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Blue2.jpg xxxxxBlue was born and raised in Fallcoast. He grew up on the Nicks commune with his mother and father until his father, an Iron Master, died when he was eleven. At twelve, his mother remarried a wolfblood whose wife died in the same conflict with his father. The man was an archaeologist and linguist of some note, who also had a son named Adon that became Blue's step-brother. The two had grown up together, however, as Adon's mother and Blue's father had been in a pack together. After the marriage, they moved from the commune to the nightmare that is suburbia.
xxxxxWhen Blue was eight, his grandmother began training him as a shaman. His strength as a wolfblood made for a lot of run-ins with the spirit world, so the training went far in giving him the ability to protect himself, his classmates, and family. Unfortunately, it also made him weird. Being able to see the spirits in twilight interposed on the real world did nothing to help the otherwise magnetic young man gain friends. Fortunately, Adon was there to take care of the more zealous bullies.
xxxxxAt fourteen, Blue and Adon found music and formed a band of wolfbloods. While they started with mostly covering songs for fun, after a year they started writing their own songs. With some help with Adon's dad, they started to write the songs in old, dead languages such as Punic, Akkadian, and Ancient Egyptian for a unique sound. Once the gigs started getting crowds that numbered in multiple dozens, Blue noted the effect the outpouring of emotion had on the local spirits. Shortly after that, they also started to add different aspects of Blue's shamanic training. This gave them the ability to direct the energies they created and perform the rituals with the help of the crowds providing the aspects of ecstatic dancing, singing, and other tools in the shaman's wheelhouse.
xxxxxOnce the magic was added, it was a recipe for commercial success. By sixteen they were signed to a label and on their first US tour. At seventeen, they were scheduled for their first international tour and being hosted in various cities to help the local packs of Iron Masters and occasional crescent moons in need of an assist. While Blue ostensibly headed the band as lead singer, Adon underwent his first change and gave the band a great deal more credibility among the Uratha. Returning home after what amounted to back to back tours, Blue is eager to return to his academic studies.


  • Wolfblooded: Blue is a proud member of the wolfblooded, associated closely with the Iron Masters.
  • Nicks Family: Blue was born and raised in Fallcoast. He's one of the (in)famous Nicks family.
  • Singer Songwriter: Blue is a boy that already has a record deal and a couple tours under his belt. Maybe he can help you make it big.
  • Shaman: If you have spirit problems, Blue can help. He might even be willing to train an interested party or join a circle.
  • Dancer: He is a professional level dancer.
Name: Blue Nicks
DOB: September 25th, 1998
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride

Type: Wolfblood
Pack: None

Notable Stats

Fame (Sons of Tanis: ***
Luxury: ****
Professional Training (Musician): *****
Presence: *****
Spirit Ear ****
Spirit Tongue ***
Striking Looks (Perfected Emo): **
Striking Voice (Haunting): **
Supernatural Esteem (Spirits): ***
Wolfblooded: *****

Shaman Rituals

Visionary Trances ****
Dream *****
Familiar (Twilight) ***
Internal Alchemy ****
Invocation (Spirits) ****
Relic Creator ****
Sacrifice (Spirits) *
See Spirits **


  • Adon: Step-Brother, bandmate, and best friend