territory and all creatures who call it home know this. Wardens within their territory are safe from all forms of animal aggression and attack. Bonnie can approach otherwise wild animals without fear, encouraging them to move or helping ones that are injured or trapped. Wild animals will not flee from Bonnie, continuing to behave as normal, as if she were not present. Bonnie also has a minor ability to shape the local environment of her territory. She can create positive or negative environmental modifiers to her own abilities or the abilities of others. For example, she could call shadows to hide herself or cause the undergrowth to slow the progress of a pursuer. However, Wardens can only affect their local environment — meaning Bonnie cannot affect anything more than a dozen yards from her current location.
this land is mine
Bonnie's connection to her territory is somehow palpable. People instinctively understand that they're trespassing when she chooses to let them know - even if she's in the living room of the house they paid for. This can make her a bit frightening to deal with and that is its own advantage.
The good magic. The white magic. The magic meant to soothe and heal, to bless a home with calm and happiness in times when the world was far harsher than it is today - when hospitals were not available or the local sawbones certainly meant death. Where the home was central and family was absolute. Braucheri has been called many things throughout the years and varies from country to country, even county to county and state to state. The Swanson House offers some tenuous protection against the world outside.

***** - Bedside Manner The secret of midwives and holistic healers. With the assistance of their folk magic, those under their care that remain in the home or area so warded benefit as if they had the Fast Healer merit. This stacks with if the injured has the Fast Healing merit already or any Supernatural ability to heal rapidly. This does not discount or increase the ability to heal from using things like Vitae or Essence that can push supernatural healing. This is strictly for being in the care of healers without utilizing your own resources.

***** - Ward Against Evil A property is warded from those that have their souls sullied or corrupted. A Resolve+Composure-3 roll is made to enter the home by a creature Morality 5 or less, unless given permission by resident. Failure means the intruder pays 1 Willpower to enter and will suffer -1 to all rolls from burning sensation, making it hard to concentrate, as though the 'evil' person is being burned for their sins. They may leave the threshold of the property and the effects disappear.